ViewONE Pro & ViewONE Comparison


 Feature                                                                                                                   Std      Pro
 Zero administration rollout
 No end-user installation
 No end-user licensing
 Toolkit-style configurability from ready-to-run viewers
 Easy integration into any web environment
 Cross platform operation
 Client-side operation - no server-side rendering ensuring faster viewing
 All typical features: zoom in/out, rubberband zoom, magnifier, various fit
 views, flip, rotate, invert, negative view etc.
 Extensive on-line help
 Complete configurability through HTML & JavaScript (supplied in manuals)
 Auto language sensing - Over 27 languages
 HIPAA compliance feature support
 Separator page printing
 Zoomable thumbnails
 Text/thumbnail index toggle
 Supports common scanned document formats including: TIFFs, JPEGs,
 BMPs, GIFs, FileNet-banded Fax Group III etc.
 JPEG2000 support
 PNG support
 PDF Module compatible (note: MS Windows & Mac only)
 Change PDF image resolution button
 Change PDF image color depth
 Annotations Module compatible
 Print Accelerator Module compatible (note: MS Windows only)
 Email Module compatible
 Security Module compatible
 QuickStart compatible
 Advanced Cache Manager for increased extendibility and performance
 Viewer cache protected from automatic (SSL) or accidental deletion
 Module-On-Demand functionality delivery
 Permanent Redaction Server Module compatible
 Document Streaming Server Module compatible
 Universal Viewing Module compatible - 300+ file format support including Word, Excel & Outlook

