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					Personalized Customer Service

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Sadaf Bashir Arrol Carter Taquenah Bryant

Business 105 Class # 17464 Business Communication Instructor: Professor McFadden

In this presentation you will join Bob in learning about Personalized Customer Service, why it’s important, how businesses provide it and where it’s headed…

Meet Bob… A 24 year old college graduate who just got hired for a job related to his field of study after 2 years of working for a restaurant.

This is Bob’s last day working for the restaurant before he begins his new job next Monday.

To celebrate Bob wants to blow his entire paycheck on beer and fashionable attire for his new job.

So that night Bob goes shopping and discovers Personalized Customer Service can sometimes be hard to come by…

What is Personalized Customer Service?
• Definition An organization’s ability to provide individual customers with their specific needs and wants through improving and maintaining business/consumer relationships.

What is Personalized Customer Service?
• Practicing P.C.S. Involves…
1. 2. 3. Getting to know the customer Making them feel important Listening to what they say and how they feel about the product Suggesting certain alternatives for products Telling the truth Respecting the customer Selecting the right channel for customer interaction Keeping in touch with the customer Providing a money back guarantee

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Why is Personalized Customer Service Important?
• Advantages for Businesses
Helps businesses build profitable customer relationships Prevents businesses from losing out on potential sales

Why is Personalized Customer Service Important?
• Advantages for Customers
Customers receive exactly what they are looking for tailored to their specific needs Consumer needs compel businesses to deliver superior customer value and satisfaction

Examples of what businesses do to personalize their customer service.
• Employee Training
 Formal Training
• Most businesses train employees before sending them out to do work with actual customers.

 Informal Training
• Reminders  Computer pop-ups  Posters  Flip Charts

• Loyalty Cards
 When Bob visited the grocery store he ran into his friend Yessica. Using their club cards they both bought the same brand and quantity of beer. Yessica, always in search of a bargain, took Bob’s receipt to search for coupons and found that she paid less than Bob for the same product. Bob couldn’t believe it.

Examples of what businesses do to personalize their customer service.
• Loyalty Cards
 Provide customers with savings.

 Allow companies to keep track of when, where and what customers purchase.  Give businesses a means of tailoring their products and services to customers’ wants and needs.

Examples of what businesses do to personalize their customer service.
• Surveys
Businesses use information gathered from surveys to personalize services for customers Channels used for surveys:
• Telephone calls • Questionnaires • Online surveys

Examples of what businesses do to personalize their customer service.
• Surveys
 Question Construction in Surveys
•Closed-Ended Questions
Rating Scale

Examples of what businesses do to personalize their customer service.

•Open-Ended Questions
Completely Unstructured

• Market Testing
 A procedure used by companies to gather information about how successful a product or idea will be.  When Bob visted the clothing store he found that they replaced all of their stock with clothes covered in designs… Little did he know the company was undergoing Market Testing.

Where is Personalized Customer Service Headed?
• Highly Customized Internet Services Online Purchasing
• Examples
Amazon.com Pizza Hut Vons

Online Assistance
• Contact Assist program by Lucent Technologies

• What is personalized customer service? • Practicing P.C.S. Involves? • What do businesses do to personalize their customer service? • What is the future of personalized customer service.

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