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                       London Borough of Lambeth
                   Equality Impact Assessment Template

               POLICY: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Framework

               DATE:      4th June 2007

  Stage 1 – Defining the Scope of the Assessment

  This section focuses on initial planning and risk assessment to make sure that the basic
  requirements are in place to carry out a robust and meaningful equality impact
  assessment that can improve the way a particular policy, service or function is

  1.1 Setting up – Responsibilities

Department / Division carrying out        Please state if external partners are involved in
the Assessment                            writing, reviewing or approving the policy and
                                          carrying out the equality impact assessment
Strategy, Transformation & Technology.

No external partners are involved in carrying out the equality impact assessment, however
the successful vendor will be required to adhere to Lambeth equalities policies.

Policy (service, plan or function)        Please state the name and the duration / period for
being assessed                            the Policy
                                          Please note that a service, plan or function may be
                                          the key delivery engine for a policy
Policy Name: ERP System Framework Agreement 2007 – 2011.

Key delivery engine:

Corporate Plan 2007 – 2010 (TSO theme)

CPA Recovery Plan

Lead Officer carrying out the             Name, title, division and telephone number

Richard Harrison

Business Transformation Officer

Strategy, Transformation & Technology
07779 293 750.

Others to be involved in the process      Other officers and external partners
ie. challenge function

Oracle People Project Team

Ed Garcez, Acting Divisional Director of STT (and lead departmental Equalities Lead Officer)

Corporate Procurement Team

DCB and SCB.

  1.2 Defining the scope of the Assessment / Carrying out an initial risk

What do you think are the main             In your response please consider:
issues relating to equality (race,            How does the policy currently meet the
gender, disability, sexual orientation,        diverse needs of the communities in
and age ) within your policy (service,         Lambeth?
plan or function)?
                                              Are there any obvious barriers to services in
                                               terms of equality / diversity either in the aim of
                                               the policy or in the way it is delivered?
                                              What improvements do you think can be made
                                               and how?
                                              How have you consulted with other
                                               stakeholders (internal and external) in the
                                               process of developing the policy?
                                              What do other stakeholders (internal and
                                               external) think about the policy that you have
The framework agreement meets the needs of Lambeth communities indirectly in terms of
value for money and efficiency savings by way of improving the current process in place
supporting the TSO theme as part of the Corporate Plan. The Framework agreement
focuses on the commissioning of IT goods and services namely; consultancy, licensing,
training, support and maintenance. We seek to agree fixed rates below listed pricing for a
period of 4 years.

A specific group of super users in various roles within STT could be affected by potential
training as/when the requirement occurs. Senior manages have not identified additional
needs at this stage other than that of the standard Lambeth training procedure. This will
continue to be addressed with specific requirements as is standard training as part of the
course enrolment process.

In the event that the framework agreement contract is awarded to a non Oracle supplier ERP

system is redeveloped by a successful non Oracle supplier then a further EIA will be
conducted as part of the consultation process to assess the impact on system users across
the council.

Based on your analysis what is the           High – needs very detailed and thorough process
proposed Impact Assessment Level             with significant external challenge
(high, medium, low) of the policy            Medium – needs reasonably robust process with
(service, plan or function)?                 some degree of external challenge
                                             Low – needs a degree of rigor to confirm that it is
                                             in line with statutory duties but external challenge
                                             not needed
Low – This is primarily an IT process function and does not involve direct interaction with
service users.

The ERP framework agreement could potentially have an adverse effect on:

   Any tier 2-4 support staff receiving training (on an ad-hoc basis).

   Any visually impaired staff who use ICT as part of their current duties, in the unlikely
    event that the ERP system is redeveloped by a new vendor.

Provisions can be made to ensure this impact is minimal and EIA’s will be conducted on a
project basis. The Framework agreement has been included on the forward plan (July 07).


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