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									ARTIST                         TITLE
Abdul, Paula                   Forever your girl
Air Supply                     Greatest Hits
Alarm, The                     Raw
Alien Ant Farm                 Anthology
Alternative Mix                Hollywood Records
Alternative, NO (mix)          Arista
Amos, Tori                     Little Earthquakes
Areosmith                      Pump
Areosmith                      Greatest Hits
Anthony, Marc                  Self titled
Arested Development            3 years, 5 months, 2 days in the life of…
Asia                           Self titled
Badlees, The                   River songs
Bainbridge, Merril             The Garden
Barenaked Ladies               Rock Spectacle
Beach Boys, The                Made in the USA (best of)
Beatles, The                   1 (best of #1 hits)
Beatles, The                   Magical Mystery Tour
Benatar, Pat                   Wide awake in Dreamland
Berlin                         Best of 1979-1988
Berry, Heidi                   Miracle
Big Head Todd & the Monsters   Beautiful World
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy           Self titled
Black Eyed Peas                Monkey Business
Blue October                   History for Sale
Blue October                   Foiled
Blues Travler                  Four
Bon Jovi, Jon                  Destination Anywhere
Boyz II Men                    Cooley high harmony
Boston                         Self titled
Branch, Michelle               The Spirit Room
Bravery, The                   The Sun and the Moon (Complete)
Braveheart                     Soundtrack
Brickman, Jim                  Destiny
Brightman, Sarah               Harem (2003)
Brule'                         Lakota Piano (1997)
Buddha-Bar                     Vol. III disc1 and 2
Bush                           Golden State
Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti   Mehta (the three tenors in consert)
Cheap Trick                    Greatest Hits
Chicago's                      Greatest Hits
Chapman, Tracey                New Beginings
Chapman, Tracey                Telling Stories
Chant                          The Benedictine Monks of Santa Domingo de Silos
Cherry Poppin' Daddies         Zoot Suit Riot
Church, The                    Gold Afternoon Fix
Church, Charlotte              Voice of an Angel
Clapton, Eric                  Journeyman
Clarkson, Kelly                My December (2007)
Clarkson, Kelly          Breakaway
Classical Music Mix      Classical music for people who hate classical
Collective Soul          Dosage
Collins, Phil            Serious hits, Live
Collins, Phil            A hot night in Paris
Common Sense             Live at the Belly Up (several cover tunes)
Connick, Harry Jr.       "25"
Coors, The               Talk on Corners
Counting Crows           Auguest and everything after
Counting Crows           Recovering the Satellites
Concrete Blonde          Bloodletting
Concrete Blonde          Free
Coyote Ugly              Soundtrack
Cranberries, The         No need to Argue
Crash Test Dummies       A Worms Life
Crash Test Dummies       God Shuffled his Feet
Creed                    Weathered
Crowded House            Not the Girl you Think You Are
Crowded House            The Very Best of
Crowded House            Self titled
Crow, Sheryl             Tuesday Night Music Club
Crow, Sheryl             Wildflower
Crow, Sheryl             C'mon, C;mon
Cure, The                Singes + Kiss Me
Cure, The                Distegration
Cutting Crew             Broadcast
3 Doors Down             The Better Life
Dada                     Puzzle
Dashboard Confessional   The Shade of Posin Trees
Dayne, Taylor            Can't Fight Fate
Def Leppard              Pyromania
Def Leppard              Greatest Hits
Del Amitri               Chage Everything
Del Amitri               Twisted
Depeche Mode             Ultra
Depeche Mode             Songs of Faith and Devotion
Depeche Mode             Violator
Depeche Mode             101
Details Music (mix)      Music Matters (an Alternative mix)
Dido                     Life For Rent
Dido                     No Angel
Difranco, Ani            Out of Range
Doken                    Back for the Attack
Doken                    Under lock and Key
Doubt, No                Tragic Kingdom
Dream Theater            Images and Words
Duncan Sheik             Self titled
Duran Duran              Self titled
Duran Duran              Decade
Duran Duran              Greatest
Duran Duran              Medazzaland
Eagles                   Greatest Hits, volume #2
Eagles                         Greatest Hits
Eminem                         Curtain Call (The Hits) 2 disc
Enigma                         MCMXC
Enigma                         The Screen Behind the Mirror
Enya                           Self titled
Enya                           A day without Rain
Enya                           Shepherd Moons
Enya                           Amarantine
Enya                           The memory of Trees
Enya                           Watermark
Etheridge, Melissa             Never Enough
Etheridge, Melissa             Self titled
Eurythmics                     Greatest hits
Evanescence                    The Open Door
Evanescence                    Fallen
Eve6                           Horroscope
Eve6                           Self titled
Everything but the Girl        Amplified Heart
Expose                         Self titled
Fall Out Boy                   From Under the Cork Tree
Fergie                         Self titled
Fine Young Cannibals           The Raw and the cooked
Finn Brothers                  Self titled
Fray, The                      How to Save a Life
Firm, The                      Mean Business
Firm, The                      Self titled
Fixx, The                      Greatest hits
Fleetwood Mac                  Behind the Mask
Fleetwood Mac                  Greatest hits