 Pay per-server, not per-user,   Manage & control viewer rollout   Give powerful viewing and
                                                                                                    Over 500 configuration options
 for the lowest cost of          to your users centrally and       annotation features to all and   allow toolkit-style tailorability
                                                                                                    from ready-to-run viewers.
 deployment. The only truly      automatically for fast            maintain your permissions
 affordable, scalable web        deployment.                       structure with simple
 viewing solution available.                                       configuration options.
Feature                                                                                                                               Std   Pro
Zero administration rollout
As Java applets, both ViewONE and ViewONE Pro can be rolled out to an entire user base without installation onto the end-users'
desktop computers. Applets work with the browser’s Java engine to extend the functionality of their browser by running
applications within the browser window. Once the ViewONE & ViewONE Pro applets are embedded into the web page locations
on the web server, the Java engine auto-installs the applets to the users' browser cache folder (in the case of ViewONE) or the
Advanced Cache Manager folder (in the case of ViewONE Pro) without the user having to perform any actual installation process
or have such permissions. ViewONE Pro also enables the option to 'push install' to users on a network, enabling batch installation
during quiet times, such as overnight.
No end-user installation
The ViewONE and ViewONE Pro applets remove the time consuming IT responsibility of rolling out a viewer to the user base. Both
viewers are Java applets and therefore automatically cache themselves to the user’s machine, requiring no active installation by
the user. This removes administration burden for those who would normally have to manage such an installation process.
Automatic installation is also beneficial for those wanting to put a viewer on their public access website where user technical
knowledge cannot be assured.
No end-user licensing
ViewONE and ViewONE Pro are both licensed per-server rather than per-user, because reducing operating costs is of paramount
importance, and user license fees can increase the price of a system implementation significantly. If your user group numbers
anything between 20 and 20,000 users, you'll find that ViewONE & ViewONE Pro offer the only affordable, scalable browser-based
viewing solution.
Toolkit-style configurability from ready-to-run viewers
ViewONE Pro and ViewONE have been specifically developed to allow customers to extensively configure and tailor their viewer
implementations to their users’ needs without the need for complex coding, development time, effort or expertise. The extensive
range of over 500 parameters allows almost every feature of the viewer to be switched on or off, amended and even allows new
buttons and functions to be added through JavaScript controls.
Easy integration into any web environment
Seamless integration of ViewONE and ViewONE Pro into your web-based system (whether it be a website page or web-based
document management system) is achieved through HTML and JavaScript, which is supplied in the manuals which accompany
the product when downloaded. If you have special requirements which appear not to be covered within the manuals, our eSupport
team are on hand to provide help. Simple integrations (i.e. without any special configuring of the features etc) can be achieved
in minutes from product download.
Cross platform operation
Java 1 and Java 2 compatible, ViewONE and ViewONE Pro are platform agnostic, so you can use any Java 1.1.5+ environment
web server or client browser. In most internal/workgroup environments this might not be an issue, but in any public access web
environment, or inter-organizational collaboration, such issues need to be considered. ViewONE and ViewONE Pro prevent the
need for either unsupported sectors of a user base or additional custom development to support a small group of users.
Client-side operation - no server-side rendering ensuring faster viewing
Whenever a document is viewed, a computer processor is creating the new screen render (the image of how the document
appears on screen). There are two ways to perform that rendering - one using the processor on the user's computer (client-side
rendering) and the other using the processor on the server (server-side rendering). In server-side rendering, the image request
from the user's computer to the server occurs not just once, but for every single new view (such as a zoom in, or a pan across
the document). This can place heavy strain on the server if there are many users. Server strain, combined with network traffic
or low bandwidth, can result in long and frustrating delays for users while examining a document unless you had bought a very
expensive top-specification server or multiple servers to handle the image requests. ViewONE and ViewONE Pro are client-side
viewers, taking advantage of the local computer's processing power to perform all screen views. The image files are cached to
the user's computer and all renderings of the document to screen are then performed locally, without any server call. In addition
to reducing the requirement to purchase expensive servers, it also means that the users get a more fluid, more intuitive and
faster viewing experience.
All typical features: zoom in/out, rubberband zoom, magnifier, various fit views, flip, rotate, invert, negative view
Even though, as 'thin client' viewers they are categorized as 'lightweight', ViewONE and ViewONE Pro have a feature set as
extensive as many 'thick client' or installable applications. In response to customer requests, the list of tools has been extended
over the years. Each product has been engineered to effectively satisfy the requirements of users in thousands of server locations
around the world.
Extensive on-line help
Both ViewONE and ViewONE Pro are intuitive to use, with familiar icons, right-click shortcuts and menu-driven functionality. In
support of this ease of use, there is also a fully-extensive online user manual (in addition to integration, HTML and annotations
manuals for system administrators). The ViewONE viewers are easy to use and do not require the need for any training. This is
essential if the product is to be placed on a public-access website where technical and software skill cannot be relied upon.
Feature                                                                                                                             Std   Pro
Auto language sensing - Over 27 languages
Unlike many other viewers, at Daeja we're extending the range of languages supported within our viewers. The viewers detect
the language settings of the browser, and all menus and tooltips are automatically presented in the user's native tongue (if
available). The current list comprises: Arabic, Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese (simplified & traditional),
Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. This means that a single location, with ViewONE
embedded, can automatically deliver the viewer in over 27 different languages, without the need to perform any translations.
HIPAA compliance feature support
The features of ViewONE and ViewONE Pro allow them to be used as part of a HIPAA-compliant system. HIPAA-afforded
protection is supported through the viewers support for Cache Security & Obfuscation, SSL Encryption, Check In/Check Out,
Annotations Versioning, Multi-level Security Settings and Printing Privilege Control. For more information on how ViewONE and
ViewONE Pro can assist in the implementation of a HIPAA-compliant solution, download our Daeja White Paper at
Separator page printing
Define separator pages within ViewONE to allow for delineation between multiple sources when viewing a 'virtual' document
(i.e. one which is created from multiple web locations - a facility unique to ViewONE) or for merging field data for the extract,
such as page number, document title etc. Separators can be assigned at a document or a page level through HTML parameters
(see HTML manual).
Zoomable thumbnails
Scanning through a document for the relevant page is made easier through ViewONE and ViewONE Pro's thumbnails-only view.
Our zoomable thumbnails feature allows users to scale up the size of the thumbnail view to make specific page selection easier
and more accurate.
Text/thumbnail index toggle
Navigating through large multi-page documents can be time consuming when only using thumbnails, so ViewONE Pro provides
the option of text indexing in place of thumbnails, especially helpful when dealing with large PDF files.
Supports common scanned document formats, including: TIFFs, JPEGs, BMPs, GIFs etc.
Instead of bloating the applet with file formats not used in most offices, ViewONE’s development is focused on adding as much
functionality as possible. ViewONE and ViewONE Pro support the standard image formats: TIFFs for mono and grayscale scans,
JPEGs for color images, BMPs and GIFs for web systems etc. Both viewers support FileNet image formats and have been selected
by IBM as the default Java image viewer within their Panagon and now P8 product suites. Thanks to its modular structure, which
allows the delivery of functionality ‘on-demand’, ViewONE Pro offers extended format support with the Universal Viewing & PDF
Modules. Annotations can be placed on any supported file format with the Annotations Module for both ViewONE and ViewONE
JPEG2000 support
Support for the next generation of high resolution color image compression comes as standard within ViewONE Pro.
PNG support
View Portable Network Graphics, or 'PNG' files, within ViewONE Pro as standard.
PDF Module compatible (Note: For MS Windows & Mac users only).
ViewONE Pro's PDF Module uses technology licensed from Adobe to allow viewing & text searching of PDFs directly within
ViewONE Pro. Because of ViewONE Pro's server licensing policy, if annotation is licensed alongside the PDF module, all users
get PDF annotation without any per-seat licensing, making large-scale implementation of a PDF compatible viewing and
annotation solution truly affordable.

Change PDF image resolution
The ability to change the image resolution, a benefit offered with the ViewONE Pro PDF Module, means optimal viewing speed
regardless of the zoom level of the document size. If browsing through a large high resolution document (such as a multi-page
foolscap document at 300dpi), the user can elect to reduce the rendering resolution to improve performance. Alternatively,
resolution can be increased when working close up with small text to ensure accurate anti-aliasing and clarity, making it easier
to read. ViewONE Pro will also actually pick a 'best-view' resolution based on the PDF document being viewed when first
launched by default.
Change PDF image colour depth
Another feature of the ViewONE Pro PDF Module allows users to define whether to view the cached images in full colour,
grayscale or mono to optimize document navigation. If colour is not important to the legibility or information included in a
document (such as with plain text documents), switching to grayscale or even monochrome can significantly improve viewing
Feature                                                                                                                                        Std   Pro
Annotations Module compatible
Add comments and mark-ups to your scanned image documents with the Annotations Module for ViewONE & ViewONE Pro.
The module offers an extensive range of mark-up tools, including text, highlights, redactions, 'sticky notes', lines, arrows &
stamps. Each annotation is individually configurable and security privileges can be applied at document, page or even individual
annotation level. ViewONE and ViewONE Pro also support viewing of FileNet and Wang annotations, while ViewONE Pro allows
support for native PDF annotations viewing (in conjunction with the PDF module).

