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					CINAHL with Full Text
Database Guide
                           CINAHL with Full Text
                                           User Guide
CINAHL with Full Text is an international abstracting database for journals about nursing and other
professions allied to medicine. The database also contains 600 full text nursing journals. CINAHL
uses American subject headings and dates back to 1982.
The CINAHL licence permits 8 simultaneous users to log on. If more than 8 try to access the
database a message is displayed suggesting that you try again later.

CINAHL with Full text can be used on or of campus. For further information go to the Off Campus
Access web page

                                                                Accessing the Database
                                                                From the databases page
                                                                Click on ‘C’ and scroll down
                                                                to CINAHL with Full Text.
                                                                CINAHL is just one of the
                                                                databases available
                                                                through EBSCOhost. Tick
                                                                the appropriate box and
                                                                click on ‘Continue’.

                                                                Advanced Search
                                                                CINAHL defaults to the
                                                                Advanced Search screen,
                                                                shown left.
                                                                To return to the Advanced
                                                                Search screen click on the
                                                                Advanced Search button.
                                                                This screen allows you to
                                                                combine several words or
                                                                phrases in one search.

                                                                You can also specify the kind
                                                                of data you have entered
                                                                e.g. an author, the title of a
                                                                journal or a subject heading.

                                                                Use the drop down menu to
                                                                choose an appropriate Field.
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Advanced Search continued

Boolean Operators (AND, OR and NOT)

Boolean operators control the way the database deals with your search terms.
Any two or more terms combined with ‘and’ will retrieve records that have both terms in the same
Any two or more terms combined with ‘or’ will retrieve records that have at least one of the terms in
the record.
Any two or more terms combined with ‘not’ will retrieve records that have the terms entered except
for any records which also have the term you have asked to be excluded from the search results.
When using ‘not’ always place the term to be excluded at the end of the search.

   To change the Boolean
   operator click on the drop
   down menu here.

How Boolean Operators Impact on the Search Results                  Example search terms are:

                                                                        •   Wounds, Chronic
                                                                        •   Honey

                       AND        WC              H                 These can be words from
                                                                    the thesaurus i.e., subject
                                                                    words or phrases, or you
An ‘AND’ search results in fewer                                    can use the default field
records, i.e. just those with both terms.                           (select a field) which
                                                                    searches the article title,
                       OR         WC              H                 subject terms and the

                                                                    Subject terms indicate that
An ‘OR’ search retrieves more records but the terms are not         a substantial part of the
necessarily related.                                                article is about that topic,
                                                                    whereas the default field
‘NOT’ may exclude                 WC              H                 offers a broader but less
some partially         NOT
                                                                    precise way of searching.
relevant records.

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                                                                    Subject Headings &
                                                                    Use the CINAHL
                                                                    Headings thesaurus to
                                                                    check if your search term is
                                                                    one used by CINAHL (see
                                                                    also Indexes below).
                                                                    Use Indexes (click on
                                                                    More to see all indexes) to
                                                                    check the format used for
                                                                    the author’s name and
                                                                    journal titles. Use the
 Summary                                                            subject index to identify all
 1. Check your search terms if you are going to limit your          subject terms recognised
 search to formal subject headings.                                 by CINAHL.
 2. Enter the terms by using the add function from the index        Select a Field (optional)
 or by typing them into the Advanced Search screen.                 searches for the words or
 3. Set the type of field appropriate to the data entered e.g.      phrase in the article title,
 author (AU), journal title (SO), Exact subject heading (MH).       subject term and the
 4. Make any necessary changes to the Boolean operators.            abstract.
 5. Click on Search

                                                                 This screen shows the
                                                                 use of the subject index.
                                                                 Select the ‘More’ tab and
                                                                 ‘Indexes’, choose ‘All
                                                                 Subjects’. Enter the word
                                                                 or phrase and click on

                                                                 The second term has
                                                                 been selected (ticked)
                                                                 and will be added using
                                                                 the Boolean ‘and’ when
                                                                 Add is clicked.

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Major Subject

                                                  When checking search
                                                  terms in CINAHL
                                                  Headings you can limit
                                                  the search to articles
                                                  where the term is a major
                                                  point in the article by
                                                  ticking ‘major concept’.

                                                  If you opt to ‘explode’ the
                                                  subject term your search
                                                  retrieves all records with
                                                  that term plus others
                                                  indexed as narrower
                                                  components of that
                                                  subject eg exploding
                                                  ‘eating disorders’ would
                                                  find ‘bulimia’ and
                                                  ‘anorexia’ as well.

                                               To add more CINAHL Headings
                                               to the search simply type the
                                               next search term into the
                                               Browse for box and click on

                                               If your term does not appear in
                                               the list, choose from the
                                               suggested headings or think of
                                               an alternative word or phrase.
                                               When you have an appropriate
                                               term, tick the box and choose
                                               explode or major concept if
                                               Select how you want the term to
                                               be searched for, is it an
                                               alternative to the first term (OR)
                                               or a qualifier (AND)? Here I
                                               have selected AND as I want
                                               bandages and dressings in
                                               relation to chronic wounds.

