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									Getaneh Gobezie

1. Family name:          Gobezie

2. First names:          Getaneh

3. Date of birth:        Aug 1964

4. Nationality:          Ethiopian

5. Civil status:         Single

6. Education:
                        Institution                   Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:
                        [ Date from - Date to ]
                        Addis Ababa University               B.A, Economics, Addis Ababa University (July, 1987).
                        (Sep. 1982 – July 1987)
                        Addis Ababa University               M.Sc Economics, Economic Policy Analysis, Addis Ababa
                        (Sep. 1997 – July 1999)               University (July, 1999); thesis on Rural Poverty.

7.   Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)
                                          Language             Reading            Speaking          Writing
                                           English                5                  4                5
                                           Amharic                5                  5                5

8. Membership of professional bodies:
                       Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI), a Net Work of 27 MFIs in Ethiopia, serving over 1,200,000 active
                        credit & saving clients. Have active role particularly through papers on Conferences.
                       The European Platform for Microfinance (task force member to capacity development); Microfinance Social Performance
                        Management Global Sub-Committee (Task force member), and active participant on on-going discussion on identifying
                        common indicators” of social performance of MFIs
                       Full Member of Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA), paper presentation, attend meetings, fees.
                       Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health, Regional task force member
9. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.)

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                                                             Curriculum vitae

                     Very good knowledge of Word, Excel, Outlook, and statistical software like the STATA, SPSS, Familiarity with Internate
10. Present position: Deputy Managing Director

11. Years within the firm:      8 years and 2 months (Microfinance)

12. Key qualifications: (See details below)

13. Specific experience in the region:
                                               Country                Date from – Date to
                                                 Not                    Not Applicable

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                                                                               Curriculum vitae

14. Professional experience
       Date     Location          Company             Position                                                   Description

                                                   Deputy           Strategic Leadership, coordination and monitoring, with particular focus on: Rural Finance, Urban
       Sep      Bahir-Dar     Amhara Credit &
                                                   Managing         Finance, and Gender Unit.
      2007--                  Saving Institution
       Now                                         Director

                                                   Head, Planning   Planning and Evaluation Coordination
        Jan     Bahir-Dar     Amhara Credit &
                                                   and Monitoring        Formulation of Strategic Business Plan, from market assessment to financial projection.
      2000 --                 Saving Institution
                                                   Department            Conduct the analysis and screening of annual plans submitted by different departments,
       Aug                    (ACSI)
                                                                         Performance Evaluation of Microfinance Institutions: Financial as well as Social Performance;
                                                                         Design field supervision guidelines and checklists
                                                                    Research & Product Development
                                                                         Impact Assessment using USAID’s AIMS (Assessing Impact of Micro-enterprise Services) tool
                                                                         Market Research, utilizing qualitative tools developed by MicroSave-Africa and others
                                                                         Product Development, Redesigning Products, Methodologies, based on client demand;
                                                                         Designing field surveys, on products, conducting the surveys and doing the statistical analysis.
                                                                    Gender Focus
                                                                         Designing gender-focused financial products, systems and methodologies,
                                                                         The “Credit with Education Programme” emphasizing on Integrating the Microfinance Service
                                                                           with Family Planning and Other Services supported by the Packard Foundation,
                                                                         Promoting sustainable community managed projects aimed at enhancing livelihoods of the
                                                                           community through internally generated income (e.g the WATSANCO managed projects).
                                                                    Donor Contact
                                                                         Involved in the implementation of various projects for, and liaise with, donors agencies (SIDA,
                                                                           IFAD, Packard, EU, Pact Ethiopia, USAID, FINNIDA, etc.),
                                                                    Training Delivered
                                                                         Microfinance FOUNDATION Course, sponsored by IFAD/RUFIP in Ethiopia
                                                                         Planning, monitoring and evaluation of Microfinance services, to branch managers,
                                                                         Social Performance Management Tool kits, training given to data collectors on selected
                                                                           indicators towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
                                                                    Networking and Advocacy
                                                                         Networking with technical and research centers: AEMFI, INAFI, CGAP/MIX Market, etc,
                                                                         Task Force Member: European Microfinance Platform on Capacity Building, Social
                                                                           Performance Management Sub-Committee
                                                                         Organize effective Workshops and Conferences on issues in microfinance with stakeholders,
                                                                         Chairman of Institutional Editorial Board

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                                                                    Curriculum vitae

                                           Team                 Coordinate the preparation of zonal five-year plans of different sectors in the context of the
 Dec.       East     East Gojjam
                                           Leader,               long-run Agricultural-Development-Led-Industrialization (ADLI) Strategy,
1993 –     Gojjam    Planning and
                                           Social               Manage process of analysis and screening of plans/ projects submitted by different organs,
 Sep.                Economic
                                           Services             Take part in the decision process to allocate capital as well as operational budgets to Woredas,
 1997                Development
                                           Development           based on the principles of promoting balanced rural developoment,
                                           Planning             Evaluate achievement of plans, programmes/projects, office and field levels
                                           Team     (July       Write analytical reports of Zonal plan-implementation every quarter.

