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									                                              Try out 4

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

Read the notice !

                    KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

1. Where can you find the notice?
   a. At home           b. at school             c. on a vehicle      d. on a food wrapper

Look at the notice.

                    EXAM IN PROGRESS

2. What does the notice mean?
   a. There will be an exam at the place
   b. The school is preparing to have an exam
   c. People are asked to keep quiet because of the exam
   d. The students are asked to study for the coming exam

Read the text to answer no 3 – 4!

                                    All of Students Grade 9
                                       You are invited to:
                                   GRADUATION PARTY 2011
                                      SMP Insan Cendikia

   Date : Saturday, 6 th June 2011
   Time : 10 a. m. – 1 p. m
   Venue : Ball Room Hilton Hotel
           Jl. S. Parman kav 9 – 10 Surabaya

   Come and join us.
   Invitation cards are available at the OSIS room.
3. Where will the graduation party be held?
   a. At the osis room                   c. at SMP Insan Cendikia
   b. At the school hall                 d. at the Ball Room of Hilton Hotel
4. How long will the graduation party be?
   a. 2 hours                            c.     4 hours
   a. 3 hours                            d.     5 hours

Read the text to answer no 5 and 6!

                    OPENING SOON

           LOBSTER’S sea food Cuisine
5. What is the advertisement about?
   a. New restaurant    b. lobster breeding      c. seafood cuisine   d. barbeque
6. The word “soon “ has the same meaning as the word…
   a. Frequently        b. commonly        c. immediately             d. regularly

Read the text to answer questions 7 – 8!

   To : Aan
   Aan, RU free this afternoon? If you are free , will you come 2 my house?
   There R Adit and Faul here .We will do our homework 2 gether.

   CU later.

7. How many persons will there be at the sender’s if Aan agree to come?
   a. two            b. three                c. four                 d. five
8. What is the purpose of the text?
   a. to ask Aan to do the assignment              c. to inform Aan about the homework
   b. to invite Aan to come to Faisal’s house      d. to give direction to Aan about Faisal’s house

Read the text to answer no 9 – 10!

   To all the teachers and staff of SMPN 1 Gombong

   A one day meeting will be held this week :
   Day    : Tuesday, 8th February 2011
   Time : 09.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m
   Place : Room IX A
   Topic : National examination preparation

   Due to the importance of the meeting, please be
   punctual.Bring your ideas, your suggestions
   To make our students successful in the examination!

   The head of the national examination committee

           Mr. Bambang.
9. What is the meeting for?
   a. to ask teachers to face the national examination
   b. to talk about the preparation for the national examination
   c. to give solution to the examination problem
   d. to discuss about the national examination items
10. From the text above we can conclude that…
    a. the national examination has already been done
    b. all students are successful in the national examination
    c. the meeting is done before the national examination
    d. the teachers must be pleased with the result of the national examination

Read the text for no. 11 – 15!

                                         JAKARTA HISTORY MUSEUM

           Also known as museum Fatahilah, this museum was named after the Sultan who
   defeated the Portuguese in 1527. The museum, located in taman Fatahilah, to be the heart
   of the Dutch colonial administration. Formerly, it was stadhuis or the town hall of Batavia,
   built in 1627 and got renovated in 1705 – 1715 .
           A well known historical event that took place there was the imprisonment of
   pangeran diponegoro. He was tricked by the Dutch colonial administration to come and
   discuss truce in Magelang, Central java. But the ended up being taken into custody and
   brought to this building before he was exiled to North Sulawesi. There is a painting, a work
   of art by the world famous painter, Radden Saleh, depicting this arrest. The museum also

