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          Roseburg, Oregon

Confidential Employees
           July 1, 2008
          June 30, 2010
                             CONFIDENTIAL EMPLOYEES
                            CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT

                               July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2010

I.     Recognition

       These Conditions of Employment are applicable to those employees who have
       been approved by the Board of Directors as being designated as confidential

II.    Job Openings

       A.     The District will post confidential employee job vacancy notices at each
              school and the administration office as vacancies occur. Vacancy notices
              will contain:

              1.     The rate of pay.

              2.     The date the position is available.

              3.     A position description statement.

       B.     Internal promotions may be made by the division administrator when
              applicable and specific job qualifications are met by the interested employee.
              Upon completion of all internal promotions the existing vacant position will
              be posted.

       C.     After the vacant position is posted, current employees may "bid" for the
              position. Vacancies will be posted until the closing date has been reached
              or for a minimum of seven (7) working days. Each employee receiving an
              interview will receive notice within fifteen (15) days of the interview as to the
              status of his/her candidacy. In filling vacancies, the District shall hire or
              promote the person believed to be the most qualified for the position in the
              District's judgment.

       D.     Nothing in this section is intended to restrict the District's right to select the
              most qualified candidate either from among its current employees or from
              other sources and to be the sole determiner of who, among the candidates,
              is most qualified.

III.   Assignment of Work

       The District specifically reserves the right to assign work, including the confidential
       employees' work schedules, location, job responsibilities, and hours of work.

IV.   Work Schedule

      The regular work schedule for full-time, 12-month confidential employees is forty
      (40) hours per week. Overtime pay or compensatory time shall be for those hours
      worked in excess of forty (40) hours per week. If an individual works over forty (40)
      hours per week, the overtime pay rate or compensatory time shall be at one and
      one-half (1 1/2) times the employee's regular hourly rate.

      Employees may elect overtime pay at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times
      their regular hourly rate or the employee may agree to use compensatory time at
      the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times per hour worked. Before any overtime
      work can occur, there must be prior approval granted by the supervisor. However,
      it is important to note that prior to any authorization of overtime work, the
      confidential employee and the supervisor should mutually agree if compensation is
      to be in the form of additional salary or compensatory time.

      Compensatory time off may be accumulated to the maximum of forty (40) hours.
      A written record shall be maintained by the employee and if the overtime hours are
      to be paid or used as compensatory time. The supervisor will make every effort to
      see that the employee takes the requested compensatory time off within the pay
      period in which it occurred unless it creates a hardship within the department. All
      overtime pay or compensatory time year must be paid or used by the end of the
      current fiscal year.

V.    Compensation Pay

      Such pay will apply when a regular employee is gone for an extended period of time
      exceeding three (3) days and a lower classification regular employee is asked to
      cover the responsibilities of a higher level employee when the employee’s
      immediate administrator is available and requires assistance. The replacement
      employee will receive a higher rate of pay equivalent to Step 1 on the higher level
      employee’s pay scale. If Step 1 of the higher pay classification does not result in
      additional compensation the step providing additional compensation shall be used.

      If a regular employee replaces a higher classification regular employee while the
      higher classification employee is absent short-term (three (3) days or less), there
      will be no adjustment in pay level. In this same circumstance, if the absent
      employee remains absent beyond three (3) days, the replacement employee will
      begin receiving the higher rate of pay equivalent to Step 1 on the higher level
      employees pay scale commencing on the fourth (4th) day if the employee’s
      immediate administrator is available and requires assistance. This salary
      adjustment will not be retroactive.

      If a regular employee replaces a higher classification regular employee while the
      higher classification employee is absent and the higher classification employee’s
      immediate administrator is also absent during the same time frame, there will be
      no adjustment in pay level.

VI.    Evaluations

       Probationary confidential employees will be evaluated at least once during the
       ninety (90) day probationary period. Regular confidential employees will be
       evaluated at least one (1) time annually.

       Confidential employees will be evaluated in accordance with the District's evaluation
       form. At the time of employment, new confidential employees will be provided with
       a copy of the District evaluation form.

       A post-evaluation conference will be held with the confidential employee and his/her
       supervisor. The confidential employee will be given a copy of the completed written

       Evaluation reports shall be placed in the personnel file only after the post-evaluation
       conference with the confidential employees' supervisor. The confidential employee
       shall have the right to make a written statement relating to the evaluation and such
       statement shall be placed in the personnel file.

VII.   Layoff and Recall


       For the purpose of this section, the following definitions apply:

       A.     Layoff:        A temporary or indefinite separation from a confidential
                             employee position or a reduction in hours of a confidential

       B.     Seniority:     Continuous service within the District from the first day of
                             actual service as an employee, excluding unpaid leaves of
                             over ninety (90) days. Ties will be broken by drawing lots.

       C.     Position
              Title:         A position described by title in these Conditions of
                             Employment (See appendix A.)


       Persons subject to layoff will be affected by the following procedures:

       A.     Confidential employees selected for layoff will receive written notice.

       B.     Confidential employees on the layoff list will be considered for recall to
              confidential positions for which they are the most qualified by the reverse
              order in which they were laid off. Recall rights will remain for two (2) years
              following the individual employee's date of layoff. Employees on the layoff
              list will be notified of opportunities for recall in writing by certified mail sent

VII.    Layoff and Recall (Continued)

              to the last address given by the employee to the District office. Failure to
              respond to the recall offer within ten (10) days from the date of the written
              notice shall waive any and all current or future recall rights.

        C.    Confidential employees on the recall list will receive first preference for
              available substitute work in the employee's former position title, provided that
              he/she keeps a current phone number on file with the District.