                                           Planning             Involve in the formulation of short, medium-term and long term development zonal plans,
                                           Expert, Social       Appraise the system of data collection, system of planning and evaluation with a view to
                                           and                   promoting the Participatory Planning Methodology,
                                           Economic             Designing models and indicators for socio-economic studies, planning, and evaluation,
                                           Development          Formulate small-scale Community managed income generating projects aimed at
                                           Planning              reintegrating/rehabilitating civilians displaced from Assab/Eritrea, as well as others under
                                           Team                  Government Safety Net programme,
                                           (Dec.1993-           Participate in data collection, using PRA Tools.
                                           July 1996)

                                           Project              Involve in the process of analysis and screening of plans and projects submitted by coffee &
Sept.19    Addis     Ministry of Coffee
                                           Planning              tea enterprises,
  87-      Ababa     & Tea
                                           Expert               Preparation of various project proposals to enhance peasant and state coffee production,
Dec.199              Development
                                                                 including working as one of the three local counterparts to the ULG Consultants (UK) in the
                                                                 preparation of the EEC-financed Fourth Phase Coffee Improvement Project (CIP-4),
                                                                Prepare and get approval of projects (KR-2 Japan) for enhancing food-crop production of the
                                                                 coffee farmer, through improved agricultural input supply as well as clear water and sanitation
                                                                Involve in a wider field surveys in areas of Wush-Wush and Gumaro to assess the potential for
                                                                 and feasibility of tea production on peasant farmers’ holdings, under the Import-substitution
                                                                 Strategy. The survey has been the basis for securing ECU 200,000 from the EEC sources for
                                                                 undertaking full scale study of Tea Outgrowers Development Programme (TODEP).
                                                                Collect major data relating to coffee marketing problems in coffee growing areas of Sidamo,
                                                                 Wollega, Illubabor, Kaffa, and Hararghe, which has been used for the formulation of coffee
                                                                 marketing policies,
                                                                Follow proper implementation of coffee, tea and food crop projects; summarize major
                                                                 achievements, encountered problems and measures to be taken by concerned bodies

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     Date         Location       Company             Position                         Description

March 2008 on      Addis      Addis Anteneh      Consultant        National Impact Assessment (NIAS) of
    wards          Ababa      and Associates                       RUFIP/IFAD Rural Financial Programme in
                                  (AAA)                            Ethiopia which has been in implementation since
                                                                   2003. Reference: Mr. Addis Anteneh:
                                                                   Preparing Training Material on 1) Research
January 2005-      Addis     IFAD/Rural          Consultant
                                                                   Methodologies     and      Client   Surveys     for
  May 2005         Ababa     Financial
                                                                   Microfinance Institutions’ Branch offices; and 2)
                             Intermediation in
                                                                   Research Methods and Impact Assessment for
                             Ethiopia) of the
                                                                   Microfinance     Institutions     head     offices.
                                                                   (Reference:      John       Guzowiski      (Emial:
                             Bank of Ethiopia;
                                                         , OR:
                             FACET-BV; and
                                                                   OR Dr. Wolday Amaha, AEMFI Director, E-Mail:

March     2003-                                                    Formulating Strategic Business Plan for the
                  Benishan   Benishangul-        Consultant
July 2003                                                          Benishangul-Gumuz Microfinance Institution,
                    gul-     Gumuz
                                                                   conducting the analysis of Institutional Strength,
                   Gumuz     Microfinance
                                                                   Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
                                                                   (Reference: Mr. Asmamaw Damtie, Acting
                                                                   G/Manager      of   the      Benishangul-Gumuz
                                                                   Microfinance         Institution,          E-Mail:

Jan. 2006    –               Women’s                               Assessing the performance of the Women
                   Addis                         Consultant
April 2006                   Development                           Development Initiative Prgramme (WDIP) over
                             Initiative                            the five years of its existence (2001-2005) and
                             Programme                             setting the way forward for donors and other
                             (WDIP/Ethiopia)                       stakeholders. Consultancy done for Women’s
                                                                   Development Initiative Project (WDIP), Ethiopia.
                                                                   (Reference: Mr. Eshetu Bekele, A/Head of the
                                                                   Poverty Action Network Ethiopia (PANE), and Co-
                                                                   Facilitator for the preparation of the Report (E-

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                                                                                  Curriculum vitae

        April 2005                     University    of                         Evaluation    of   the   Ethiopian   Regulatory
                          Bahir-Dar                         Consultant
                                       Maryland,                                Framework      for   Microfinance   Institutions.
                                       Microfinance                             Consultancy done       for    the  Microfinance
                                       Regulation   and                         Regulation and Supervision Resource Center (of
                                       Supervision                              IRIS, University of Maryland), commissioned by
                                       Resource Center                          the Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest
                                       (IRIS)                                   (CGAP), April, 2005. (Reference: Kate Druschel,

