Baptism Confession Exposition _ Benediction

					J   ohn the Baptist,
    herald of Christ, you knew that
                                                    By arrangement with Fr Stephen.
                                                  Speak to him after Mass. Baptism is
                                                                                                                     St Anne’s Roman Catholic Church
                                                                                                                                  Camp Hill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton CV10 0JP
                                                                                                                    St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
                                                                                                                                                            Spring Hill, New Arley CV7 8FE
                                                     usually on a Sunday at 1.00pm
                                                                                             Priest: Fr Stephen Day, 93 Camp Hill Road, Chapel End, Nuneaton CV10 0JP
                                                                                             Tel. 02476 392365 E-Mail
                                                              At St Anne’s on
                                                   Fridays, 6.15-6.45pm. Other times or
                                                     places possible—see Fr Stephen          3rd Sunday of Advent
                                                       Exposition &                          12th December 2010
                                                                                             Readings on page 28
                                                        Benediction                                                           Mass Times & Intentions
                                                                     of the
                                                          Blessed Sacrament                  Saturday 11th          Vigil Mass at St Anne’s       5.00pm     Peace in the World
                                                     St Anne’s on Fridays, 6-7.00pm.
                                                                                              SUNDAY 12th           Mass at St Anne’s             9.00am     The People of the Parish
the Lord would come and called the                                                             ADVENT 3
                                                  ST ANNE, Mother of the Virgin                                     Mass at St Joseph’s           11.00am Gusti Baldwin
people to repentance that they might
                                                  Mary, Grandmother of Jesus, blessed
be ready to greet him. Yet your faith             are you! Take us by the hand and turn      Monday 13th            Mass at St Anne’s             9.30am     Jamie Inglis
brought you imprisonment and sepa-                                                           St Lucy V M
                                                  us towards God, the Father, source of
ration from the one you so firmly                 love and life; the Son, Jesus the Re-      Tuesday 14th
                                                                                                                                    ~                ~                       ~
believed in. Pray for us, they we may                                                        St John of the Cross
                                                  deemer; and the Holy Spirit who
be firm in faith like you, and never              lives in our hearts.                       Wednesday 15th         Mass at St Anne’s             9.30am     Dan & Josephine Murphy &
let us be separated from Christ who                                                          Of Advent Wk 3                                                  Family
                                                  Pray with us! Pray for us! Intercede
is our hope, our joy and our peace.               for us who are placed under your pa-       Thursday 16th          Mass at St Anne’s School      9.30am     Private Intention (CMcC)
                                                  tronage!                                   Of Advent Wk 3

