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									                                                                                                   Living breathing business


                          Easy to learn. Flexible and accurate. Suitable for all
                          types of industries.

�• UBS Payroll is specially designed to make the payroll processing simple, efficient and accurate to meet both management
   and statutory requirements.
�• UBS Payroll caters to all government requirements such as KWSP Borang A, SOCSO Borang 8A/2/3 and Income Tax
   EA Form, CPB, CP22, CP22A, CP39, and PCB2(11). With its monthly weekly, daily, hourly, and piece rated computation, it has
   become an effective payroll system for all type of businesses and industries.
 • To make it more convenient, UBS Payroll is able to submit net salary data to text via diskette to credit employee salaries
   through the bank.

  • 3 modes of payment - monthly, daily and hourly
  • Allowances table, user defined overtime, tip point and piece rate computation
  • Helps to ease the task of staff payroll calculation and payment
  • Maintain Personnel / Employee Profiles
  • Management reports can be converted into Microsoft Excel format
  • Monthly salary, EPF, SOCSO & PCB submission via diskette
  • Provides statutory reports such as EPF, SOCSO and income tax
  • User defined pay slip format
  • Various management and operation reports
                                                                                                                                           Living breathing business


        A) Statutory Reports:
           • EPF - Borang A
           • SOCSO - Borang 8A / 2 / 3
           • Income Tax - EA Form / CP22A / CP39 / CP8 / PCB2(11)

        B) Management and operational reports:
           • Payslip
           • Cash denomination
           • Net pay by cash / bank
           • Leave taken / given reports
           • Personal and Payroll reports
           • Yearly employee pay summary
           • Work force / Turn over analysis
           • Payroll Summary - Basic Pay / Allowances / Deduction / Overtime / EPF / SOCSO / PCB

        C) Reports to be submitted via computer diskettes:
           • Employees contributions / net pay can be output to diskettes & sent to the bank, EPF, SOCSO and IRB for accounts to be updated.

                                                    P r odu c t Fe a t u r e s                                      Payroll
                                                    Users limitation                                                one user
                                                    Multi company                                        limited to 2 companies
                                                    Number of Employees                                            10
                                                    Security & control                                              √
                                                    Payment setting                                                 √
                                                    Basic rate and basic pay setting                                √
                                                    1st Half Payroll & 2nd Half Payroll                             √
                                                    Lateness                                                        √
                                                    Allowance                                                       √
                                                    Overtime                                                        √
                                                    Deduction                                                       √
                                                    Leaves & Holidays                                               √
                                                    Personnel setting                                               √
                                                    Bonus, Commission                                               √
                                                    EPF, SOCSO, Income Tax tables and reports                           √
                                                    A.S.N, T.Haji, Zakat, HRDF                                          √
                                                    Management reports                                                  √
                                                    Monthly & Yearly reports                                            √
                                                    View/Print Pay Slip - 2 types T & U                                 √
                                                    Personnel reports                                                limited
                                                    Import & Export                                                  limited

                                                                                                               PC MART SDN BHD                        (374159-W)
                                                                                                    TC001 3rd Floor Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
                                                              Hotline: 13                 Tel: 03-2148 7670         Fax: 03-2145 7670               www.ubs-software.biz
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