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New Headway
John and Liz Soars
                                                                      NEW      New Headway                                                                                                  NEW
                                                                               Third Edition
                                                                      The Elementary edition brought right up-to-
                                                                      date, with 90% new topics and texts, new
                                                                      listenings, and a bright new design. The
                                                                      Workbook, Teacher's Book, Teacher's
                                                                      Resource Book, and Audio CD have all been
                                   Liz and John Soars
                                                                      F New practice exercises in Grammar reference.
                                                                      F New interactive practice CD-ROM featuring
                                                                          video excerpts.

The world’s most trusted course –
completely reliable for successful learning
and teaching, refreshed and up-to-date.
The course that gets results because it has a real
understanding of what works in the classroom.
Thoroughly tried and tested, and completely
up-to-date with new editions and resources.
F In-depth treatment of grammar provides a
    sound foundation for language learning.
F A powerful lexical syllabus increases learners’
    vocabulary and develops awareness of systems.
F Varied and stimulating practice material helps
    learners handle new language confidently.
F Universal topics and up-to-date texts have
    global appeal.
F A balanced skills syllabus with a strong
  emphasis on speaking builds confidence and
  promotes fluency.
F Teacher’s Books with photocopiable materials and
  tests give complete support for the busy teacher.
F Teacher’s Resource Books offering
  photocopiable games and activities to                               Reduced sample pages from New Headway Elementary Student’s Book

  supplement the main course material.

New Headway                                                           New
Beginner                           Elementary                         Elementary (Third Edition)         Pre-Intermediate                   Intermediate (Third Edition)       Intermediate
515740145 0 Student’s Book &       515740157 4 Student’s Book &       515740147 7 Student’s Book &       515740149 3 Student’s Book &       515740151 5 Student’s Book &       470223 5 Student’s Book
            Workbook Pack with                 Workbook Pack with                 Workbook Pack with                 Workbook Pack with                 Workbook Pack with     470224 3 Teacher’s Book
            key –Spain                         key –Spain                         key –Spain                         key –Spain                         key –Spain                       (Including Tests)
515740146 9 Student’s Book &       515740158 2 Student’s Book &       515740148 5 Student’s Book &       515740150 7 Student’s Book &       515740152 3 Student’s Book &       437564 1 Teacher’s Resource Book
            Workbook Pack                      Workbook Pack                      Workbook Pack                      Workbook Pack                      Workbook Pack          470226 X Workbook
            without key –Spain                 without key –Spain                 without key –Spain                 without key –Spain                 without key –Spain               (Without Answers)
437634 6 Teacher’s Book            436665 0 Teacher’s Book            471512 4 Teacher's Book            436671 5 Teacher’s Book            438753 4 Teacher’s Book            470225 1 Workbook
          (Including Tests)                  (Including Tests)        471545 0 Teacher's Resource Book             (Including Tests)                  (Including Tests)                  (With Answers)
437635 4 Teacher’s Resource Book   436935 8 Teacher’s Resource Book   471513 2 Class Cassettes (2)       436936 6 Teacher’s Resource Book   438756 9 Teacher’s Resource Book   470227 8 Class Cassettes (2)
437636 2 Class Cassettes (2)       436668 5 Class Cassettes (2)       471514 0 Class Audio CDs (2)       436674 X Class Cassettes (2)       438757 7 Class Cassettes (2)       437608 7 Class Audio CDs (2)
437638 9 Class Audio CDs (2)       437629 X Class Audio CDs (2)       471542 6 Student's Workbook        437630 3 Class Audio CDs (2)       438759 3 Class Audio CDs (2)       435750 3 Student’s Workbook
437637 0 Student’s Workbook        436669 3 Student’s Workbook                  Cassette                 436675 8 Student’s Workbook        438758 5 Student’s Workbook                  Cassette
          Cassette                           Cassette                 471517 5 Student's Workbook                  Cassette                           Cassette                 437609 5 Student’s Workbook
437639 7 Student’s Workbook        437627 3 Student’s Workbook                  Audio CD                 437628 1 Student’s Workbook        438760 7 Student’s Workbook CD               Audio CDs (2)
          Audio CD                           Audio CD                                                              Audio CD

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                                                                                                                             Young Adult / Adult Courses
                                                                                                                                                    New Headway online
                                                                                                                                                    Join the Oxford Teachers’ Club for access to the
                                                                                                                                                    Headway website for online support for teachers
                                                                                                                                                    and students.

