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									On your feet!!!                                           Useful Contacts
Health experts are united in agreeing that walking is     Permits, applications, etc
one of the best forms of exercise that any of us can      Car Parking Office, ext 6065,
take. Whilst it may not be practical for many of us       e-mail:
to walk to the University from our homes, once we
                                                          Green Travel Issues
                                                                                                               Everything you wanted
get to campus pretty much everything is within easy
walking distance.

It is clear that, during semester, central car parks
                                                          Michael Chambers, ext 6188
                                                          e-mail: m.v.chambers                     to know about
fill up very early in the day. It is also the case
that there are generally still car parking spaces to be
                                                          Useful Web Sites
had within the slightly more outlying car parks such      University’s Travel Information
as those located at the Residences. Every permit
holder can park at the Residences, so rather than         travel-info/travel.jsp
spend a fruitless 15 minutes doing endless laps of
Cottrell Car Park, why not just head straight to the
Residences, park up and then enjoy a short stroll
to your lecture theatre, class room or office….not
only will you save time you will also enjoy the health
benefits to be had from the exercise.

                                                          First Scotrail
                                                          Sustrans (National Cycling Network)                  but were too scared to ask!!!!
On your best behaviour!!!
                                                          Cycling Scotland
The Traffic and Parking Regulations are in place for
very good reasons, and for very good reasons, we
ask that all campus users adhere to them. Drivers         Traveline (Local and National Public Transport
in particular are asked to show consideration for         Information)
others by parking only in the appropriate designated
spaces, and for example, not blocking access routes
by parking on double yellow lines. Drivers are            Health Education Board for Scotland (HEBS)
also asked to observe basic ‘rules of the road’ by
observing the campus speed limit of 20mph and by
                                                          Department for Transport
obeying directional and No Entry signs. Please help
us to maintain the campus as a safe, pleasant work
and study environment for all.                            Liftshare
A copy of the Traffic and Parking Regulations is
attached to each application form and is available on     Stirling Council
the web via Estates and Campus Services pages   

                                                          Scottish Executive
                                                                 Estates and Campus Services
                                                                                                               September 2005
Background                                               On your bike!!!                                          On the buses!!!
Whilst the University’s scheme of permits for parking    No area has seen more significant investment than         As part of the University’s
on campus might be seen by some as being nothing         the provision of enhanced facilities for cyclists on     commitment to
more than a pain in the “rear (view mirror)”, there      campus. Responding to feedback received in a             encouraging modal
are sound reasons behind the system as it is             Travel Survey conducted in May 2003, great efforts       change, a great deal of
currently implemented.                                   have been made in recent years to introduce new          time and effort has been
                                                         improved cycle storage areas across campus.              spent developing a sound
Some 5 or 6 years ago, it became apparent that           Some £20,000 has been spent on providing new             working relationship with
parking on campus was in danger of spiralling out of     bike storage. Six individual secure bike lockers and a   First, the main bus operator
control. With increasing levels of car usage, many       communal lockable bike shelter have been installed       serving the campus. (At
people driving onto campus seemed to be of the           at the Residences and several new communal bike          peak times some 19
opinion that any open space constituted a parking        shelters have also been provided at key points           buses per hour serve the
space. Something clearly needed to be done if safety     across campus, including the Cottrell Building,          campus.) This relationship
on campus was to be maintained and the beauty            Pathfoot Building and at the Robertson Trust             has produced a number
of the surroundings protected. After considerable        Swimming Pool. Agreement was also reached                of positive outcomes for
discussion a system of access controls was               whereby cyclists can enjoy a free Cycling                staff and students alike.
implemented with staff and students being charged        Membership of the University’s Sports Centre,
to bring a car on to campus. It was originally           allowing cyclists access to the shower and changing      These include:
envisaged that the permit charges would merely           facilities.                                              • Discounted daily, weekly and monthly tickets.
serve as a way of ensuring that the car parking                                                                   • Publication of a single consolidated timetable
scheme covered its costs on an annual basis,             However perhaps the most significant development             detailing all First services to and from the campus.
including staff, capital and operating costs. However,   is also the most recent. Summer 2005 has seen            • Launch (Autumn 2005) of the Unilink service,
it soon became apparent that the revenue generated       the construction of a dedicated cycle path which            linking the campus to Stirling city centre every
from the sale of permits was modestly exceeding          enables cyclists to access the campus safely                10 minutes. The Unilink service will carry its own
costs and the University has been re-investing the       and, particularly at peak travel times, avoid               distinctive livery, and will bear the University’s
surpluses in the implementation of a range of Green      potentially dangerous encounters                            crest, making it instantly recognisable to staff,
Travel Plan measures designed to encourage staff         with vehicle traffic travelling up                           students and visitors.
and students alike to consider alternative modes of      and down the main drive. All
transport to the car.                                    cyclists are encouraged to make
                                                         use of the new cycle path,                               On your PC!!!
Recent years have seen a number of positive              which has been achieved
developments, many of which have been funded             by widening the existing                                 Staff, and students living off campus, are strongly
directly from the sale of parking permits. Some of       footpath leading from                                    encouraged to consider car sharing when making
these developments are detailed in the following         Airthrey Road and up the                                 their journey to work or study. Each journey shared
paragraphs.                                              main drive via the                                       reduces travel costs for those involved and means
                                                         lochside path.                                           that there is one less car on campus making a
                                                                                                                  positive contribution to easing congestion.
                                                                                                                  Whilst informal car sharing is clearly desirable, the
                                                                                                                  University has also joined forces with
                                                                                                                  to offer staff and students the opportunity to search,
                                                                                                                  via the Travel Information Pages of the University’s
                                                                                                                  Portal, for a car sharing ‘partner’ regularly making a
                                                                                                                  similar journey to them.

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