Print Accelerator Module compatible (Note: MS Windows only)
Printing from within a browser is typically slow, which can be problematic, especially when printing in high volume. The Print
Accelerator Module for ViewONE & ViewONE Pro delivers much faster and configurable printing, direct within the viewer.
Email Module compatible
View, annotate and redact Microsoft Outlook and EML formatted emails, includes support for text formatting, layout and
Security Module compatible
ViewONE Pro's Security Module offers a higher level of document security than any other Java image viewer. Encryption before
delivery, protection during transit and protected decryption at the client, results in security to satisfy the most rigorous of
requirements. The Security Module is available for ViewONE Pro only and is be offered as a free upgrade to all ViewONE Pro
Maintenance customers.
QuickStart high speed applet start-up
QuickStart reduces the time it takes for the ViewONE and ViewONE Pro viewers to open a document, shaving off valuable
seconds which translates into substantial time (and consequently cost) savings for large user groups such as call centers,
insurance claims departments or mortgage processing teams. QuickStart is enabled by a simple tick option within the menus
of both ViewONE Pro and ViewONE, at which point the only difference that the users will see is a small icon in the system tray
to show that QuickStart is running. When they start a new viewing session, the users will see that viewer startup is much
quicker. Like all Daeja’s technical advances, enabling QuickStart does not require extensive configuration or coding knowledge.
Server administrators simply add a one-line QuickStart parameter (supplied in the ViewONE Pro and ViewONE manuals) to their
viewer install code on the server and the facility is immediately available for all users the next time they use the viewer. The
QuickStart facility is free to all new ViewONE Pro and ViewONE customers and to existing customers subscribed to Daeja’s
Maintenance service.

Applet retention, even when using SSL (auto-clearance) connections
Unlike other applets, ViewONE Pro doesn't reside within the browser cache folder when downloaded for use. ViewONE Pro
creates its own cache folder, outside of the browser cache, which houses the Advanced Cache Manager (see below). ViewONE
Pro's presence outside of the main browser cache ensures applet persistence, even between multiple SSL sessions.
ViewONE Pro is unique as the only Java applet viewer which has extendible functionality without any user upgrade. Creating a
Java viewer was always a trade off between adding additional functionality to the viewer while also keeping the applet size as
small as possible to minimize user wait times when the applet is first caching. ViewONE Pro bypasses this problem with Module-
On-Demand delivery, controlled by its Advanced Cache Manager. Only the core functionality is cached to the user's machine
when first using ViewONE Pro, and when additional functionality is required (such as if the user elects to view a PDF), the ACM
checks the server to see if the PDF Module is licensed and available, and if so instantly downloads to the user's ViewONE Pro
cache folder. This means that ViewONE Pro can also be purchased on a module-by-module basis, extendible as additional
functional requirements are identified.
Advanced Cache Manager (ACM)
The ability to extend an applet's capabilities means ViewONE Pro represents a major breakthrough for web-based document
management users. This extendibility is due to the innovative Advanced Cache Manager. The ACM controls the caching of ViewONE Pro
to a writable space and manages the download of additional modules for the user. By creating separate modules rather than embedding
all the functionality inside the main applet, user wait times are minimized and there's no limit on the additional functionality that can be
added for your users.
Feature                                                                                                               Std     Pro
Permanent Redactions Server Module compatible
The Permanent Redaction Server Module is a server component which works with the ViewONE Pro Annotations
Module to deliver the permanent 'burning-in' of redactions onto any document format supported by
ViewONE Pro, a list which now includes TIFF, PDF, MS Word, Excel and AutoCad. The module outputs a new TIFF or
PDF file for storage within your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Records Management (RM) repositories
for safe distribution outside of the organization.
Document Streaming Server Module compatible

The Document Streaming Server Module is a server-side library which splits multipage TIFFs and PDFs into single
pages on the fly, sending just the page required by the user, rather than requiring the whole document to be
downloaded prior to viewing. Splitting the documents means that if the user wishes to view page 10 of either a
multipage TIFF or a PDF, ViewONE Pro will not need to download pages 1-9 (or the remainder of the document) prior
to presenting page 10. This splitting can dramatically improve document viewing speed.
Universal Viewing Module compatible

The Universal Viewing Module adds viewing support for over 300 file formats, including MS Office (Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Outlook), AutoCAD and a wide range of other word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, engineering and
graphics formats to extend ViewONE Pro's existing built-in and modular support for PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

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