Foreigner                      Records
Foreigner                      The Very best and Beyond
Frangoulis, Mario              Follow your heart
Gabriel, Peter                 US
Gabriel, Peter                 UP
Gabriel, Peter                 Shaking the Tree (best of)
Garbage                        Version 2.0
Kenny G                        Greatest Hits
Kenny G                        Miracles (holiday Album)
Kenny G                        Silhouette
Genesis                        Turn it on Again (The Hits)
Gin Blossoms                   The Best of
Gipsy Kings                    Live
Go Go's                        Greatest
Gnarls Barkley                 St, Elsewhere
Gnarls Barkley                 ?
Green Day                      Dookie
Groban, Josh                   Closer
Heart                          Bad Animals
Hill, Lauryn                   The Miseducation of
Hornsby, Bruce and the Range   Scenes from the Southwest
Hootie & the Blowfish   Scatterd, Smothered and Covered
Hootie & the Blowfish   Cracked Rear View
Hootie & the Blowfish   Fairweather Johnson
Hotel Costes            I
Hotel Costes            III Disc one and two
Hotel Costes            IV
Hotel Costes            VI
Hotel Costes            VII
Hotel Costes            VIII
Huh (mix)               Variety Mix
Huh (mix)               Variety Mix
Iglesias, Enrique       Enrique (self titled)
Iglesias, Enrique       Escape
Iglesias, Enrique       Seven
Isaak, Chris            Forever Blue
Isaak, Chris            Heart Sharped World
Incubas                 Morning View
Inxs                    Welcome to Wherever you Are
Inxs                    Kick
Inxs                    X
Inxs                    Switch
Inxs                    Live Baby Live
Jackson, Joe            Night and Day
Jackson, Luscious       Fever in Fever Out
Jackson, Janet          Rhythm Nation 1814
Jewel                   Spirit
Jewel                   This Way
Jewel                   Pieces of You
Jayhawks, The           Smile
John, Elton             Greatest Hits
Joel, Billy             Storm Front
Joel, Billy             Greatest Hits, volume #3
Joel, Billy             The Complete Collection
John Bon Jovi           Destination anywhere
Jones, Norah            Feels Like Home
Jones, Tom              Best of
Jorney                  Frontiers
Journey                 Greatest Hits
Koz, Dave               Lucky Man
Kansas                  Best of
Kleinenberg, Sander     Disc 2
Led Zeppelin            Greatest hits, disc 1,2,3 and 4
Lennox, Annie           Medusa
Lennon, John            Imagine
Lenny Kravitz                                             5
Lifehouse               Who We Are
Linkin Park             Hybrid Theory
Limp Bizkit             Chocolate st
Little River Band       Greatest Hits
Live                    Throwing Coper
Live                    The Distance to Hear
Live                    Secret Samadhi
Live                  Songs from Black Mountain
Live                  V
Michael Flatley's     Lord of the Dance
Madonna               Music Matters (an Alternative mix)
Madonna               Ray of Light
Madonna               Like a Prayer
Madonna               Immaculate Collection
Madonna               Music
Madonna               Confessions on a Dance Floor
Madonna               Hard Candy
10,000 Maniacs        MTV Unplugged
Matisyahu             Youth
Matisyahu             Live at Stubb's
Matthews Band, Dave   Crash
Matthews Band, Dave   Under the Table and Dreaming
McCartney, Paul       All th Best
McLachlon, Sarah      Fumbling Towards Ecstacy
McLachlon, Sarah      Surfacing
MacIsaac, Ashley      Hi, how are you Today?
Marley, Bob           The Best of
Marley, Ziggy         Jahmekya
McKennitt, Loreena    The books of Secrets
McKennitt, Loreena    Live in Paris and Toronto (best of)
McKennitt, Loreena    Latest (2006)
McKennitt, Loreena    Elemental
McKennitt, Loreena    An Accient Muse
Meditation Music      Ocean Dreams
Mellencamp, John      Mr. Happy go Lucky
Mellencamp, John      The Lonesome Jubilee
Michael, George       Faith
Midler, Bette         Experience the Divine
Midnight Oil          Blue Sky Minning
Midnight Oil          Diesel and Dust
Miles, Ron            My Cruel heart
Merchant, Natalie     Tigerlily
Miller Band, Steve    Greatest hits
Missing Persons       The Best of
Moby                  Songs
Moby                  Play
Moby                  Hotel
Moby                  18
Mohicans, Last of     Soundtrack
Modern English        After the Snow
Money, Eddie          Nothing to Loose
MTV                   120min. Unplugged
Nalick, Anna          Wreck of the Day
Naked Chollas         Let's Go
Naked Chollas         Spitshine
New Order             Republic
New Order             The Best of
Oakenfold, Paul       Tranceport
O'Connor, Sinead      I do not want what I haven't got
Narada Collection, The    Mix of New Age Music
Nickelback                The Long Road
Nickelback                Silver Side Up
Nickelback                All the Right Reasons
Night Ranger              Big Life
Night Ranger              Greatest Hits
Nirvana                   In Utero
Outfield, The             Play Deep
ONCE                      Music from the Motion Picture
Pavarotti & Friends       For the children of Bosnia
Pink Floyd                Dark side of the Moon
Pink Floyd                A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Pink Floyd                Wish you were here
Pink Floyd                The Wall
P.O.D.                    When Angles & Serpents Dance
P.O.D.                    Satelite
P.O.D.                    Testify
Pretenders                The Singles (best of)
Pet Shop Boys             Very (best of)
Petty, Tom                She's the One
Plant, Robert             Now and Zen
Police, The               Every Breath you Take (The Singles)
Police/Sting              The best of Sting and the Police
Priest, Maxi              Best of Me
Prince                    Purple Rain
Prince                    The Hits I
Puddle of Mudd            Famous
Queen                     Innuendo
Queen                     Greatest Hits
Quiet Times               A Mix of Jazz Music
Raconteurs, The           Broken Boy Soliders
RadioHead                 Kid A
Ray, Sugar                                                       14:59
Reality Bites             Soundtrack
Red Hot Chili Peppers     Gretest Hits
Red Hot Chili Peppers     Stadium Arcadium (2 disc set)
Red Hot Chili Peppers     "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" and "What Hits!"
Red Jumpsuite Apparatus   Don't You Fake it
Refreshments              Wheelie
R.E.M.                    Monster
R.E.M.                    Out of Time
R.E.M.                    Eponymus
R.E.M.                    Document
R.E.M.                    New adventure in Hi-Fi
R.E.M.                    Accelerate REM
Rifkin                    Spirit of the Season
Reggae, Pure              Self titled (mix)
Rock 'N Roll, Only        1980-1984
Rembrandts, The           Self titled
Rock, Kid                 Devil without a Cause
Rock, Kid                 Cocky
Rolling Stones, The       Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones, The       Steel Wheels
Roxette                   Look Sharp
Roxette                   Crash Boom Bing
Roxette                   Joyride
Rusted Root               Remember
Rush                      Moving Pictures
Rush                      A Show of Hands
Rush                      Retrospective I & II 1974-1987
Rush                      Exit Stage Left
Rush                      R-30
Sade                      The Best of
Savagegarden              Affirmation
Scorpions                 Savage Amusement
Seal                      Humaning
Seal                      Self Titled
Secada, Jon               Heart, Soul and a Voice
Seger, Bob                Greatest Hits
Setzer Orchestra, Brian   The Dirty Boogie
Semisonic                 Feeling Strangly Fine
Shepard, Vonda            Heart and Soul
Simple Minds              Glittering Prize
Simon and Garfunkel       Greatest Hits
Simply Red                Men and Women

