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									                                                                                        Job description/person specification

 Job title                                        Social Media Manager                                 Department/office                   Marketing Communications

 Job holder                                                                                            Job code

 Job type                                         Full-time                                            Pay band                            G

 Line manager                                     Head Marketing &                                     Post-related
                                                  Communications (HMC)                                 allowances

The job description/person specification should be reviewed on a regular basis. Guidance on completing job descriptions using
competencies can be found on the Competency Dictionary section of the HR homepage at If you propose to make significant changes to it, you should seek advice
from your HR Services team. If it is for a new post or you propose a change in the grading of the post, you must refer it to your HR
Services team (UK) or your HR geographical consultant (overseas staff). If you have line management responsibility, you must
include an explicit duty relating to this.
All information must be in line with the British Council’s equal opportunity policy.

                                                  To develop and implement, together with the digital team, a Social Media strategy for the
 Job aim
                                                  British Council Russia.
 Number of staff managed                                              As line manager                                  As countersignatory

 Finances managed                                 10,000 GBP

 State what percentage of the job is represented by each duty.

Duty and standards – measurable in terms of time, cost, quality or quantity.
                           Development and coordination of project Social Media strategies in line with Russia and global digital
                                       Support project teams in developing coordinated use of social media
 1 Duty (15%)                          Develop the strategic use of social media to support organisational aims
                                       Focus on engaging audiences outside Moscow in project activity through Social Media
                                       Work pro-actively with project teams to build coherent approach
                                       Pro-active identification and engagement of key digital influencers
                           British Council Social Media strategy is aligned with corporate and country strategies and is developed with
                                project managers and supports their work.
 Standards                 Positive feedback from project managers and owners of digital strategy.
                           Agreed targets for digital engagement across Russia met.
                           Key digital influencers proactively engaged.
                           Understanding of the Social Media environment related to British Council activity
                                       Research and monitor relevant social media activity in relevant areas (e.g. Literature, education, the
 2 Duty (15%)                           Creative economy etc.)
                                       Identification of key digital influencers in relevant areas
                                       Develop clear understanding of use and opportunities of Social Media outside Moscow
                           All activity based on clear understanding of environment.
 Standards                 Intelligence shared with relevant colleagues.
                           Positive feedback from colleagues that market intelligence and understanding adds value.
                           Development of multimedia and written content
                                       Generate multimedia content about project activities: videos, photos, banners, some graphic design.
                                        Successful candidate knows how to use Photoshop, Adobe Premiere or other image and video editing
 3 Duty (30%)                           software.
                                       Generate written Social Media content from project activities: blogs, social networks, etc.
                                       Generate stories and storyboards for British Council activities, both internal and external.

The United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We are registered in England as a charity.             Revised April 2005
               All content created in line with agreed project plans and digital campaigns.
Standards      All content meets corporate guidelines.
               All content meets agreed quality standards.
               Management and coordination of Social Media platforms
                       Technical management of social media platforms
                       Quality assurance of content on Social Media
4 Duty (20%)
                       Targets set for Social media activity
                       Monitoring and analysis of statistics
                       Actively share information about work in progress and new developments with colleagues
               All Social Media content of messaging is aligned with British Council image in terms of quality and tone.
Standards      Agreed audience targets met.
               Clear knowledge sharing in place and BC Russia staff are regularly updated with new information.
               Financial Planning and Management
                       To take up FABS OS01 role and take up duties accordingly: Create Purchase Orders and Purchase
                        requisitions, Sales Orders
                       To plan and manage project and contract finances using FABS for own areas of responsibility, to input
                        and monitor expenditure within allocated budgets
5 Duty (10%)
                       To provide cash flow forecasts and conduct accruals
                       To produce financial plans for specific project activities
                       To manage the payment process for all vendors
                       To carry out reconciliation and report risks and deviations to Project Manager
               Corporate standards (FCCF – part 1, articles: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 11; Essential Contract Management and Essential
               Finance policies) are met
               Payments to vendors are made in accordance with payment terms
               Agreed project activity financial targets are met
Standards      Internal and client specific (if appropriate) audit requirements are met
               Monthly reporting and checks are completed to departmental standards
               Financial reports are produced to agreed standards of timing, cost and quality – and to the satisfaction of
               clients and stakeholders: PO by PO number weekly, Travel Request Report/Payment History Trip View when
                   Professional development
5 Duty (5 %)
                       Agree own personal development plan with Line Manager and review it twice a year
               Standards indicated in Performance Portfolio are met
               6 days (or equivalent of 6 days) development over a period of 12 months are taken
                   General management support responsibilities
5 Duty (5%)
                       To fulfil any reasonable tasks within the scope of the job
Standards      To the corporate standards and requirements set by line-manager

Person specification
       Use the Behavioural competency dictionary (which you will find within the Competency Dictionary Section of the HR homepage at to help you list here the relevant behavioural competencies needed for
        the job – aim for no more than six. Assign the appropriate level to each competency.
       Use the Role profile dictionary to help you list the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed for the job. Include any
        specialist qualifications.

