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                                                                                                 Children's Centre
Our Christmas Newsletter
                                AGM, a new committee was
 Welcome to the Christmas                                      and the Thistle Café. It is
                                elected to replace the very                                      Issue 2
 edition of the Children’s                                     also possible to hire one of
                                long-standing previous one.
 Centre       New sletter.                                     our rooms for private func-
                                We would like to take this                                       December 2007
 Christmas is a busy time of                                   tions such as children’s par-
                                opportunity to thank them
 year for all, with a lot go-                                  ties or meetings. The cen-
                                for their hard work that
 ing on within the centre.                                     tre has an established sen-
                                has made the centre what                                         Special points of in-
 The centre is a charitable                                    sory garden which is en-
                                it is today. The new com-                                        terest:
 organisation and relies                                       joyed by users of the build-
                                mittee aims to secure                                            ☺ Thistle café
 greatly on the support of                                     ing and is also open to mem-
                                funding in order to con-
 the community. There has                                      bers of the public. We are        ☺ Croileagan
                                tinue with a centre man-
 been a lot of fundraising                                     hoping to secure funding for
                                ager’s post and for general                                      ☺ Playgroup
 lately with the Halloween                                     a Parent and Child Gaelic
                                maintenance and improve-                                         ☺ Parent and Toddler
 dance, Bingo, and smaller                                     class to run for 12 weeks
                                ments to the building. The
 events such as the Christ-                                    from January. This will be        ☺ Sensory Garden
                                committee has also taken
 mas quiz and Charities Ba-                                    open to all children under
                                the decision to change the
 zaar. We are very grate-                                      school age and will run 3
                                name from Barra Pre-
 ful to everyone who has                                       afternoons per week from
                                School to the Children’s
 contributed to these, look                                    12-2pm in the parent and
                                Centre as we aim to make
 out for more in the New                                       toddler room. Look out for
                                the building accessible to
 Year! We have also re-                                        posters; we need there to
                                children of all ages.
 ceived donations from the                                     be interest as it will run ini-   Inside this issue:
 thrift shop whose contin-      The building is well used by   tially for a trial period.
 ued support is appreciated.    the community and homes
                                                               Merry Christmas            and
                                Croileagan, Playgroup, Par-                                      Croileagan             2
 In   September,     at     our                                Happy New Year!!
                                ent and Toddler, Cothrom
                                                                                                 Playgroup              2

The Thistle Café!                                                                                Parent and Toddler     3

The staff at the Café are       In the New Year, we will       Don’t forget to call in for a
                                                                                                 Membership             3
looking forward to Xmas         also be putting on a new       coffee and a mince pie!
and New Year.                   menu, a Black Board of         We wish all our colleagues
                                specials and we hope to                                          Cothrom                3
We have enjoyed a busy                                         and customers a
year and are looking for-       secure funding to refur-       Merry Xmas and
ward to serving the cus-        bish the seating arrange-      a Happy New                       Contact Details        4
tomers with a piece of          ments.                         Year.
Xmas cheer!                                                                                      Opening Times          4
Croileagan Bhagh a’ Chaisteil

         Nollaig aig Cròileagan                                                    we are finishing off with a fun ses-
                                         We also sang a song for Santa “Bi         sion at the pool with all the pool
                                         iad a’tighinn air oidhche Nollaig”        party toys out.
We have been very busy at Cròilea-
gan getting ready for Christmas and      which he seemed to really enjoy
Santa’s visit, we have to thank those    especially the bit about his round        On a sadder note we have been
parents who gave up their Sunday to      tummy!!!                                  notified that there will no longer
wrap the presents and make sure          All in all we had a great party,          be an afternoon session or lunch
they were all there for the big day      dancing and games with special            over at the school which is a real
on Tuesday.                              Xmas biscuits and a cake made by          shame especially for those going to
In the weeks leading up to this we’ve    Morag.                                    school in the summer, so Cròilea-
been making our homes in a snow                                                    gan and Playgroup will end at 12.
scene and our families. We made                                                    We have also been informed that if
                                         We walked up to the Crib in Cas-          we have 2 ½ year olds in our
Xmas cards and tree decorations,         tlebay to see the baby Jesus in his
Santa’s and of course letters to                                                   groups we are only allowed 13
                                         new home where Heather in the             children instead of 16.
Santa. One child after seeing all the    Co-chomun gave us all balloons
babies at the party decided he didn’t    thanks to Maggie, Kate, and Mau-
want a quad at all now he wants a        reen who kindly blew them up for          P.S. Look out for the Daoine
baby and cut one out of the cata-        us and put ribbons on them I’m            Beaga programme featuring
logue to put on his letter to Santa.     pleased to say they all made it           Croileagan children or as is the
                                         back safely to Cròileagan - one via       case now Croileagan graduates
We had our own Christmas story “A        the ditch, but these things happen.       class of 2007 on Jan 10th at 8.30am.
Rionnag agus a Chailleach-Oidhche
bheag” acted out by the children,        We have to thank Karen MacLean            Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna
special thanks must go to Mary           as well who encouraged her girls          Mhath Ùr dhuibh uile, bho
Catherine who provided the angel         Màiri and Christine to have a clear       Floraidh, Mary Catherine agus
and the star with” brogan” high-         out and provide us with lots of           clann Chròileagan.
heel clipity-clop (they‘ve been reluc-   beads jewellery and Barbies in
tant to give them back now though, I     very good condition which the girls
don’t think she’ll see them again).      are fighting over.
Joseph was very keen to have his
brand new baby sister Ellie as the
baby Jesus but we thought mum            We will be closed for the Christ-
might not be happy about that.           mas holidays from Friday where

