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									2011 postgraduate
professional accounting

                          profit from
                                                   The world of business moves fast and              The Department of Employment and

   Master of                                       there is always high demand for work-ready,
                                                   future leaders.
                                                                                                     Workplace Relations has identified
                                                                                                     accounting as an industry with a national

   professional                                    RMIT’s cutting-edge business programs
                                                   offer you the chance to develop your
                                                                                                     skills shortage. Employment opportunities for
                                                                                                     accountants are very good and span a variety

   accounting                                      entrepreneurial skills, study overseas and
                                                   be part of a community that supports
                                                                                                     of roles in many different settings including:
                                                                                                     » reporting to senior management on the
                                                   innovative thinkers.                                  resources of the organisation
                                                   You can choose to specialise within               » monitoring the cash flow and financial
                                                   programs or combine specialist skills. You          resources of the organisation
                                                   will collaborate on industry-relevant projects,   » advising business on strategies for
                                                   solve problems for real clients, and be             increased profits—providing financial
                                                   exposed to realistic business problems              advice
                                                   and environments.
                                                                                                     » preparing financial reports, reconciling
RMIT program code                                  Course content is constantly redefined to
                                                                                                       accounts and maintaining registers and
                                                   meet the emerging demands of business
MC083                                                                                                  records
                                                   and the broader community, which means
                                                   that your studies will be wholly relevant to      » evaluating business plans
CRICOS number
                                                   the national and global marketplace.              » refining financial systems
                                                   The qualifications and experience that you        » providing taxation advice
Location                                           gain at RMIT will enable you to add value         » running a small business.
Melbourne                                          to your employer of choice—or your own
                                                   business—right from day one.                      Professional recognition
City campus
                                                                                                     The MPA is specifically designed to comply
Mode and duration
                                                   The Master of Professional Accounting (MPA)       with the accreditation requirements of the
1.5 years full-time or                             provides you with practical and theoretical       professional accounting bodies in Australia:
3 years part-time                                  knowledge, skills and expertise to enable         CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered
(144 credit points)                                you to become a literate and analytical           Accountants in Australia. Successful
International students may only study full-time.   practitioner in accounting. It is designed for    completion of eight specific courses within
                                                   graduates of non-accounting disciplines who       the MPA entitles you to apply for associate
Exit points
                                                   wish to broaden their career prospects.           membership of CPA Australia, the Institute
Graduate Certificate                               Graduates from the MPA gain employment            of Chartered Accountants in Australia and
0.5 years full-time or                             in various sectors including:                     the National Institute of Accountants. You
1 year part-time                                                                                     must then undertake the chosen professional
                                                   » Public accounting practice, supporting
(48 credit points)                                                                                   body’s qualification program and gain three
                                                       staff teams in areas such as auditing,
Graduate Diploma                                                                                     years’ relevant practical experience to gain
                                                       taxation, management consulting,
                                                                                                     full membership.
1 year full-time or                                    business services and receivership; and
2 years part-time                                  » Commercial and government
(96 credit points)                                   organisations in roles such as treasury,
Information sessions                                 internal audit, strategic business planning,
                                                     financial reporting and management
An information session for prospective
students will be held on:
» Tuesday 9 November 2010
   5.30 – 6.30 pm
   Building 108, Level 10, Room 2
   RMIT Business, 239 Bourke St Melbourne
Prospective students can attend an expo
for all postgraduate business degrees
on Thursday 14 October 2010 any time
between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm at Storey
Hall Auditorium, Level 5, 336–348 Swanston
Street, Melbourne.
for details.