        Nov-Dec. 2006                                                           Task Force member in the formulation of the
                          Bahir-Dar    Sida-Amara Rural     Task Force
                                                                                Guideline for “Loan Guarantee Scheme” in
                                       Development          Member
                                                                                Amhara Regional State, to be financed by SIDA’s
                                                                                Business     Investment   Fund     (SARDEP-3).
                                                                                (Reference: Gerald Blondet, SIDA Advisor, E-
                                                                                Mail:, and Zelalem Anteneh,

15. Other relevant information (eg, Publications)

                        Sustainable Rural Finance: Prospects, Challenges and Implications, Paper presented at the Bi-annual conference of the Association of
                         Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions, Assosa, Ethiopia, March 24-27, 2008 (
                        Successes in Expanding Microfinance Opportunities in Rural Ethiopia -- Where There is Little Entrepreneurship?
                        Impact Assessment of the Microfinance Programme in Amhara Region of Ethiopia, A Paper presented at the “International Conference on
                         Rural Finance Research: Moving Results into Policies and Practices, FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy, 19-21 March 2007
                         ( )
                        Agricultural Microfinance in Poorer Areas of Ethiopia: From Replicating to Customizing Models? Small Enterprise Development Journal, ITDG
                         publications, UK (Forthcoming)
                        Gender, Poverty and Micro-enterprise Services in Ethiopia: Why Only Few Women Are Joining? A Paper presented at the National Fair –
                         Women’s Empowerment in the New Millennium 2006 (Organized by the Women Development Initiative Programme (WDIP- Ethiopia, April 6,
                        Livelihoods Through Micro-enterprise Services? Assessing Supply and Demand Constraints for Microfinance in Ethiopia (With Particular
                         Reference to the Amhara Region) Paper Presented at the 3 International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, Organized by the
                         Ethiopian           Economic           Association         June           2-4,          2005,        Addis         Ababa,          Ethiopia.

                 C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\349e1074-aa04-495c-9c25-2d6aa66647f4.doc                  Page 7 of 8
                                                                Curriculum vitae

       Microfinance Development: Can Impact on Poverty and Food In-Security be Improved Upon? Paper presented at the “International
        Conference on Microfinance Development in Ethiopia”; organized by the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institution (AEMFI), January
        21-23, 2004, Awassa, Ethiopia. (
       Regulating Microfinance in Ethiopia: Making it More Effective, Essays on Regulation and Supervision, No. 3, IRIS Center, University of
        Maryland (a paper commissioned for microfinance regulation and supervision resource center, and funded by the Consultative Group to
        Assist                                       the                                      Poorest,                                     CGAP).
       Subsidizing Micro-credit Interest: How Important is it to the Poor? Amhara Credit and Saving Institution (ACSI), Occasional Magazine, Dec.
        2004,     Bahir-Dar,      Ethiopia,     to    be    published      on   the     first   INAFI      International   Digest    (forthcoming)

    OTHER Papers, proposals
     Corporate Governance of Microfinance Institutions, Ph.D Proposal Submitted to the Agder University, Norway, 2006.
     Why “Credit with Education” as a community development tool? A paper presented at the Programme Launching Workshop, Bahir-Dar, 2004
     Measurements and Determinants of Rural Poverty: A Comparative Analysis of Three (Amhara) Villages; M.Sc degree Thesis, A/A University

    Short Term Trainings

       Market Research for Microfinance/SACCOs A Training of Trainers (TOT) course of MicroSave-Africa tools, by FINELINE SYSTEMS &
                                             th    th
        MANAGEMENT LIMITED, Kenya, 16 – 27 August, 2004, KENYA.
       Business Planning: Financial Projections Using Microfin, by the Microfinance Capacity Building Programme in Africa (AFCAP) in collaboration
        with the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) (Jan. 2003), Labled "Qualified Trainer", to teach the CGAP “Skill for
        Microfinance Managers” course.
       Evaluating Impact with the SEEP-AIMS Tools to Improve Microfinance Products and Processes (By and Institute for Development,
                                                                                        st   th
        Evaluation, Assistance and Solutions, IDEAS, and AEMFI), 21 -25 July, 2003, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
                                                                                                                              th th
       Microfinance and HIV/AIDS: Defining Options for Strategic and Operational Change (By USAID/AMAP and AEMFI) 4 -6 August, 2004,
        Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
                                                           th    rd
       Microfinance Product Costing (INAFI/OCCSCO, 19 -23 Aug. 2002, Addis Ababa).
                                                         th    th
       Business Planning for Microfinance, INAFI/CDF, 9 -12 April, 2001, LAGOS/NIGERIA.
       Project Formulation, FAO/Ministry of Coffee & Tea Devt. 7 Aug. – 2-th Oct. 1989, Addis Ababa.
       Project Planning, Development and Management, ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, Center for Development Management –
        Development Executive Programmes, Sept. 1-30, 2005, PHILIPINES.


Dr. Carter Garber, Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance and Solutions (IDEAS), e-mail:

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                                                             Curriculum vitae

Richard John Perline, USAID Rural Finance Advisor, Rural SPEED, e-mail:

Mr. Dagnew Gessesse, independent microfinance Consultant, E-mail: Tel: 251-0911-209628, Addis Ababa

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