Castlebay Playgroup
 During November the children            hogs for the day. This was to
 were learning about winter              highlight wild animal awareness
 weather and seasons. They also          during the firework season. It
 had discussions about safety and        was sponsored by parents for the
 fireworks before they made fire-        SSPCA. Children also made a
 works pictures for the wall             hedgehog wall frieze.
 frieze.                                 During December the children
 They also made poppies for a            spent their time making decora-
 wreath and joined in with the           tions to get ready for Santa end-
 celebrations at Castlebay School.       ing with a nativity play at our
 They were learning about hiber-         Christmas party and a visit to St
 nation focusing on hedgehogs.           Brendan’s to sing Carols.
 We joined other nurseries across        Merry Christmas and Happy New
 Scotland for a snoozetastic             Year from Castlebay Playgroup.
 hedgehog hibernation party
 where the children were hedge-

Page 2                                                         Children’s Centre
Parent and Toddllers
                                        Visitors as well as locals are more
Parent and Toddlers is a great place    than welcome to join us and we will
for parents to get together and for     be advertising our group more fre-
children to mix and play. We are        quently in the local paper etc.
open 5 days a week and have been
very busy lately especially with the
                                        In the New Year we are looking for-
run up to Christmas. We recently
                                        ward to welcoming our local health
had our party which was very suc-
                                        visitor on a monthly basis to give us
cessful and huge thanks must be
                                        talks on relevant issues such as
said to Santa.
                                        weaning and potty training. Dates of
                                        these visits will be posted in the
We have recently changed our open-      Parent and Toddler room.
ing hours to coincide with Croileagan
and Playgroup on Monday, Wednes-
                                        For more details on our group, con-
day and Friday (9.30-12) and our
                                        tact Samantha Muir (Chairperson) on
afternoon sessions on Tuesday and
                                        810 890.
Thursday are from 1.30-3.00pm.

Cothrom Ltd
Cothrom is a community based adult      Adult Learning                          Christmas Holidays
learning organisation that tailors      It’s never to late to learn             Cothrom (Barra Office) closed 21 Dec till
training courses to each individual                                             the week beginning 14th January 2008
needs. We run Adult Learning classes,   Form Filling
SVQs, National Training Schemes         Grammar, reading                        Contact Details In Barra
such as Skillseekers and Get Ready      Number work                             Tel: 01871 810779 (answer machine)
for Work as well as Driving theory      Jobs Search                             E-mail:
Classes.                                CV writing
Please contact us for more informa-     Driving Theory Test                     New Ormacleit building contact Cothrom
                                                                                main office
tion or a chat about what Cothrom       Basic computer skills
                                                                                Tel: 01878 700910
could do for you.

Annual Membership
Barra Pre School Centre is a com-       then call in and pick up a member-      email at barrachildcen-
pany limited by guarantee with          ship form. Membership is open 
charitable status. Membership is        all year. This is a community or-
open to the public at a cost of         ganisation and needs the support
£10.00 for each year. Each mem-         of its community. So please show
ber has one voting right at a Gen-      your support.
eral Meeting held by the Barra Pre
- School. If you are interested in
                                        For more information call in, or
supporting your pre school centre

Issue 2                                                                                                              Page 3
Children's Centre

Childrens Centre
Castlebay                              Barra Pre School Childrens Centre was first established in
Isle of Barra                          1997, and two years later became a company limited by guar-
HS9 5XN                                antee. It also holds charitable status.
Phone: 01871 810890                    Our aims include:
Fax:01871 810881
Email:         To advance the education of pre school children by providing
                                       them with a safe educational environment which will support
                                       their learning and development.

                                       To advance the education of children of all ages by providing
                                       them with access to the facilities within the Childrens Cen-
                    tre for the purposes of educational play and recreation.
                                       To provide a safe and comfortable environment for children
                                       with special educational needs.

Opening Times

 Castlebay Playgroup             Croileagan                              Parent and Toddler
                                                                         Monday      9.30—12.00
 Monday             9—12pm       Monday               9—12pm
                                                                         Tuesday     1.30—3.00

 Tuesday            9—12pm       Tuesday              9—12pm             Wednesday 9.30—12.00

 Wednesday 9—12pm                Wednesday 9—12pm                        Thursday    1.30—3.00

                                                                         Friday      9.30—12.00
 Thursday           9—12pm       Thursday             9—12pm
                                                                         Chairperson: S.Muir
 Friday             9—12pm       Friday               9—12pm
 Playleader: C. MacNeil          Playleader: F. MacLeod
 Tele:01871810983                Tel: 01871 890 983

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