                                               Finally, click on Search

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CINAHL Headings continued

                                                                                 At the next
                                                                                 screen click on

Narrow Results
If too many records are retrieved you can refine your search in a number of ways:
     1. Age or Population group being discussed/researched child 6-12 (years of age), adult 19-44,
     2. Gender
     3. Source type e.g. Periodical (journal article)
     4. Publication e.g. a particular journal title

   Note for NHS Employees. CINAHL accessed through the University of Gloucestershire is set
   to flag up the University’s journal holdings in print and as on-line full text. Limiting to full text
   does not therefore reveal the journals available to NHS employees through NHS on-line
   services. You will need to use your personal NHS Athens username and password to check

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   Search Options
   Use search options to limit the search by full text, date of publication, research article or peer
   reviewed article, etc.

   The settings below will include all articles that are written in English, published between 2002
   and 2009, published in peer reviewed journals, and are available as full text articles.

Search results with limiters applied.

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Search Results for a Search that is not limited to Full Text only Records
                                                                    The Find it link takes you to
                                                                    a screen that has details of
                                                                    the University’s full text
                                                                    online holdings or to the
                                                                    OPAC which has details of
                                                                    the University’s hard copy
                                                                    (paper) holdings.
                                                                    If redirected to a website
                                                                    requesting payment for
                                                                    articles remember that you
                                                                    have subsidised inter-library
                                                                    loans through Uni of Glos.

                                                                    Use OPAC to order inter-
                                                                    library loans.

Note for NHS Employees
NHS Journals
For items not available through the University’s learning centres and online resources, check if the
item is available through the NHS on-line provision. A list of NHS on-line journals is available online
Click on the link ‘Books, journals and bibliographic databases’, and at the next screen click on ‘My

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Printing, Saving or Emailing Selected Records
CINAHL uses folders to manage the selective printing, saving, emailing, or
exporting of records.
Click on the text ‘add to folder’ below any record to select it.

Save, Print, Email or Export

                                                               ‘Add to folder’ puts
                                                               this record in the

                                                               Click on ‘Folder
                                                               View’ to see your
                                                               selected records.

                                                               With the folder open,
                                                               select all items.

                                                               Choose the
                                                               appropriate icon for
                                                               printing, email, save
                                                               or export.

                                                               (Export moves the
                                                               files to referencing
                                                               software packages
                                                               such as Endnote.)

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To E-mail

                                     Click on the E-mail

                                                           Enter your email
                                                           address and a title
                                                           for the email.

                                                           If the full article is
                                                           available on
                                                           CINAHL with Full
                                                           Text that is how it
                                                           will be emailed to

                                                           Click on Send

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To Print
Click on Print. At the next screen click on Print.

                                                     Select the items to be

                                                     Click on the printer icon.

                                                     At the next screen click on

                                                     Choose the MDF Black
                                                     and white for the
                                                     appropriate Learning
                                                     Centre e.g. OXLC for

                                                     Click on Print.

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To Save

                                        Select the records
                                        to be saved.

                                        Click on the Save
                                        as File icon.

                                        At the next screen
                                        click on Save

                                                  Click on Page.

                                                  Select Save as

                                                  At the next screen, click on Save.
                                                  Give the file a name and choose to
                                                  save as plain text (.txt)
                                                  Web style (.mht) this is visually

                                                  Click on Save.

                                                             Give the file a name and
                                                             choose to save as plain text
                                                             (.txt) or
                                                             Web style (.mht) this is visually

                                                             Click on Save.

                                                             You can save to the following:
                                                               • Network drive
                                                               • USB device
                                                               • CD

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To Export

                                          Select the records
                                          to be exported.

                                          Click on the Export

               Click on Save

                                                     Choose ‘Endnote’ from the list of

                                                     Click on OK

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The Endnote programme will open (if you are on campus).

                                                                       Either, open an
                                                                       existing ‘library’ as
                                                                       shown here.

                                                                       Or create a new
                                                                       ‘library’ within the

                                                                       This example uses
                                                                       a pre-existing
                                                                       Endnote ‘library’.
                                                                       Click on Open to
                                                                       import the
                                                                       CINAHL records
                                                                       into Endnote
                                                                       where they can be
                                                                       used to create a
                                                                       list of references.

                                                          Click on ‘Select Another Style’

                                                          Select the correct referencing
                                                          style for your course from the
                                                          list. This example uses ‘UoG

                                                          Click on Choose.

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The records will be imported in the style you selected as shown below.

There is also a version of Endnote which can be used off campus called Endnote Web.

To learn more about using Endnote or Endnote Web refer to the University’s online guide.

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