       You should not state requirements which could potentially disadvantage particular groups or individuals, e.g. previous experience
        in a British Council office overseas.

       Indicate whether each criterion (behavioural competency, skill, knowledge and experience) is essential (E) or desirable (D) for
        selection and recruitment purposes.

       For recruitment and selection purposes state also how evidence of each criterion will be assessed. You may state one or more
        of: application form; performance evaluation; interview and, where appropriate, presentation exercise or specialist test. (You
        should aim for no more than six criteria to be assessed by interview.)

                                                                                      Indicate which
          Criteria: behavioural                                                                               State how each criterion
                                                Essential (E)   Which duties does     criteria will be used
          competencies (assign levels),                                                                       will be assessed for
                                                or desirable    this criterion        for recruitment and
          skills, knowledge experience, and                                                                   recruitment and selection
                                                (D).            support?              selection (aim for
          specialist qualifications.                                                                          purposes.
                                                                                      no more than six).
          Working Strategically (Level 2).
          Links current action to
          Understands link between own
          work and the Council’s Strategic                                                                    Application form,
    1     Objectives. Balances local needs      E               1,2,3                 Yes
                                                                                                              performance evaluation
          with the longer-term and wider
          needs of the Council. Uses own
          knowledge or experience of past
          situations, and adapts and applies
          this to current issues.
          Enterpreneurship (Level 3).
          Anticipates the future, and
          develops new products &
          Able to spot opportunities and
          problems in the medium-term (3
          to12 months), and develops new
                                                                                                              Application form, interview,
    2     approaches, products and              E               1, 2, 3               Yes
                                                                                                              performance evaluation
          services based on these.
          Understands the business case
          for diversity and equal
          opportunities. Uses networks to
          seek fresh ideas. Encourages
          different agencies to pool
          resources and expertise.
          Customer service orientation
          (Level 2). Adds value:
          Thinks about the customer when
          undertaking day-to-day work.
          Questions "how is this adding                                                                       Interview, performance
    4     value for the customer?" Makes        E               All                   No
          decisions with the customer in
          mind. Takes pride in delivering a
          high quality product or service.
          Investigates service delivery and
          provides solutions to problems.

      Achievement (Level 3).
      Is determined despite frequent
      obstacles. Tackles difficult
      problems and takes personal                                                                         Interview, performance
 5    responsibility for reaching            E               All                   Yes
      solutions. Seeks ways to improve
      overall performance levels to give
      higher levels of satisfaction to
      target groups.
      Teamwork experience (Level 2.
      Involves others):
      Actively includes individuals from
      diverse backgrounds in team
      activities. Capitalises on diverse                                                                  Application form,
 6    skills and ideas. Spends time          E               All                   Yes                    performance evaluation,
      helping others think through                                                                        interview
      issues. Speaks positively of
      others. Takes the time to learn
      about and understand other
      organisations and cultures.
      Professional Confidence (Level
      2). Acts independently:
      Provides an opinion from his or
      her own area of expertise. Makes
      decisions without deferring
      unnecessarily to others, and is                                                                     Application form, interview,
 7                                           E               All                   Yes
      decisive when the situation                                                                         performance evaluation
      demands it. Has the confidence to
      admit when they do not know a
      fact or cannot commit to an
      immediate view without more
      Knowledge and experience of
      Social Media use and its                                                                            Application form, interview,
 8                                           E               1, 4, 6               Yes
      strategic use in supporting                                                                         performance evaluation
      organisational objectives.
      Excellent writing skills for the
 9                                           E               1, 4, 6               Yes                    Reference
      web and social media.
      Knowledge and experience of
 10                                          D               1, 4, 6               Yes                    Application form, reference
      content management systems
 11   Fluent Russian and English             E               All                   Yes                    Application form, interview

      Financial administration

      Experience in managing budgets,
 12   financial planning and forecasting.    D               5                     No                     Application form
      Uses systems to accurately cost a
      project/ activity.

List here any special requirements of the job, e.g. occasional unsocial hours, flexible working. It is assumed that all jobs can be job-
shared unless valid reasons are given below. Disability is not normally a disqualifying factor for a job.
 Need for some flexible working in order to be able to support projects.

Line manager’s name

Post title            Head Marketing and Communications   Department/country   Russia

Signature                                                 Date


Signature                                                 Date


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