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Convenience Awards

 “Rewarding retailers and suppliers for excellence and best
      practice’s in the multiple convenience sector.”

               Friday 16th May 2008

                   In association with
Testimonials from past Convenience Award Winners.

“It’s been 3-4 years since we set out to be the best forecourt
retailer and it’s been a lot of hard work. To be recognised in
this way is very gratifying and reflects a lot of people
working very hard over a long time – so we are really
pleased. We will make a big fuss of ourselves internally and
make sure that all the people who contributed to winning
the award get properly rewarded and hear about the fact
that we’ve won. We’ll have a big party and then we’ll set
out to become the best c-retailer rather than the best
forecourt c-retailer.”

David Richardson, Esso on the Run
2007 Winner – Forecourt Retailer of the Year (Group)

                                   “We are very pleased to get the recognition. In the judges
                                   comments, there was a comment about the difficult market
                                   environment we are working in and I think this is
                                   testimony of the work we have done with a number of c-
                                   retailers. We came just to support the awards so it’s a
                                   bonus that we have walked off with the prize.”

                                   Roger Batty – NAC Imperial Tobacco
                                   2007 Winner – Best Convenience Supplier of the Year

“I did not expect to win all three. It’s an achievement just
to get here and I’m absolutely delighted. I am extremely
proud of everyone here at SPAR Cullybackey who has
helped us achieve and maintain the standards we operate
in-store. “

Sharon McKenna Store Manager, Spar Cullybackey
2007 Winner – Convenience Store Manager of the Year,
Best Community Initiate of the Year and Best Customer
Service Initiate of the Year

                                   “The staff at VIVO Ahoghill work as a team and I would
                                   like to thank all my fellow members of staff for their
                                   commitment and enthusiasm. I’d also like to thank
                                   ourvalued local customers for their ongoing support.”

                                   Alan Troy, Vivo Ahoghill
                                   2007 Winner – Forecourt Retailer of the Year (Individual)
The Convenience Awards Objectives

    To reward innovation and excellence in the multiple convenience sector.

    To recognise the importance of convenience retailing within the industry.

    To highlight the achievements of retailers AND suppliers in the sector.

    To reward those driving the fastest growing sector of the UK retail grocery

    To reward the achievements of store managers in the multiple convenience

    To recognise excellence in customer service and product innovation within
    the sector.

    To highlight the role convenience outlets play within the local community.

    To celebrate those championing the multiple convenience sector.
What are the Checkout Convenience awards?
The Checkout Convenience Awards recognise and reward all that is excellent in the
convenience retail sector.

The Checkout Convenience Awards were set up four years ago by Nexus Business Media in
partnership with srcg, the global convenience consultants, to reflect the phenomenal growth
and achievements made in the convenience retail sector. The awards are going from strength
to strength as the multiple convenience sector continues to thrive.

Anyone involved in the multiple convenience sector is eligible to enter the Checkout Conve-
nience Awards, from convenience retailers and store managers to convenience product
manufacturers and suppliers.

The Checkout Convenience Awards reflect the changes taking place in the sector with carefully
chosen categories, which are judged by experts in the sector.

Grocery retailing is coming full circle and going back to its roots with the emerging importance
within the community of the local store. The opportunity this represents has been widely
recognised and retail responses have ranged from launching new convenience formats to
acquiring existing chains in the sector. Non-traditional players are also entering the market-
place and looking to take a slice of this lucrative sector. Likewise, suppliers have recognised
the opportunity and have introduced new convenient lines and new systems for supply and
merchandising to meet the needs of retailers and shoppers.

The year-on-year growth of the sector is unprecedented and the Checkout Convenience
Awards, in association with srcg, highlight the achievements of the retailers and suppliers
which are driving this success. Their dedication, hard work and innovation in this dynamic
market is recognised with a range of awards tailored to reward the best of convenience retail-
ing today.

The multiple convenience sector is a market force to be reckoned with, with 50% of the UK
population visiting a convenience outlet in a typical week, in contrast the number visiting a
supermarket or superstore has fallen 7% from 2002 70% to 63%.

The IGD estimates that the UK convenience market has increased by 4% (+3.4% in total
grocery market) to £24.9 billion in 2006. This means, according to IGD, that every adult in the
UK, on average, spends almost £10 per week in the country’s 51,562 convenience stores.

The convenience sector is constantly evolving, responding to the changing wants of the
consumer who demand not only convenience but also quality and value for money. This in
turn drives the need for not only new products but faster, more efficient and cost effective
ways of distribution to multiple and, possibly more remote, sites. The rising trend in 2007 is
‘Fresh’ and we expect to see entrants reflecting this in not only product innovation, but display
and supply too.

The multiple convenience sector is a challenging and dynamic part of the grocery market
which demands the kind of dedication and determination to succeed that we at The Checkout
Convenience Retail Awards feel should be held up and celebrated by the industry.
    Best Store Format

    Product Launch

    Store Manager

    Forecourt Retailer

    Fresh and Chilled Retailer

    Customer Service Initiative

    Community Initiative


    Supplier / Retailer Partnership
Who are the Checkout Convenience Awards for?

              The Checkout Convenience Awards are fully inclusive!

Anyone involved in the Multiple Convenience Sector is eligible to participate in the Checkout
Convenience Awards and with a range of award categories there is something to suit any

Why get involved?
Entry is FREE and the Checkout Convenience Awards are the only event of their kind in the
UK; focusing on retailers, manufactures and suppliers specialising in the Convenience Sector.

There is a multitude ways that winning a Checkout Convenience Award will benefit your
business. Not only will this provide an invaluable promotional tool for your company but also
stands as a ringing endorsement of your expertise and professionalism in the field of
convenience retailing. The effects of a win on your staff should not be underestimated why
not celebrate your success with your colleagues by attending the awards luncheon together.

Winning an award opens doors to new customers, suppliers, investors and partnership as a
Checkout Convenience Award shows them your company has credibility and should be taken

Give you and your business the Convenience Awards seal of approval by using our logo on
all your sales and printed material and also on the web.

The awards present you with a prime networking opportunity so why not mix business with
Completing your entry form
         Please find below some tips to bear in mind whilst completing your entry:

         Forms should take no longer than 1 day to complete.

         Including photographs and illustrations will help your application stand out from the

         Images of your key convenience products, your stores, team members.

         Ideas about how you might use the awards success.

         Any great initiatives/ your campaigns/ packaging.

         Press features/ articles.

         Case studies/ letters of recommendation.

              More useful information can be found at www.talkingretail com.

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A three course lunch at this an impressive and historical site, beneath the arches of a
Victorian railway viaduct. It has wine and food connections going as far back as Roman
times. Borough Market, steeped in food and drink lore, is its neighbour.

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