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No. CETD/TADADI/EPC/                                      Date:06.02.2010

                     ABSTRACT BID NOTIFICATION

     Sealed Bids are invited from the qualified Bidders for preparation of
     EPC bid documents for the following Gas fired Combined Cycle
     Power Plants:
        a. 2100 MW Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant at Tadadi
           near Karwar, Uttara Kannada District, Karnataka State.
        b. 1400 MW Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant at Bidadi
           near Bangalore, Karnataka State.
     The scope of services for the bidders and other details can be
     accessed from the KPCL‟s web site www.karnatakapower.com. The
     scope of services can also be had, free of cost from the Office of
     Chief Engineer (Thermal Designs), Karnataka Power
     Corporation Ltd, 2nd floor, No. 22/23, Sudarshan Complex,
     Sheshadri Road, Bangalore – 560 009, Karnataka, India.
      Phone: 91-80-22206223, Fax : 91-80-22386517
       Mob : 9449598924
      E-mail : ecedt@karnatakapower.com
     Last date for submission of bids is 03.03.2010 on or before 15.00 Hrs at
     the above-mentioned address.


1. Introduction
   Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. (KPCL), a Government of Karnataka
   Undertaking was incorporated in the Year 1970 with the objective of constructing
   and operating power-generating stations. KPCL has a present installed
   generating capacity of 5745 MW comprising Hydel, Thermal, Solar and Wind
   energy and the entire generation is sold to the Electricity Supply Companies of
   Karnataka state.

   KPCL has proposed to set up following Combined Cycle Power Plants
   consisting of:
   a) 3 blocks of 700 MW (Combination of 2 GTGs + 2 HRSGs + 1 STG per block)
      totaling to 2100 MW capacity located at Tadadi, 47km from Karwar along the
      National Highway-17, Karnataka State.
   b) 2 blocks of 700 MW (Combination of 2 GTGs + 2 HRSGs + 1 STG per block)
      totaling to 1400 MW capacity, located near Bilekempanahalli village, Bidadi
      hobli, Ramnagar taluk, Bangalore district, Karnataka state.
   Land and water are available for implementation of the projects.

   In this context, KPCL intends to avail consultancy services for preparation of
   EPC bid documents for both the projects separately.

2. Scope of Services
   The scope of services of the Consultant shall cover the following:
   a) Preparation of Bid documents for EPC contract covering

         Introduction and scope of supply of plant and equipment, services and
          responsibilities of the bidder, instructions to bidders, general and
          commercial terms and conditions of contract.

         Project information, technical requirements and various schedules to be
          filled in by the bidder

         Detailed Technical specifications including data sheets (Technical data
          sheets), general technical requirements, quality assurance requirements,
          performance parameters and drawings for mechanical, instrumentation
          and control, electrical and civil sections

      Essential Drawings, data and other documents as required for clear
       perception of the scope of work involved shall be included in the EPC
       specification for the information of the bidder
      The EPC bid document shall explain in detail the scope of the bidder for
       proper understanding but should not be construed as limiting bidder‟s
       responsibilities and owner‟s right.
      Basic design data and design criteria including output, availability and
      Quality requirements, packing, transport, storage
      Procedures for construction, erection, testing and commissioning, trial
       runs, performance testing and commercial operation
      Maintenance tools and tackles for all equipments / systems
      Spares for start up, essential, commissioning and normal operation for 3
      “List of Exclusions” from the EPC Contractor‟s scope
      Schedule of guarantees and penalties to be provided by the EPC
       Contractor in respect of the following:
          i) Schedule for completion
          ii) Performance in respect of output, efficiency, start up requirements,
               plant load operation, availability and reliability
          iii) Auxiliary Power consumption
b) Furnishing of clarifications for the queries of the bidders including
   participating in the pre-bid meeting
c) Submission of documents freezing the technical / commercial parameters as
   per the discussions with the bidders
d) Evaluation of bids submitted by the bidders with respect to design,
   engineering and construction as well as operation and maintenance aspects
   complying with the specified contractual conditions, permits, clearances,
   statutory requirements and proven utility practices in India,.
e) Assessment of Performance guarantees of the EPC bid documents
   especially with respect to heat rate, output and auxiliary power consumption
f) Financial and legal aspects of the EPC bids. Legal aspects includes
   verification of consortium agreements of companies, incorporation
   certifications etc. needs to be reviewed.

g) Recommendation of EPC contractor based on the techno commercial

3.     Minimum Prequalification Requirement

3.1    The Bidder for the “Consultancy Services for the preparation of the
       Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) bid documents for the
       Gas based Combined Cycle Power Plants” shall fulfill the following minimum

3.2    The bidder shall have the experience of providing consultancy Services for
       preparation of EPC bid documents for a capacity of 350 MW or above, gas
       based Combined Cycle Power Plant in the last 10 years period.

3.3    To establish the financial capacity for performance of the contractual
       obligation, the bidder shall furnish documentary proof of having a minimum
       annual average turnover of Indian Rs. 20 Millions or equivalent in the past 3

3.4    The intending bidders shall furnish documentary evidence/performance
       certificates for 3.2 above, in support of the above bid qualification
       requirements along with the completed bid documents. The certificate
       furnished by the bidder shall be issued by the owners of the plant. KPCL
       reserves the right to verify any information/documents furnished by the
       bidders should the circumstances so warrant.

