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					Richard Anderson 1234, West 67 Street, Carlisle, MA 01741, (123)-456 7890. Academic Background

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Achieved Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Macon-Dolph College of Arts, Lynchburg, VA in the year 1989 in Communication and Mass Media. Achieved several other affiliations and honors till this date like 1. National Journalist Union 2. 3. National Triumph Award National Media Association

Internship Summary

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Wrote news scripts and stories for features, interviewed, organized and scheduled guests for reality shows and other live talkie programs. Researched on various materials and packaged video tapes for production and also worked as a teleprompter operator.

Professional Excellence Summary

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Have been responsible for various research works on materials for several mini-documentaries. Have been organizing round table conferences and discussions including the scheduling, paper works, drafting and interviewing guests. Have been writing and editing master video tapes and scripts for production purposes.

Professional Background Presently working as an Account Executive since 1988 in the Sales Department of KB-TV in Newland, VA and efficiently handled and performed the following:

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Started and organized marketing strategies and methods and target grids for the third ranked TV station in the fourth largest market of the world for valuable sales programs and promotions. Built and developed new and upgraded corporate accountings which representing more than $2.5 million in new and renowned clients. Aided with prospective customers in increasing effective advertising, selling and marketing strategies and programs.

From 1986 to 1987 worked as an associate director and stage manager and was assigned with certain duties and responsibilities like:

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Procured and assembled sets and maintained the functioning of the chyron machine. Stage Manager for the Production Department for afternoon news, Five O'clock news and News at ten where in casting for all public associations programs, editorials and news and other various cut-ins.

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