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 An International Workshop on
   Course Overview
   Sources of international grant money from private or public organisations such as World Bank, United Nation,
   European Union, USAID, DFID and others provide a total amount of assistance each year totalling over a quarter of
   a trillion dollars. These donors, Charity organisations and international funders require project proposals to be well-
   thought out and carefully planned as well as executed efficiently. Without direct project funding, most organisations
   and individuals would not be able to accomplish their project goals. If you are seeking external funding, writing clear,
   thorough and targeted project proposals is therefore essential to you and your organisation.

   Preparing a successful written proposal requires an organized, systematic approach to effectively convey your
   story. It demands disciplined strategies to align your project idea and content to what a funding body or donor is
   looking for. This workshop is an intensive and detailed introduction to the process, structure, and skill of professional
   project proposal writing. This workshop provides a step-by-step writing process to deal with any and all application
   requirements. The workshop is designed for both novice and experienced project developers and grant/fund seekers,
   it is a comprehensive, hands-on training that covers writing award winning proposals. This workshop is characterized
   by its ability to act as a thorough overview, introduction, and refresher at the same time. Effectively strategizing your
   project proposal idea is what this workshop will emphasize. What’s more, you will learn why project proposal writing
   is much different than other kinds of writing. Ultimately, this workshop will illustrate how each component of the
   funding/grant proposal represents an opportunity to use proven techniques for generating support.

   What you will learn
   In this 1-day “Intensive Knowledge Transfer” workshop you will improve your access to international finance and
   funding through your best practice project proposal. Participants will learn the entire proposal writing process
   with a solid understanding of not only the ideal proposal structure, but a holistic understanding of the essential
   factors, which determine whether or not your project gets funded. In addition to learning the basic components
   of a fundable project proposal, successful approaches, and the do’s and don’ts of funding/grant writing, this
   workshop is infused with expert principles that will lead to a mastery of the fundamental process. Participants
   will be given some interactive exercises using samples of the e-book based templates used by international
   project proposal writers. Participants will leave this course with new skills and the ability to apply those skills
   to the needs of your own organization and community. This workshop, simply put, is designed to get results by
   creating the fundamentals for professional funding proposal writers.

   At the end of this Workshop, participants will be able to:
    Understand how to conduct preparatory work including defining the needs, goals, objectives and Evaluations
    Know how to prepare a logical framework analysis (LFA) for smart proposals
    Build Project consortium and partners for large project proposal
    Understand the differences between funding organisations, government, and corporate funders as well as applicant
    Understand how to follow up with the donor and funding organisations
    Carry out Project risk assessment
    Prepare and Build a Strong Project Budget
    Completing the project proposal package in order to provide funders with all necessary information;
    Learn how to use a standard proposal writing format, the most widely used in the world,
    Learn the e-book based templates used by international project proposal writers
    Design and complete good project proposals capable of securing funding.

Develop your project proposal to secure Funds from donors and funding agencies such as:


Who should attend?
This workshop will be very useful for participants from industries, members of Chambers of Commerce, Ministries-
Department-Agencies (MDAs) , Parastatals, Local Government, State Governments, Academic organisations, NGOs, Public
Sector consultants and individuals wishing to access international funding. This will include:
  Project directors and managers                               Research and Development Staff
  Directors and Heads of Departments of Parastatals            Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  Directors and Project staff of MDAs                          Local Government Executives and senior staff
  Government stakeholders in projects                          Special Advisers and Special Assistant to Ministers, Governors,
  Managing Directors and CEOs of private sector                and Commissioners
  organisations                                                Directors and senior staff of NGOs
  Business development managers                                Higher education staff, including Universities and polytechnics
Workshop Facilitators
                               This workshop will be led by Leonardo Piccinetti. Mr Piccinetti is an experienced EU funding professional. He has
                               strong experience in providing practical advice and training courses on FP7. Leonardo has also academic experience
                               (lecturer in University of Milan, Trieste, Naples, Aquila, Exeter, Bologna, Brussels, Bruges, Maastricht EIPA ) with special
                               interests in Lisbon Strategy, Innovation, and Governance with more twenty publications. He is the President of
                               European Project Association (EPA), Belgium , member European Community Project Managers Association (ECPMA)

                               UK, acting as Expert Evaluator of proposals on EU-FP7 (International Cooperation DG RTD) , CIP , LLL, INTERREG ,
                               European Commission. He is an expert on EU-funded Support to Research and Technological Development, and
                               Innovation Initiatives and Strategies (SRTD) Project in Jordan. He leads on FP7 capacity building with NCP system in
                               PEOPLE and Environment.
 Mr Leonardo                      There will be other facilitators that will be assisting you in the learning process
  Piccinetti                      during the training workshop
                                                      For Bookings & Enquiries Contact Our
APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                                         Dates
                                                      National T eam
Please make contact with our                                                                                13th April 2011, Venue: Abuja
                                                      Matthew Tsado (Abuja)                                 20th April 2011, Venue: Lagos
national coordinating team on
                                                      Tel:   +2348034003343(International)                  12th October 2011, Venue: Abuja
the phone number indicated on
their names. You can complete the                                                                           19th October 2011, Venue: Lagos
printed application form and email                    Kingsley Okehielem ( Port Harcourt)
                                                      Tel:  +2348059078428(International)                   Certification
it to the email address shown.You
                                                                                                            All participants will receive an
can also visit
                                                      Amaechi Nwosu ( Lagos)                                international certification in professional
                                                                                                            grant writing from the Knowledge
for complete admission                                Tel: +2348023695268(International)
                                                                                                            Factory International, UK
requirements and to apply online.
Applications are requested well                       Chijioke Nzekwe (Abuja)                               Workshop Fee : =N=45000
in advance but not later than two                     Tel:   +2348033127706(International)                  The programme fee covers tuition, case
weeks before the programme start                                                                            materials, Grant/Funding Sources Report.
date.                                                                                                       Payments are due with your registration.
National Contacts                                                                                           Cancellation policies are outlined in the
Executive Capacity Development Programmes                                                                   information provided to applicants upon
Knowledge Factory - Nigeria                                                                                 admission.
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Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria
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International Contact
Knowledge Factory International
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Mayfair London, W1S 1HU, United Kingdom
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