3.5    The Bidder shall furnish his audited annual report for the last three (3) years.


       a) Caution Deposit:

       The bidder shall furnish a Demand Draft/Pay-order equivalent to 5% of the
       quoted price drawn in favour of Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd payable at
       Bangalore towards Caution Deposit along with the offer. The Caution Deposit
       will be returned to unsuccessful bidder after finalization of agency and award
       of work. For successful bidder, Caution Deposit will be returned after receipt
       of Performance Guarantee. If the bidder withdraws his bid before the expiry
       of the bid validity period prescribed in the bid document and if the successful
       bidder fails to submit the Contract Performance Guarantee as specified in
       the bid and / or fail to enter into a contract with „Corporation‟ in the form
       prescribed with related requirement within 15 days from the date of letter of
       award, the Caution Deposit will be forfeited. No interest will be paid towards
       the EMD amount furnished by the bidders.

       b) Performance Guarantee

The successful bidder shall furnish Performance Guarantee in the form of
Bank guarantee in the prescribed format of KPCL to be executed on Rs.100/-
non-judicial stamp paper for an amount equivalent to 10% of the contract
value at the time of entering into an agreement with KPCL and shall be valid
for a period of 18 months from the date of agreement and shall be
extendable till the successful completion of the Contract.
c) Submission of Bids:

i) Cover – I containing Demand Draft/Pay Order towards Caution Deposit
   along with the documentary evidence for having experience in providing
   consultancy services and scope of services.

ii) Cover – II shall contain the price offer in two copies, One “ORIGINAL” and
    another “DUPLICATE”.

iii) Both these covers I & II shall be kept in an outer cover, sealed and super
    scribed with the NIT notification number and name of the work.

iv)The Cover - I will be opened first and Cover – II of those bids submitted
   without the requisite Caution Deposit and who does not fulfill the
   Prequalification criteria will not be opened and treated as rejected.

d) Price:

The Bidder shall quote a firm and lump sum price, which shall include costs
like transport, boarding, lodging, communication at local and other places
outside Bangalore if required, insurance, service charges, Service tax,
Income tax, cess, all applicable taxes & duties on the date of submission of
the offer and deliverables (shall include 1 soft copy in the form of CD and 10
Hard copies).
The prices shall be firm throughout the contract period and valid extended
period, if any. No price variation in any form is applicable.

Any statutory variations in taxes/duties and introduction of new taxes/duties
by the State/Central Government after the date of submission of the tender
shall be to the account of KPCL.

e) Terms of Payment:

  i.20% of lump sum cost of offer after Preparation of Bid documents
    submission of 10 Hard copies and 1 soft copy.

 ii.30% of lump sum cost of offer after freezing the technical / commercial
    parameters as per the discussions with the bidders and submission of
    revised documents.

         iii.40% lump sum cost of offer after evaluation of bids

         iv.Balance 10% after recommendation of EPC contractor based on the
            techno commercial analysis

        f) Advance of payment

            If requested by the successful bidder, an advance amount of equivalent
            to 10% of cost of offer (accepted by KPCL) will be paid against Bank
            Guarantee for equivalent amount.

        g) Completion time

            The Consultant should submit EPC bid documents within 60 days from
            the date of letter of award for Bidadi Plant and within 120 days for Tadadi

        h) Deliverables

            The Consultant should submit ten (10) copies of the EPC bid documents.
            All documents should be delivered in hard copies as well as two soft
            copies in the form of a CD.
        i) Income Tax:

            The amount towards Income tax shall be deducted at source on the total
            value of each invoice at the prevailing rates and remitted by KPCL to the
            concerned authorities as per the requirement of the relevant rules.
            Necessary TDS will be issued by KPCL.
        j) Validity of the offer:

            The offer shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of the
            opening of the bid.

5.    Calendar of Events

     Date of NIT                     : 08.02.2010
     Last date for receipt of bids   : 03.03.2010 at 15.00 Hours
     Opening of Cover – I            : 03.03.2010 at 16.00 Hours
     Opening of Cover – II           : 03.03.2010 at 16.00 Hours

6. KPCL reserves the right to pre-close the contract at any stage during the
   execution of the contract without assigning any reason and the payment will be
   regulated as per Clause No. 4 (e) based on the activities completed. In all
   matters related to execution of this contract, the decision of Chief Engineer
   (Thermal Designs) is final and shall be abided by the bidder.

7. KPCL also reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the bids.

8. Bids with stipulation for settlement of disputes by reference to arbitration are
   liable to be rejection.

9. KPCL reserves the right to verify any information / documents furnished by the
   bidder, should the circumstances so warrant in the overall interest of the
   Corporation. In case the information or the documents furnished are found to be
   incorrect or invalid, then the Caution Deposit furnished by such bidders will be

10. KPCL will not be responsible for any postal / courier delays in receipt of bid

11. The offer should reach this office in a sealed envelope on or before 03.03.2010
    by 15.00 hrs at the address mentioned below:
          Chief Engineer (Thermal Designs)
          Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd.,
          No. 22/23, Sudarshan Complex, 2nd Floor
          Sheshadri Road
          Bangalore- 560009.
          Tel: 91-80- 22206223, Fax: 91-80-22386517
          E-mail address: ecedt@karnatakapower.com
12. The Cover-1 and Cover-II of the offer will be opened in the presence of the
    available representatives of bidders on 03.03.2010 at 1600 hrs at the above-
    mentioned address.

                                                  Chief Engineer (Thermal Designs).


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