                                                                                                                                                            The Teachers’ site
                                                                        NEW New      Headway Interactive                                          
                                                                                Practice CD-ROMs                                                    has resources for the busy teacher to read or
                                                                                                                                                    download. Plenty of different ideas and activities,
                                                                        ELEMENTARY AND PRE-INTERMEDIATE
                                                                        Bernie Hayden, John and Liz Soars
                                                                                                                                                    such as warmers and fillers, quick and practical
                                                                                                                                                    tips, an ideas-sharing teachers’ community,
                                                                        Interactive language practice for study                                     additional reading materials to download, and
                                                                        centres or home study.                                                      web-links with teaching notes and student tasks.
                                                                        F Interactive tasks for revision and practice.
                                                                                                                                                           The Student’s site
                                                                        F ‘Listen and record’ helps pronunciation.
                                                                        F Instant grammar and vocabulary reference.
                                                                                                                                                    specially written additional interactive practice
                                                                        New Headway Interactive
                                                                        Practice CD-ROM                     Also available as packs of 10           material for every unit, Beginner to Advanced,
                                                                        438680 5 Elementary                 439010 1 Elementary
                                                                                                                                                    plus vocabulary practice and highly popular and
                                                                        New                                 439011 X Pre-Intermediate
                                                                        471515 9 Elementary (Third Edition)                                         stimulating language games.
                                                                        437569 2 Pre-Intermediate
                                                                        PC system requirements:
                                                                        Pentium II TM, 166Mhz processor or above
                                                                        Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4 32 MB RAM SVGA monitor (800 x 600 screen
                                                                        resolution with thousands of colours), Windows compatible 24x CD-ROM

New Headway                                                             drive, Microsoft mouse or compatible, Optional sound blaster card or
                                                                        compatible, Headphones, Microphones
Upper-Intermediate                                                      Macintosh® system requirements:
                                                                        Apple Mac 8.6 or later, 166Mhz processor or above, 32 MB RAM, 800 x 600
Third Edition                                                           screen resolution with thousands of colours. Please note that these are
                                                                        minimum requirements only. For optimum performance we recommend
                                                                        using a machine which has 64 MB RAM available.
The Upper-Intermediate level brought right
up-to-date, with new topics, new features,
and a revised syllabus which all aid real
F New texts from a variety of sources provide the
    rich vocabulary input that learners need at this
F   New listening material exposes learners to
    wide-ranging examples of real spoken English.
F   New sections, the Music of English and Spoken
    English, highlight stress and intonation patterns
    and focus on features of informal spoken English
    to help learners boost their command.
F   Hot words and Hot verbs present and practise
    vital collocations.
F   New topics with international appeal deal with
    up-to-date issues that will engage learners.
                                                                                                                                                  New Headway PET Practice
                                                                        New Headway                                                               Tests
New Headway Advanced                                                    Pronunciation Course                                                      For use alongside New Headway Pre-Intermediate and
                                                                        ELEMENTARY TO UPPER-INTERMEDIATE                                          Intermediate, four complete practice tests with free
Exactly the right challenge and stimulus advanced
                                                                        Bill Bowler, Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Sue Parminter                  audio CD for the Cambridge Preliminary English
learners demand – with new features that really
meet their needs.                                                       Free-standing pronunciation practice focusing on                          Test, with examination tips and strategies for
                                                                        key areas to give learners better awareness and                           successful performance.
                                                                        improved control.                                                         New Headway PET Practice Tests
                                                                        New Headway Pronunciation Course                                          438695 3 Student’s Book and Audio CD
Upper-Intermediate (Third Edition)   Advanced
                                                                        Elementary                                                                438698 8 Teacher’s Guide
515740153 1 Student’s Book &         515740155 8 Student’s Book &
            Workbook Pack with                   Workbook Pack with     437621 4 Student’s Practice Book
            key –Spain                           key –Spain             439332 1 Student’s Practice Book and Audio CD Pack
515740154 X Student’s Book &         515740156 6 Student’s Book &       437622 2 Cassette
            Workbook Pack                        Workbook Pack          Pre-Intermediate
            without key –Spain                   without key –Spain     437623 0 Student’s Practice Book
439300 3 Teacher’s Book              436931 5 Teacher’s Book            439333 X Student’s Practice Book and Audio CD Pack                                                             See also
439303 8 Teacher’s Resource Book     438688 0 Teacher’s Resource Book   437567 6 Cassette
                                                                        Intermediate                                                                                                 Headstart
439306 2 Class Cassettes (2)         436933 1 Class Cassettes (3)
                                                                                                                                                                                     PAG E 6 8
439307 0 Class Audio CDs (2)         438689 9 Class Audio CDs (3)       436245 0 Student’s Practice Book
439308 9 Student’s Workbook          436934 X Student’s Workbook        439334 8 Student’s Practice Book and Audio CD Pack                                                           New Headway Video
           Cassette                            Cassette                 436246 9 Cassette                                                                                            PAG E 8 7
439309 7 Student’s Workbook          438690 2 Student’s Workbook        Upper-Intermediate
           Audio CDs (2)                       Audio CD                 436247 7 Student’s Practice Book
                                                                        439335 6 Student’s Practice Book and Audio CD Pack
                                                                        436248 5 Cassette

                                                 TITLES IN RED ARE NEW OR FORTHCOMING. Please check publication dates with your local OUP office.

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