   has a collection of 18th century furnishings, chinaware, ancient maps of Jakarta, and
   portraits of the former colonial governors.
          In the backyard of the museum, there is a big old Portuguese cannon called Si
   Jagur., a symbol of war and fertility. It has an inscription written in Latin : Ex Me Ipsa
   Renata Sum ( I am reborn from myself) .It is said so to show that the cannon was the
   remodel of several smaller cannons.
          For the visitor who enjoy hanging out at cafes, there are two cafes in this area.One
   of them is Kafe museum, which is located in the museum building. The other is kafe
   Batavia, located across the museum.
11. What does the text tell you about?
    a. the history of museum                     c. museum Fatahilah
    b. the history of museum in Jakarta          d. Sultan fatahilah
12. What did Pangeran Diponegoro do at the museum?
    a. He criticized the museum collections
    b. He held the meeting with the Dutch colonial
    c. He enjoyed the work of art by the world famous painter, Raden Saleh
    d. He had to stay in the museum for a while after being kidnapped by the Dutch
13. Which café is inside the museum?
    a. Kafe si jagur                                c. kafe Batavia
    b. Kafe museum                                  d. kafe fatahilah
14. What is Si jagur usually made of?
    a. Some smaller cannons                         c. very solid steel
    b. Very old wood                                d. pure gold
15. “ One of them is kafe Museum which is located in the museum building”
    ( last paragraph). The word them refers to…
   a. Cannons             b. visitors          c. cafes             d. museums

The following text is for questions 16 – 19 .

     Among my stationeries, my favorite item is the sharpener. There are some
reasons of why I like my sharpener.
     First, I like its shape. The shape is just like a human’s nose.It was created
so perfectly that it…
     (16 ) the real nose. Moreover, it is made of strong smooth shiny plastic,so
it feels nice…( 17 )
     I hold it. The second reason is its…( 18 ).This sharpener is just as big as
two thumbs and it is not more than 3 cm long. So, it doesn’t need much space.
Another reason is that it is easy to use. Just insert the pencil, into the right
“nostril” and twist your pencil several times. Your pencil will be…(19 ) in just a
few seconds.

16. a. looks               b. resembles             c. the same           d. as
17. a. when                b. for                   c. because            d. since
18. a. look                b. length                c. size               d. depth
19. a. ready               b. blunt                 c. sharp              d. nice
20. Arrange the words into a good sentence.
    In – private – taking – prohibited – this – is – properly – picture
   1      2    3    4                     5     6       7         8
   a.   3–8–1–5–6–2–7–4
   b.   3–8–1–2–6–5–7–4
   c.   5–6–4–1–2–7–3–8
   d.   3–8–1–5–2–7–6–4

Read the text to answer no 21 – 24

          Aloe vera is also known as the “ crocodile tongue” plant in Indonesia. It is called so
   because the leave is thick, long and sharp, and the sides are serrated like the body of
   crocodile .Aloe vera is planted in dry areas and in warm climates. It takes little water to
          Aloe vera is a short stemmed succulent plant growing to 60 – 100 cm tall. Spreading
   by offsets, the stems are thick and fleshy, green to grey – green, with some varieties
   showing while flecks on the upper and lower stem surfaces.
          Aloe vera is a multifunctional plant. It can be used to cure a wound caused by
   burning. Using aloe vera to heal the wound is easy and simple. Pick the leaves, peel the rind,
   then squeeze the sticky liquid and spread it over the wound. Aloe vera also can be made
   into healthy drink to prevent rheumatism and diabetes because it contains vitamin and
   minerals. Generally the drink helps to repair the damage cells and makes the organs of the
   human body work well. Aloe can also make our hair thick . Apply it over the scalp and
   massage it gently so it can could soak thoroughly, ten minutes later, rinse the hair.
21. What does the text mostly tell us about?
    a. A crocodile tongue                    c. a special plant
    b. Aloe vera                             d. a crocodile plant
22. Where does aloe vera grow?
    a. In dry area and warm climates
    b. In wet areas and cold climates
    c. In a mountain and dry season
    d. In wet and damp places
23. “ It can be used to cure a wound caused by burning .
    From the underlined word , we can conclude that …
    a. Aloe vera is a medical herb
    b. The plant has a magical power
    c. Aloe vera is a very fleshy plant
    d. Aloe vera can be squeezed
24. What does paragraph three tell us about?
    a. The physical appearances of aloe vera
    b. The advantages of aloe vera
    c. The procedure of plant aloe vera
    d. The reason why aloe vera is called the crocodile’s tongue

Read the text to answer no 25 – 27!

