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									Comprehensive Economic
Development Strategy (CEDS)
           A Project Based Regional Roadmap
A Project Based Regional Roadmap

               Barnstable County through the:

          Cape Cod Commission
       Leslie Richardson, Economic Development Officer

                   With funding from the:
  Cape Cod Economic Development Council
               Dan Dray, EDC Administrator
The Process
        What is the CEDS?

      A regional planning process
  resulting in a five-year strategic plan
    based on a set of priority projects
reviewed annually to measure progress
     What is a Priority Projects?

Capital Investments, Planning Efforts and/or
   Technical Assistance Programs that:
        • Create or retain quality jobs
         • Attract private investment
    • Stimulate regional collaboration &
Barnstable County Commissioners                          Cape and Islands Renewable Energy Collaborative
Cape Cod Economic Development Council                    Hyannis Country Garden
Cape Cod Commission                                      NSTAR
Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce                             Barnstable County - Cape Light Compact
Falmouth Housing Authority                               Town of Brewster
Cape Cod Economic Development Council                    Open Cape Corporation
Mashpee Commons                                          Wells Consulting
Association to Preserve Cape Cod - Business Roundtable   Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District

                Who chose these Priority
Town of Barnstable                                       Cape Cod Healthcare
Harwich Board of Selectman                               Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce
Association to Preserve Cape Cod                         Cape & Island Workforce Investment Board

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History                       Jeppesen Marine

Massachusetts Small Business Development Center          NSTAR

Hyannis Area Chamber                                     Barnstable County - Cape Light Compact

Community Development Partnership                        Town of Brewster
                                                         Open Cape Corporation

                   Regional Organizations focused
Coastal Community Capital
Hyannis Main St. BID                                     Cape Cod Economic Development Council (Staff)
                                                         Wells Consulting

                     on Economic Development
Roderick Payroll
Regional Tech Development Corporation                    Cape Cod Commission

Wise Living                                              Regional Technology Development Corporation

Town of Truro                                            Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod                              Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Tocci, Goss & Lee, PC                                    Cape Cod Hook Fishermen’s Association

Cape Cod Technology Council                              Cape & Island Workforce Investment Board

Cape Cod Hook Fishermen’s Association                    Sandwich Chamber of Commerce

Cape Cod Community College                               Jeppesen Marine
How did they choose these projects?
Five Work Groups were established to consider priorities in
the different areas that impact economic development

                                      DEVELOPMENT      DEVELOPMENT    CLIMATE
     Housing              Wages         Emerging        Business        Zoning
Commercial Space           K-12            Core         Planning      Regional &
     Telecom              STEM          Traditional      Finance         Local
      Energy           Higher Ed.      Local Owner     Management     Permitting
      Water             Workforce       Sole Prop.     New Markets   Cost of Doing
                         Training                                      Business
   Wastewater                          Entrepreneur
                        Adult Ed.                                      External
  Airports, Ports                     Export Sectors                  impacts of
  Public Transit        Seasonal          Import                      commerce
Auto Infrastructure   Sr. Workforce    Substitution                   Opportunity
                       Young Prof.       Sectors                        Costs
                              DEVELOPMENT   DEVELOPMENT    CLIMATE

            What investments
  can be made over the next 5 years
   that will help businesses prosper
   create well-paid year-round jobs
for long-term economic sustainability

 3 Priority      3 Priority   3 Priority    3 Priority    3 Priority
 Projects        Projects     Projects      Projects      Projects
The Projects
What Priority Projects did they chose?
     1.    ADA & Building Compliance Loan Program
     2.    Buy Local Infrastructure Development Projects
     3.    Capitalize the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust
     4.    Coastal Development/Ocean Economy Options Analysis
     5.    Community Green Enterprise Center Design & Construction
     6.    Development in Economic Centers Cost Analysis
     7.    Economic Centers & Village Wastewater Infrastructure
     8.    Emerging Sectors Housing Projects
     9.    Energy Demand Reduction Program: Greening Existing Buildings
     10.   Entrepreneurship Training & Capital Access Program
     11.   Homeland Security Technology Testing & Training Center
     12.   Open Cape Telecommunication Infrastructure
     13.   Redevelopment Authority Feasibility Analysis
     14.   Renewable Energy Generation Program
     15.   Renewable Energy Technology Testing & Training Center
     16.   Specialized Four-year College Feasibility Analysis
               Capital Projects
                   Immediate Term

Telecommunications Infrastructure:
Open Cape Project

Wastewater Infrastructure:
Economic Center & Village Wastewater Program
               Capital Projects
                     Immediate Term

Financial Capital:
Cape Cod Fisheries Trust Fund

Design & Construction:
Community Green Enterprise Center
                                      vibrant local economies
           Capital Projects
                    Longer Term

Renewable Energy Generation:
Algae Bio-fuel Refinery Pilot Project

Technology Testing & Training Centers:
Homeland & Maritime Security

Emerging Sector Housing Projects:
Student & Faculty Housing
Artist Live/Work Space – Fenway Studios Replication Project
            Planning Projects

Feasibility Analysis:
Redevelopment Authority

Development Cost Analysis:
Shifting Development in Economic Centers

                                     Economic prosperity
                                   protected environment
              Planning Projects
Feasibility Analysis:
Coastal Development - Ocean Economy Model

Needs Analysis:
Buy Local Infrastructure

Feasibility Analysis:             Building on a strong base
Boutique 4-Year College
Technical Assistance Projects

Energy Demand Reduction:
Greening Existing Buildings Program

Commercial Building Stock for Smart Growth:
ADA and Building Code Compliance Loan Program

   Innovation Infrastructure:
   Entrepreneurship Training and Capital Access Program
Why do all this?
  The Focus Group Process

The purpose of the focus groups is
to gauge the value different groups
place on the priority projects
identified and to determine if any
major concerns have been missed
  The Focus Group Process
Four questions will be used to
direct the discussion

Each participant shall have the
opportunity to speak

Comments should be limited to no
more than a minute each
The Questions
         Question One

Together, do you feel these priority
projects will improve the competitive
position of businesses based on Cape
          Question Two

Together, do you feel these priority
projects will create, attract, or retain
well-paid year-round jobs on the Cape
for Cape residents?
         Question Three

Together, do you feel these priority
projects support innovation and
growth consistent with the traditional
natural and historic assets of Cape
          Question Four

Do you feel that any significant
impediments to economic
development have not been
addressed by these priority projects?
                    Thank you!
• The draft CEDS update will be available for review and
  public comment on the Cape Cod Commission website:

• The Cape Cod Commission Planning Committee will review
  the draft at their May 26th Meeting

• The document will be reviewed by the Cape Cod Economic
  Development Council at their June 4th Meeting

• The Final CEDS Update will be presented to the full Cape
  Cod Commission on June 11th – Public Comment is Welcome!

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