                                                                                              rmit | 2011 poStGrADUAtE | profESSionAl AccoUntinG
Double Masters—MPA/                               Program structure
Master of Commerce                                The MPA comprises of six core courses and six elective courses.
Graduate with a second masters by studying        The following is an example of a typical 12 course program.
the Master of Commerce (MCom). On                 Students also have the option of exiting the program after the completion of eight courses
completion of your Master of Professional         and receiving a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting.
Accounting, an additional four courses of
study from a business discipline will allow you    Core courses
to gain a second qualification—a Master of
                                                   ACCT1110       Accounting for Corporations
For more information visit                         LAW2480        Business and Corporations Law                  ACCT2111       Contemporary Accounting Thought
The sequence of study cannot be reversed.
                                                   BAFI1100       Financial Decision Making
Teaching methods and assessment                    ACCT1106       Introduction to Financial Accounting
Teaching and learning delivery                     ACCT1109       Management and Cost Accounting
A variety of teaching and learning techniques      Elective courses
are used in the delivery of the degree
                                                   ACCT1111       Auditing and Assurance Services
» workshops                                        ECON1113       Economic Analysis for Business

» team projects                                    ECON1232       Quantitative Methods for Accounting
» lectures and tutorials                           ISYS2391       Strategic Information Systems and Accounting
» research projects.                               LAW2471        Taxation Law and Practice
Assessment                                                        General elective
There are a variety of assessment methods
including essays, projects and invigilated
Work integrated learning
Employers are increasingly demanding that
graduates have both formal qualifications and
the experience and capability to add value to
their organisation. Work integrated learning
(WIL), where you learn by doing, combines
theory from the classroom in a workplace
environment or to apply to real life problems.
The result is that RMIT business graduates
have a greater understanding of the nature
of business and therefore a competitive edge
when seeking employment.

‘if you apply yourself you can walk away with a wealth of knowledge.
don’t be afraid of the ‘accounting’ number crunching stigma, it’s
broader and you gain a lot that will benefit your career and your
personal finance and legal dealings.’
Meisha Robins (cover image)
Master of Professional Accounting graduate
  Research degrees are offered at master and doctoral level. Research activity within RMIT
  Business falls under the following areas that aim to assist organisations and institutions to
  function more efficiently in a changing business environment:

  » Accounting Education                           » International Business Studies
  » Applied Economic Modelling                     » Internet Law
  » Corporate Governance/ Social                   » Investments and Commodity Pricing
    Responsibility                                 » Logistics and Supply Chain
  » E-Government and E-Health                        Management
  » Empirical Microeconomics                       » Marketing
  » Employment Relations                           » Organisational Sustainability, Behaviour
  » Entrepreneurship and Innovation                  and Theory
  » Financial Markets                              » Societal Value of Information Technology     Global advantage
  » Human Resource Management                      » Strategic Management                         Business programs offer international
                                                                                                  perspectives, preparing you to be pro-active
  » Information, Security and Knowledge
                                                                                                  and creative in responding to the challenges
                                                                                                  of globalisation. International study tours are
  RMIT Business are proactive in establishing close links with industry and addressing            a unique opportunity to introduce students to
  research issues that are relevant to business and the communities in which we operate.          an overseas travel and cultural experience,
  Collaborative ventures yield research that has broad economic, social and environmental         combined with studies focusing on various
  implications beneficial to business, industry and the broader community.                        aspects of a region or area of study.
  For more information about research in Business visit              Study tours give you the opportunity to:
                                                                                                  » acquire an appreciation of cross-cultural
                                                                                                  » critically appreciate and evaluate the
                                                                                                    relationship between global and national
                                                                                                    organisations and regulations
                                                                                                  » gain experience on how to make culturally
                                                                                                    sensitive and ethical judgements
                                                                                                  » work effectively as part of a multi-
                                                                                                    disciplinary, collaborative team
                                                                                                  » internationalise your degree and gain
                                                                                                    credit for up to two elective courses
                                                                                                    (24 credit points).
                                                                                                  For more information on study tours, please

