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									 Time Inc.'s Essence Teams Up With the Warner Bros. Television Group for
               Expansive, Multiplatform Content Partnership

                                                                                         April 21, 2008
The Warner Bros. Television Group and Time Inc.'s Essence Communications Inc. are teaming up on
a series of initiatives that will expand the Essence brand across a number of platforms, including the
Internet and television. One of the first projects to come from the new relationship is the late
summer re-launch of an expansive new web destination at, created in collaboration
with WBTVG's Telepictures Productions, which aims to be the ultimate online destination for African-
American women.
The announcement was made today by Bruce Rosenblum, President, Warner Bros. Television
Group; Hilary Estey McLoughlin, President, Telepictures Productions; Michelle Ebanks, President,
Essence Communications, Inc.; and Angela Burt-Murray, Editor-in-Chief, Essence magazine.
"We are thrilled to be working with the exceptional teams at both Essence and Time Inc. on this
exciting new endeavor. This cross-divisional partnership is a further step in our Television Group's
overall new media strategy of developing premium ad-supported digital destinations with engaging
original content and a distinct point of view," said Rosenblum. "We eagerly anticipate working with
Essence to align the quality of their brand, vision and content with our multimedia television
"The new will be the most thorough web destination ever created for African-American
women and become the daily site where Black women click first," said Michelle Ebanks."In addition,
the new will create the ideal launching pad for Essence and Telepictures' broader
collaborative efforts on innovative television programming uniquely suited for our audience."
In addition to the re-imagining of, the multiplatform agreement between Essence and
WBTVG also includes plans to expand the Essence brand into television. Telepictures Productions
and Essence will work in partnership to develop content based upon the Essence brand and
establish working relationships across the various Telepictures properties, which will serve as
incubators for potential television series or original digital programming for broadband. The first
project to result will be"Extra on Essence," an original digital series for hosted by
Tanika Ray, correspondent and weekend co-anchor of the daily entertainment news magazine
program"Extra." In addition to hosting the web series, Ray will also have a presence on that will potentially include other hosting duties, as well as blogging. The"Extra"-
Essence relationship will also expand to the print publication, with"Extra" contributing news that will
be featured in Essence magazine's entertainment section on a regular basis. The relationship
between the two will be expected to strengthen and broaden over time.
"Essence and Telepictures have the shared expertise of creating content for women," said Estey
McLoughlin. "At Telepictures, we have a track record of success in both television and digital. By
combining our strengths with Essence's reach and power, we are so excited to partner with the
premier lifestyle and entertainment brand for African-American women and help them expand
online and into television, which will greatly benefit Essence's audience."
"This pioneering partnership for the new smartly takes advantage of the
complementary expertise of two premier company divisions and will undoubtedly raise the bar for
online outlets targeting this influential audience," commented Time Inc. Chairman & CEO, Ann
Moore. "In addition, aggressively expanding the Essence footprint across platforms dovetails nicely
with Time Inc.'s strategy to maintain its leadership position as a multimedia content company."
The revamped and redesigned will serve as the ultimate source for African American-
related news, entertainment and community, and will reflect the successful tone and approach of
the esteemed Essence brand. will feature a mix of exclusive and original daily content
– including news, fashion, lifestyle and video – with new interactive community features, all catering
to an audience of 18–49-year-old Black women. The new site will be topical, with continuous
updates throughout the day, and is scheduled to launch in summer '08.
In collaborating with Telepictures to create relevant, differentiated content for its core audience,
Essence will make use of the production company's more than 20 years of experience producing
high-quality, award-winning television and Internet programming for women, including The Tyra
Banks Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Extra and the new online
destination for moms by moms, Telepictures also produces (in a joint
venture with AOL), the number one entertainment news destination on the Internet, and"TMZ," the
number one new first-run syndicated television program of the 2007–2008 season. Similarly, the
alliance will enable Telepictures to leverage the strength of the Essence brand and its growing online
presence, as well as tap into the creative power of the team behind multiplatform franchises such as
the Essence marriage proposal contest,"Will You Marry Me?," and's"30 Dates in 30
Days," the first-ever interactive, online, reality dating show.