Sinatra, Frank            Collector's series (best of)
Sister Hazel              Fortress
SpiritLands               Native American
Stefani, Gwen             The Sweet Escape
Stefani, Gwen             Love. Angle. Music. Baby
Sublime                   Best Of
Sugar Ray                 14:59
Smash Mouth               Rush Yo Mang
Soul Furic                II
Sting                     Mercury Falling
Sting                     Ten Summoner's Tales
Sting                     Brand New Day
Sting                     Nothing like the Sun
Sting                     Sacred Love
Sting                     All This Time
Sting                     The Dream of the Blue Turtles
Sting                     Soul Cages
Sting                     Songs from the Labyriaith
Sublime                   Self Titled
Supertramp                Classics volume #9
Tears for Fears           Elemental
Thompson, Rob             Something to be
Thompson Twins, The       Greatest Hits
Til Tuesday               Everything's Different Now
Tesh, John                One World
Tesh, John                Montery Nights
Tesh, John                Discovery
Triumph                   Classics
Twain, Shania                       Come On Over
U2                                  Joshua Tree
U2                                  Achtung Baby
U2                                  All that you Con't Leave Behind
U2                                  18 Singles (best of)
U2                                  All that You Can't Leave Behind (2000)
Waters, Roger (Pink Floyd)          Live at the Berlin Wall
Van Halen                           LIVE, Right here, right now
Van Halen                           Self Titled
Van Halen                           For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen                           OU812
Warrant                             Cherry Pie
Weber, Andrew Lloyd                 Gold (2002)
Who, The                            The Ultimate Collection (2002)
Who, The                            Then and Now (A best of) (2004)
Whitesnake                          Slide it in
Winston, George                     Forest
Winston, George                     Plains
Yanni                               If I could Tell you
Yanni                               Tribute
Yanni                               In My Time
Yanni                               The Very Best Of (2000)
Yanni                               Live at the Acropolis
YAZ                                 Upstairs At Eric's
YAZ                                 The Very Best of
YES                                 Big Generator