‘challenging and rewarding, the Mpa is a great
program for anyone looking at changing their
career path or improving their qualifications.’
Marijka Bright
Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) graduate
              ‘the Mpa is an excellent,
              well rounded program in
                accounting, giving you
                an in depth knowledge
               of accounting, auditing,
                  finance and business
           related studies. the course
             material of the Mpa itself
           is geared towards practical
                   work and relevant to
                    commencement of
                    cpa or ca courses.
               ‘Flexible study options
                     allow busy people
                who work full-time to
           simultaneously study with
             ease. there are multiple
              class times available for
             each course, good class
                  sizes and interactive
                                        Renee Loricchella
                   Master of Professional Accounting graduate
Fees                                                        Your application will be assessed, and offers                Credit transfer
                                                            made, based on the fee type/s you have                       In general, credit for prior undergraduate
Tuition fees                                                applied for.                                                 study is not granted in the MPA. In particular
Local full fee-paying Australian residents                  Fees are payable at the commencement of                      circumstances substitute masters courses
2011: A$25,920 total master degree                          each semester and are calculated annually.                   may be granted for a stream of specific prior
($180 per credit point)                                     FEE-HELP                                                     undergraduate study which is deemed by
2011: A$8640 per stage of the degree                                                                                     the program coordinator to be equivalent in
(e.g. graduate certificate, graduate diploma,               Australian citizens and holders of a permanent               content to postgraduate courses studied in the
master)                                                     humanitarian visa are eligible to apply for a                MPA degree.
                                                            FEE-HELP loan through the Commonwealth
International full-fee paying students                      Government. For further information visit                    Application closing dates
2011: A$36,000 total master degree                                                        and how to apply
2011: A$12,000 per stage of the degree                                                                                   » 31 May each year and
                                                            Postgraduate Coursework CSP Equity
Fees are payable at the commencement of                                                                                  » 10 November each year
each semester and are calculated annually.
                                                            As part of its equity strategy, RMIT University              Late applications will be accepted subject to
Additional costs                                            has allocated a limited number of CSP                        places being available. Prospective students
                                                            (Commonwealth Supported Place) Equity                        are encouraged to enquire about possible
Expenses other than tuition fees may be
                                                            places in postgraduate coursework degrees                    vacancies in the degree at any time.
expected in relation to the purchase of
textbooks, fees levied by commercial internet               to enhance the access of applicants from                     Local students
providers and similar costs.                                designated groups. To see if you qualify visit
                                                                                                                         Applicants must apply on a Direct Application
Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)                                                                                      Form available from Info Corner
                                                            Entrance requirements                                        Tel. +61 3 9925 2260,
A limited number of CSP places are available
for students applying for the Master of                     Academic
Professional Accounting. Commonwealth                                                                                    International students
supported students receive a student                        Students seeking admission to the degree
                                                            must have completed an undergraduate                         Applicants must apply through
contribution that partially covers the tuition
                                                            degree at a high standard in a discipline/major              International Services
costs of their enrolment. The following link
                                                            other than accounting.                                       GPO Box 2476V
gives information on calculating the cost of a
                                                            A high level of English proficiency is required.             Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia
CSP place:
                                                            Students who have completed a degree from                    Tel. +61 3 9925 5156,
highered#css                                                                                                             visit
CSP places are offered to candidates on                     an Australian university with an accounting
the basis of academic merit, i.e. outstanding               major will not be considered for admission.                  Contact details
bachelor degree academic results as                         English language*                                            School of Accounting
determined by the Program Coordinator                                                                                    RMIT University
                                                            All non-Australian residents and overseas
and Selection Officer. If you would like to                                                                              Level 15, 239 Bourke Street,
                                                            full-fee paying students must provide evidence
apply for one of these CSP places, tick the                                                                              Melbourne VIC 3000
                                                            of one of the following:
Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) box                                                                         
on the Direct Application Form (in Section C                » IELTS—6.5+ (no band below 6.0)
                                                                                                                         Ms Benbie Lau
of the form). Applications for CSP places will              » TOEFL Paper-based—580+ (TWE 4.5+)                          Coordinator, Postgraduate student services
be reviewed after the timely closing date for               » TOEFL Computer-based—237+ (TWE 4.5+)                       Tel. +61 3 9925 5768
applications (see `Application closing dates’)                                                                           Email:
                                                            » RMIT English Worldwide (REW)—Advanced
and offers made after that date.
If you would also like to apply for the
                                                            TOEFL or IELTS results are recognised for only one year
standard full fee-paying place, you should                  from the test date.
also tick that box.
                                                            *English language proficiency standards are currently
                                                            under review and may increase in 2011.

Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this publication is accurate and current at the date of printing. For the most up-to-date information,
please refer to the RMIT University web site before lodging your application. Prepared by: RMIT Design and Publishing, July 2010. RMIT University Provider Code: 00122A.   10953 0710

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