All content will be available though a variety of distribution methods in addition to
living on the site itself. All videos will be embeddable. Articles and blogs will be available through
RSS feeds, and much of the content will be available for use in customized widgets.
"We're committed to making the definitive web destination for Black women and –
with an emphasis on community – helping them to connect with each other will be a major part of
that effort," said Angela Burt-Murray."In addition, developing quality content across the board for
African-American women is a major priority for the Essence brand, so broadening our partnership
with Telepictures into television is a natural progression."
Internet usage among African-Americans is growing – with recent reports projecting 25 million
African-American Internet users in 2011, up from 19.6 million in 2006. In addition, African-
American buying power totaled $845 billion in 2007 and is projected to top $1.1 trillion by 2012 – a
34 percent increase over the five-year period.
The advertising inventory for will be handled predominantly by Essence, with a
contribution from Warner Bros.' Digital Media Sales team, as part of its growing women's network.
The team will include Essence Director of Digital Development, Lesley Pinckney, who
will oversee sales and marketing efforts and site development, as well as two new hires: Essence
Digital Account Director Darryl Dye, and an Managing Editor to be announced in the
coming weeks. Dye was previously an Account Director for AOL Black Voices, where he exceeded
annual goals by 100%, gaining new business from advertisers such as General Motors,
GlaxoSmithKline, Ford, Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble.
About Warner Bros. Television Group
The Warner Bros. Television Group oversees the entire portfolio of Warner Bros. television
businesses, including worldwide production, traditional and digital distribution and broadcasting.
WBTVG is committed to creating, producing and distributing content across all traditional, emerging
digital and future platforms in the evolving entertainment and media landscape. In the traditional
television arena, WBTVG produces primetime, first-run, cable and animation series which are
distributed worldwide. WBTVG is also an innovative leader in developing new business models for
the evolving digital television marketplace, including ad-supported video-on-demand as well as
broadband and wireless destinations featuring original content produced by WBTVG. The Group
provides unmatched digital media sales opportunities tailored to clients seeking multiplatform
campaigns across broadcast, cable, broadband and wireless outlets. Warner Bros. Entertainment is
also a partner with CBS in The CW Television Network.
About Essence Communications, Inc.
Essence Communications Inc. (ECI) is the leading media and communications company dedicated to
African-American women. With a multi-platform presence in publishing, live events, and online, the
Essence brand is"Where Black Women Come First". The company's flagship publication, ESSENCE
magazine, is the preeminent lifestyle magazine for African-American women; generating brand
extensions such as the Essence Music Festival, Women Who Are Shaping the World Leadership
Summit, Window on Our Women (WOW I & II) and Smart Beauty I, II & III consumer insights, the
Essence Book Club,, and ventures in digital media (mobile, television and VOD) via
Essence Studios. For 38 years, ESSENCE magazine, which has a readership of 8.2 million, has been
the leading source of cutting-edge information relating to every area of African-American women's
lives. Additional information about ECI and ESSENCE is available at
About Telepictures Productions
Telepictures Productions – an industry-leading producer of nationally syndicated programming and
winner of 49 Daytime Emmy® Awards – will launch"The Bonnie Hunt Show" in fall 2008, a new talk
program hosted by acclaimed comedy producer, director, writer and performer Bonnie Hunt. For the
2007-2008 season, Telepictures is producing six first-run strips. This includes the freshman season
of"TMZ," the #1 new syndicated program which brings the brand to television, expanding
upon the website's mission as a 24-hour-per day, seven-day-per week entertainment news
destination covering Hollywood as it really is and celebrities as they really are; the third season of
The Tyra Banks Show, a one-hour, daily talk show serving as a young woman's guide to life, hosted
by Tyra Banks; the fifth season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, winner of four consecutive Daytime
Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Talk Show and three for Outstanding Talk Show Host; the ninth
season of the hour-long court series Judge Mathis; the 11th season of The People's Court; and the
14th season of the pop culture newsmagazine strip"Extra."
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