           A young and successful man was driving his new car when he saw some children
   playing between parked cars. Suddenly ,a stone hit the car’s side door. He stopped and got
   out of the car. Angrily he pulled one of the nearest boys and shouted. “ look ! what you
   have done to my car!
           Why did you do it?
           The young boy apologized. Please, sir, Please I’m sorry…, I don’t know what I should
   do. I threw the stone to your car because I need your help. The little boy cried .He
   pointed to the side of the street . There was a sick boy lying there. He is my brother. He
   is so sick and I couldn’t put him in his wheel chair, he is too heavy for me.
           The man couldn’t say anything when he saw a little boy with no legs on the side of
   the street. He quickly lifted the sick boy and put him back into the wheel chair, then he
   took out his handkerchief and cleaned him. Thank you, may God bless you,” said the child to
   the man.

25. What can we learn from the story above?
    a. We have to care for other people
    b. We have to drive slowly
    c. We can’t let children play
    d. We must respect elder people
26. what did the boy do to get attention from the man driving his new car?
    a. He cried for help                    c. he stood between two parked cars
    b. He threw a stone to the car          d. he stopped the man
27. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
    a. The boy felt sorry for the car
    b. The man couldn’t say anything
    c. The man helped the handicapped boy
    d. The boy asked for help
28. Rearrange the sentences into good paragraph!
      (A) She began to write the letter
      (B) Then , she took a piece of paper and a pen
      (C) After that she got an envelope and a stamp
      (D) Last weekend, Ratih wanted to write a letter to her pen pal
      (E) She wrote the address on the envelope and went to the post office
      (F) At five in the afternoon she sat down on a chair in her room

    a.   (D) – (E) – (F) – (C) – (B) – (A)
    b.   (D) – (F) – (B) – (A) – (C) – (E)
    c.   (D) – (A) – (C) – (B) – (E) – (F)
    d.   (D) – (E) – (B) – (A) – (C) – (F)

Read the following text to answer questions 29 – 31!

                             HOW TO MAKE CHEESE SANDWICHES

    1.   Spread margarine onto four slices of bread
    2.   Grate cheese onto two slices of bread.
    3.   Spread chutney over cheese.
    4.   Slice tomatoes( 29 )…put them on top of chutney.
    5.   Chop chives and ( 30 ) …tomatoes over.
    6.   Place other two slices of bread( 31 ) …top
    7.   Cut
    8.   Serve it.
29. a. and                   b. but                c. or              d. if
30. a. pour                  b. drop               c. put             d. sprinkle
31. a. in                    b. on                 c. between         d. under

The following text is for questions no 32 – 33.

                                       YUMMY CANDY
        NUTRITION INFORMATION                                     Ingredients : Sugar,
                                                                  Cashew, Milk
        Serving per package : Avg.2/serving size : 40g
                                                                  Solids, Cocoa
                                                                  Mass, Cocoa
                         Average Quantity      Average Quantity
                           Per Serving            Per 100 g       Butter, Vegetable
                                                                  Fat, Flavor
        Energy          709 kJ (169Cal)       2360 kJ (565Cal)
        Protein         2.6 g                 10 g
        Fat total       0.5 g                 25 g
        Saturated       3.8 g                 15 g
        Carbohidrate    15.4 g                40 g
        Sugar           10 g                  35 g
        Sodium          45 mg                 125 mg

32. How much sodium does the product contain per 100 g?
    a. 45 mg          b. 125mg              c. 225 mg                d. 521 mg
33. “ Ingredients: sugar , cashew, milk solids….
    The underlined word means….needed to make something.
    a. The step                               c. the materials
    b. The goal                               d. the methods