I say, I say, I say…                              ST JOSEPH, husband of the Virgin           Friday 17th
                                                                                             O Sapienmtia 2
                                                                                                                    Holy Hour and Benediction
Q. Who carries a                                  Mary, foster-father of Jesus, blessed                             Mass at St Anne’s             7.00pm     Pepca Kemk RIP
sack and bites                                    are you! Guide us to your Immacu-
                                                                                             Saturday 18th          Mass at St Anne’s             9.30am     Suffering Children
                                                  late wife and her Divine Son, that         O Adonai
people? Ans. Santa                                fathers may be as loving as you,                                                                           William & Winifred Sheffield RIP
                                                                                                                    Vigil Mass at St Anne’s       5.00pm
Jaws..! Boom boom!                                mothers as cherished as Mary and            SUNDAY 19th           Mass at St Anne’s             9.00am John & Irene Pollard RIP
                                                  children kept as safe as the infant          ADVENT 4             Mass at St Joseph’s           11.00am The People of the Parish
 Tote Winner: No.174 £15                          Jesus in your care.                                               Slovenian Mass at St Anne’s   3.00pm
                                                  Pray with us! Pray for us! Intercede
      £15 draw this week                          for us, who are placed under your
   Join the Tote! 50p a week                      patronage!                                   Lo! He comes with clouds,
   The Parish of St Anne, which includes St Joseph’s Church, is part of the Roman Catholic             descending!
              Archdiocese of Birmingham, Registered Charity Number 234216
              For Your Prayers...                       • 2nd January, the Epiphany—the Wise Men
• The sick, especially: Helen Mahon, Margaret             arrive to worship the Christ child                                 Sunday’s Readings...            PENITENTIAL SERVICES
    Donnelly, Viv Melvin, Mary Jones, Antonia
    Vuocolo,, Mary Burgess, Derek Gough, Shan-
    non Hill, Wladyslawa Zur, Sadie Walker, Mau-
                                                        • Soup Lunch at St Anne’s, 4th February (no
                                                          lunch in January)
                                                        • 5th April 2011 Discount Clothes sale returns
                                                                                                                             I   saiah calls on even the
                                                                                                                                 wilderness to rejoice,
                                                                                                                              since the Lord is on His
                                                                                                                                                               FOR ADVENT: ALL THIS WEEK
                                                                                                                                                                      Monday 7.30pm at
    reen Horton, Gusti Baldwin, Maurice Livera          • 13th-15th May 2011 Pilgrimage to Walsingham                         way. This news should                        St Anne’s
    and Delia John
                                                                          Cleaners                                            give us courage and hope,
•   The departed, especially Archie Lincoln and       St A Mr & Mrs Harriss St J K O’Flanagan & K Hannon                                                              Tuesday 7.30pm at
    Eric Jeffcoate whose anniversaries fall this week                                                      and the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the
•   Madeleine McCann and her parents, for all dis- Noel & Mary
                                                                  Collection Counters                      lame leaping and the dumb speaking will
    tressed children and their parents
                                                                           Flowers                         all be signs of God’s presence. John the                 Wednesday 7.30pm at
•   The persecuted Christians of Iraq
•   Those who suffer in the wintry weather
                                                      Advent Wreath, but no flowers for Advent             Baptist, now chained and kept lonely in his          Our Lady of the Angels
                                                                                                           prison cell has fearlessly proclaimed
•   Peace in the world, our homes, our hearts                                                                                                                    Thursday 20th 7.30pm at
                                                         For Advent there will be containers               Christ’s coming. But even he has a moment
                  This Weekend                              for donations to the Christmas                 of doubt, and sends word to ask Jesus who                      Bulkington
• Children’s Liturgy during 9.00am Mass                                                                                                                          The regular Advent times for
• Coffee after 9am and 11am Masses
                                                         Flower in both churches. Thank you
                                                         Flowers                                           he is. But the blind are receiving their
                                                                                                                                                                  Confession at St Anne’s are
                                                                                                           sight, the lame walk, the deaf hear and the
• Walk with Me Advent and Christmas prayer                                                                                                                            Fridays 6.15-6.45pm
  books and calendars available
• The Parish Christmas Card with details of all
                                                          Coffee at St Joseph’s                            dead are raised. Of course God has come in
                                                                                                           Jesus. And with words of praise and en-
                                                                                                                                                                     Saturdays 9.00-9.15am
                                                                                                                                                              Other places or times by appointment
                                                         Thanks to a very small band of volun-                                                               It doesn’t matter where we go to make a con-
  our Christmas Masses is available. Please take                                                           couragement the messengers are sent back
  one for yourself and then some spares for friends,     teers we have coffee after Mass on                                                                  fession, it matters that we make a confession!
                                                                                                           to John. This Sunday – traditionally known
  neighbours and any who are housebound.                 some Sundays. It used to be every Sun-
                                                         day. These few volunteers cannot be               as “Gaudete” Sunday from the opening
                    This Week                                                                                                                                Parish Christmas Card Available
                                                                                                           words of the old Latin introit for the day,
• First Holy Communion Preparation 3.30 Mon              expected to serve every week. Please                                                                Please take on and spares to spread about
• 13th December Advent Penitential Service and           volunteer to help by signing up on the            “Rejoice” - calls us to remember that the
  Confessions at St Anne’s. Other local parishes         rota in the porch. Should this really be          Lord is very near. Amid the world’s trouble
                                                                                                                                                              Please keep the inner doors shut at
  services are all in this same week, see the notice     allowed to fade away?!                            and suffering, He comes close and wonder-
  on the opposite page
                                                                                                                                                                          St Anne’s
                                                                                                           ful happenings occur in His presence. Per-         They keep noise out and warmth in!
• Thursday’s Mass—and not Wednesday’s—is at                    Wooden Office Desk Available                haps the greatest of
  the school this week
                                                         Temporarily in St Anne’s Hall. If you             those is happiness                                              The Parish
                  Next Weekend
• Fourth Sunday in Advent                                want it, a donation to church funds               for those who do
• Slovenian Mass December 19th 3.00pm                    makes it yours. See Fr Stephen                    not lose faith in                                    Christmas Bazaar
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• Christmas Mass times are all as in previous                     APF RED BOXES
                                                                                                            CHRISTMAS MASS TIMES AS USUAL
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  years—see opposite column                                 Now due for emptying. Thank you.                                                                 to all of you who gave of your time,
• 1st January, Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.                                                           At St Anne’s 5pm Vigil, Midnight & 9am                  effort, money or presence!
  11am Mass at St Anne’s followed by mulled                       PTF ENVELOPES                                       At St Joseph’s 11am
  wine and mince pies                                     Please hand in for 19th Dec Thank you.                                                                          Total Profit
                                                                                                           Only Masses for Christmas Day may be offered

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