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					What is MEMO ?
Memo : abbreviation of memorandum (n.)

It is a short message to ask for help or to
remind someone to do something.
The normal greetings used in letters
such as „Dear Sir‟, „Yours sincerely‟ etc ,
are not used in memos.

TO:                          FROM:
Subject:                      Date:

Memos are written messages sent among people
working in the same company. Memos can be
written for a number of reasons :

Inform staff about decisions/actions/events.

Request information / action /events.

Remind staff of action needed/procedures/changes
in policy.

Provide information on work related topics.
Memos generally deal with only one subject.
If you want to write about two unrelated
subjects, the usual practice is to write two
different memos. Any memo which covers
more than one subject, will be very difficult
to file under one heading and may not be easy
to find again for reference.
 The language you use in your memo will mainly
depend on your position, the position of the
reader and the subject matter. The general
rule is to “keep it short and simple”. When you
write, the words you choose can have
different tones. Always check your writing
carefully so that its style and tone is suitable
for the particular reader.
As with letters, the tone used in your memos
should be respectful and polite. In some cases,
it is quite difficult to find the right words to
express your ideas without causing offense to
the reader; for an example, reminding a
customer to pay their bill, or making a
complaint about a product. When writing such
memos, choose your words carefully, and try to
avoid adopting a negative tone.
Date – In official memos ,the date of issue should be
written in full. If you are sending an informal or unofficial
memo, it is acceptable to use short forms in the date.
e. g. Official : 7 December 1999
     Unofficial : 7-12-1999

Subject headings – subject headings should be clear
and easy to read.And also, subject headings are often
written as a noun phrase linked by a preposition.
e.g. Investigation into Customer Complaint

Signature - Optional
To : Mr. Leung
From : Dicky
Date : 12 - 31 - 1998
Subject: Maintenance Wok for Estate
      Road(Regal Haven Estate)
Thank you for you memo of 1 February
1999 concerning the maintenance for
the estate road on the Regal Haven
I agree with the immediate maintenance
if required for some of the defective
paving and drainage (a copy of the
layout plan is attached for your
reference). The estimated cost is
Please would you arrange the funds as
soon as possible so that we can carry
out the work..

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