Read the text carefully to answer no 34 – 37

                                              Telaga warna
           Long time ago, there was a kingdom in west java. The king was wise and kind
   hearted. The kingdom was ruled by a king named Majesty prabu.
           Prabu and his queen hadn’t got any children. The queen often cried because of it.
   That was why prabu went to the jungle. There he prayed to God everyday, begging for a
           A few months later, the queen got pregnant. Nine months later, a princess was born.
   Prabu and queen loved their beautiful daughter so much. They gave whatever she wanted.
   It made princess turn into a very spoiled girl.
           One day, the princess celebrated her 17th birthday party. Many people gathered in
   the palace. Then Prabu took out a necklace which made of gold and jewel.
           “ My beloved daughter, to day I give you this necklace. Please wear this necklace.
   “said Prabu.
           I don’t want to wear it! It’s ugly.” Shouted the princess. Then she threw the
   necklace. The beautiful necklace was broken. The gold and jewels were spread out on the
   floor. Everybody couldn’t say anything. They never thought that their beloved princess
   would do that cruel thing. In their silence, people heard the queen crying. Every woman felt
   sad and began crying too. Then, everybody was crying. Then, there was a miracle. Earth was
           Suddenly, from the underground, a spring emerged. It made a pool of water. Soon a
   place became a big lake. The lake finally sank the kingdom.
           Nowadays, people called lake “ Telaga Warna”. It means Lake of color .On the bright
   day, the lake is full of color. These colors come from shadows of forest, plants, flowers,
   and sky around the lake. But some people said that the colors are from the princess
   necklace which spreads at the bottom of the sea.

34. Why did the king go to the wood? Because….
    a. He felt sorry for the queen          c. he wanted to ask God’s help
    b. He didn’t want to see her wife dying d. he wanted to be alone
35. What did Prabu ask the princess to do with the present?
    a. To throw it                                             c. to spread it on the floor
    b. To wear it during the party            d. to keep and take good care of it
36. What happened on the birthday party?
    a. Everybody was happy and enjoyed the party
    b. There were plenty of food and drink during the party
    c. Everybody was crying because of the princess bad manner
    d. Prabu told his people to make a beautiful lake for his daughter.
37. The story tells us to…
    a. Collect jewelry as much as possible       c. respect others
    b. Enjoy our life                            d. help other
38. Arrange the following words to make a good sentence.
    Put – their – room – entering – out – people – cigarette – must -before – the
     1      2       3       4         5     6           7       8      9      10

   a.   6 – 9 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 10 – 7 – 5
   b.   6 – 8 – 1 – 5 – 2 – 7 – 9 – 4 – 10 – 3
   c.   2 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 5 – 10 – 7 – 4 – 9 – 6
   d.   2 – 3 – 1 – 7 – 5 – 9 – 4 – 10 – 6 – 5

Read the text to answer no 39 – 42!

           May be you will be frustrated if you don’t watch TV in one day. No wonder television
   is considered as the most important source of entertainment and information.
           If we ask children why they like to watch TV, they usually give significant reasons.
   They say that they watch TV , because the programs are good, fun and exiting.
           The actors or actress on TV very often could be a model for the children. They will
   act in the same or a similar manner. If the model is a good character, he or she will help
   the children grow into good children as well.On the contrary, if the model is a bad
   character, she or he could be dangerous. In other words, they can influence the behavior
   of the children. So, parents should be very cautious regarding the effect or violence on
   TV. They have to help their children choose the beneficiall programs and avoid the bad
   programs. Let’s watch TV, but only if the programs are good to watch.
39. The purpose of the text is to show people that...
    a. Watching TV is very good not only for children but also for parents.
    b. Watching TV is very important not only for children but also for parents.
    c. They should ask their children to watch all the TV programs in order to become clever.
    d. As parents, they should guide their children to choose suitable TV programs for their children.
40. What are the advantages of watching Television?
    a. To get information and entertainment.
    b. To know information and new model.
    c. To become a model of doing good things only.
    d. To influence the children behavior.
41. The text shows that watching TV…
    a. Can give a bad and good influence.
    b. Is the only source of knowledge for children.
    c. Is not needed for parents and children.
    d. Is the only entertainment for people.
42. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
    a. It’s better for children not to watch TV at all.
    b. Children still need to watch TV without stopping.
    c. The most important thing for children is watching TV.
    d. Parents should guide their children when watching TV programs.