1996 Grammy Nominees
A Collection of Holiday Music
IMX Music Trade show CD             Alternative Music
Muilan                              Soundtrack
                                311 Self Titled
Distant Thunder                     Sounds of Thunder
KZON                                Collectibles Vol. #6 1998
KZON                                The Zone Presents old Zone music
KZON                                Collectibles vol #3
Gold and Plattinum                  Volume #3
Living in the 90's                  2 disc's Rock, pop and dance
Mix of music #2                     Self made mix
Running Music                       Self made mix
60's and 70's Rock                  Self made mix
Lite Sounds #2                      Self made mix
Medium Rock #1                      Self made mix
Lite Sounds #1
             TYPE OF MUSIC
             Dance, Pop



             Classic Rock

             Reggae/ Rock
             Light Music
             New Age
             Old time rock

             80's Alternative
             New Age

             Big Band

             Blues Rock
             Teen pop
             Classic Rock

             Instrumental soothing
             Piano jazz
             Light music/new age/theater
             Native American
             New Age/?? Different type of music

             Classic light rock

omingo de Silos
            Big Band
            80's Alternative
            New Classical
            Classic Rock
Classical music
Big Band
Reggae/ Rock
Big Band

80's rock
80's rock
80's Alternative
80's Alternative
80's rock
80's rock
80's rock

80's rock



Light rock/new age


Heavy Rock

Classic Rock
Rap/Hip Hop
New Age Alternative
New Age Alternative
New Age
New Age
New Age
New Age
New Age
New Age
Rock alternative

Hard Rock
Hard Rock
Light Rock
Dance, Pop

Classic Rock
Classic Rock
80's Alternative
Classic Rock
Classic Rock

80's rock
80's rock
Classical Music

80's rock


Alternative rock/Punk

Light Rock

New Age/???

English Latin music
English Latin music
English Latin music
Light Rock
Light Rock
Light rock
Alternative rock
Dance, Pop
Light rock
Light rock

Old time rock/light

80's light rock
80's light rock
Classic Rock
light Techno
Classic Rock

Heavy Rock


Irish folk/ new age
Irish folk/ new age

Meditation / new age

New Age

Heavy Rock

80's rock
80's rock
Grunge Alternative



Heavy Southern Rock
Heavy Rock
Big Band

Native American/New Age

Light Techno

New Age

Alternative Rock

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