43. Azka : What about your grandfather? Is he still alive?
    Fiman : Yes, he is still strong although he is almost seventy five.
            The opposite of the underlined word is…
    a. Old                 b. young               c. pale                      d. weak
44. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph!

   1. This “ exchange “ happens in the atmosphere, allowing the rays of the sun to pass and the
      Earth’s heat to return from its source.
   2. This causes the Earth’s temperature increases.
   3. What is “green house effect”?
   4. If the atmosphere is polluted, the rays of the sun can pass.
   5. The Earth is warmed by the sun and in return gives out heat into space.
   6. However, because the earth can’t return enough heat through the atmosphere, the balance
      between heat coming and heat going is altered.

   a. 5 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 2                        c. 3 – 5 – 4- 1 – 2 – 6
   b. 3 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 2                        d. 4 – 6 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 1

Read the text to answer number 45-47

                               Gudeg Jogja (Green Jack Fruit Sweet Stew)
          - 5 onions                                   - 10 candlenuts
          - 10 garlic cloves                           - 4 bay Leaves
          - 1/2 lb. (250g) green jack fruit            - 2-1/2 tsp. (12g) coriander seeds
          - 1-1/4 tsp. (6g) cumin                        - 1/4 cup (62ml) coconut sugar
          - 2 cups (500ml) coconut milk                - 2 tsp. (30g) tamarind
          - 5 cups (1.25l) water                       - 2 inches bruised galangal
          - 2 lb. (1kg) chicken (cut into small pieces with bone)
        - First, cut green jack fruit 1 inch thick. Wash and boil until tender.
        - Next, ground onions, candle nuts, sauté paste, bay leaves, and galangal until
        - Add the chicken pieces, stir fry until chicken changes colour.
        - Then, pour 4 cups of water and coconut sugar, bring to a boil.
        - Add the green jack fruit and simmer until the chicken and vegetables are
        - Finally, add coconut milk 5 minutes before it’s done, bring back to a boil.
        - Serve hot with rice.
            This dish is sweet and usually served with shrimp cracker.
                          Adapted from:

45. Wash and boil until tender.
   The synonym of the underlined word is ....
   a. soft.                            c. hot
   b. hard.                            d. cool
46. When we should add coconut milk?
    a. After cutting green jack fruit. c. after adding green jack fruit.
    b. 5 minutes before it’s done.     d. before pouring 4 cups of water.
47. After cutting green jack fruit 1 inch tick, we should….
    a. add the chicken pieces
    b. wash and boil until tender
    c. pour 4 cups of water and coconut sugar
    d. serve hot with rice

Read the text to answer number 48-50

                                               138 guestroom including 1 Penthouse (3
                                                   bedrooms), 1 Persidential suite
                                                54 Jayakarta Suite, 39 Excecutive and,
                                                           45 Deluxe Rooms,
                                                  Banquet and function facilities are
                                                 available formulti-purpose meeting,
                                               seminar and conversations room for up
                                              to 1000 participants, Recreation facilities
                                                wrapped in a unique shape of open air
                                                            swimming pool
                                                where you can bring your children to
                                                     play around on a sand beach

                                                  HOTEL JAYAPRANA
                                            Jln. Ir H. Juanda (Dago0 381A Bandung
                                            Telp.(022)2505888, facs: (022)2505888,
48. How many rooms does Hotel Jayaprana have for theEmail
   a.   154
   b.   138
   c.   54
   d.   45
49. “ Banquet and function facilities are available … “ The underlined word means we can … easily.
    a. find
    b. force
    c. provide
    d. refuse
50. Which is Incorrect about the hotel ?
    a. Its function rooms can accommodate more than one thousand people
    b. There are three bedrooms in Penthouse
    c. It provide its guest with an open air swimming pool
    d. The guests can bring their children on the sabdy beach near it.


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