VIII.   Confidential Employee Salary:

        A.    Goal:

              It is the goal of the Roseburg Public Schools to pay competitive and
              equitable salaries consistent with general economic conditions and budget
              limitations, without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
              marital status, or handicapping condition.

        B.    Administrative Implementation:

              The responsibility of implementing the confidential employees salary
              schedule rests with the Superintendent.

        C.    Salary Schedule: (see appendix A)

              Step 6 is intended for employees who have 10 continued years of service to
              the District. No employee shall move multiple steps in a given year. (This
              provision shall not limit the superintendent’s authority to place employees on
              the salary schedule.)

              Confidential Employee salaries will be determined over the term of these
              Conditions of Employment as follows:

              For 2008-09:

              1.      Step advancement where indicated.

              For 2009-10:

              1.      Step advancement where indicated with a 2.5% COLA.

        D.    Position Placement on the Salary Schedule:

              1.      The Confidential Employees Salary Schedule consists of six (6) steps.

VIII.   Confidential Employee Salary (Continued)

              2.     Salary Schedule Placement:
                     New confidential employees are to be hired on Step I and, after a
                     successful ninety (90) day probationary period may be placed on Step
                     II. Movement on remaining steps requires at least one (1) year of
                     successful service on the preceding step. Advancing to Step V
                     requires at least five (5) years work with the district. Advancing to
                     Step VI requires at least ten (10) years work with the district. No step
                     increase on this schedule is automatic. The confidential employee's
                     immediate supervisor must recommend the step increases based
                     upon successful service once the minimum time in service
                     requirement has been met.

              3.     Method of Pay:

                     Each confidential employee will receive twelve (12) equal monthly pay
                     checks beginning with the July 31st pay check. Pay day shall be the
                     last working day of each month, except for December, when
                     confidential employees will be paid on the last student contact day
                     before Christmas Vacation.

IX.     Fringe Benefits

        A.    The District shall provide medical, dental and vision insurance equal to other
              district employees, with an insurance cap adjustment for 2008-09 to $881 per
              month for the District paid portion of the insurance premium cost for each
              confidential employee. The long term disability savings shall be applied to the
              district paid portion of the confidential employee’s health insurance premium.

        B.    During the period of these Conditions of Employment, the District shall pay
              the employee's contribution to the Public Employees Retirement System

        C.    Early Retirement:

              Confidential employees who have been employed by the district prior to July
              1, 2000 are eligible to apply for Early Retirement benefits under the following
              conditions. (Employees hired after July 1, 2000 will not be eligible to apply for
              Early Retirement benefits but will be offered the same TSA program as other

              1.     A confidential employee employed prior to July 1, 2000 who has
                     reached age fifty-eight (58) and has worked more than four (4) hours
                     per day qualifies for early retirement benefits. The benefits are limited
                     to health insurance coverage for the retired employee and spouse.
                     The District will continue, on behalf of the retiree, the District-paid
                     portion of the regular hospital/medical insurance for the retiree,

IX.   Fringe Benefits (Continued)

      C.    Early Retirement (Continued):

                   his/her spouse and eligible dependents until the retiree becomes, or
                   would have become, 65 years old, or becomes Medicare eligible. The
                   spouse of a retiree may choose to continue coverage through the
                   District at their own expense once the retiree’s benefits have ended.
                   Spousal coverage, whether District-paid or self paid, will end when
                   the spouse becomes 65 years old or otherwise becomes Medicare
                   eligible. A confidential employee must apply for early retirement
                   benefits at least sixty (60) days prior to the effective date of the benefit
                   and provide verification of age with copies of his/her birth certificate
                   or other verification acceptable to the employer.

            2.     Application and conditions for receiving benefits will be in accordance
                   with administrative rules promulgated by the employer.

            3.     The school board, through the superintendent, will entertain proposals
                   for early retirement, not covered in this section, based upon special

            4.     Employees who are terminated or are about to be terminated for
                   cause shall not be eligible for early retirement benefits. The
                   employer retains the sole and exclusive right to promulgate rules and
                   requirements for the administration of the early retirement benefits.

X.    Holidays and Vacations

      A.    Paid Holidays:

            1.     Paid holidays for confidential employees include:

                   Independence Day               One day in December to be
                   Labor Day                      set annually by the District
                   Veteran's Day                  Day before Christmas
                   Thanksgiving Day               Christmas Day
                   Day following                  New Year's Day
                   Thanksgiving Day               Martin Luther King Jr Day
                                                  Memorial Day

      B.    Paid Vacations:

            1.     Paid vacation time earned by all confidential employees shall be
                   granted as indicated on the following outline. New confidential
                   employees shall earn one (1) day of paid vacation for each month
                   worked for the first year of employment. The date which authorizes

X.    Holidays and Vacations (Continued)

      B.    Paid Vacations (Continued):

                  such earned vacation shall be July 1 each year. Up to five (5) days
                  of unused vacation may be transferred to the confidential employee’s
                  sick leave each year.

                  Years of Service with the District   1-4   5-10   11   12   13   14   15

                  Num ber of Days Vacation             13    16     17   18   19   20   21

            2.    Confidential employees who voluntarily leave the District or are laid-
                  off through no fault of their own before their anniversary date shall
                  receive their regular vacation pay accumulated up to the severance

            3.    Vacation time must be taken within the twelve (12) month period after
                  it is earned. Arrangements for the time of vacation will be made with
                  the immediate supervisor. Confidential employees are encouraged
                  to utilize their allotted vacation hours prior to July 1 each year,
                  however, up to three (3) days of unused vacation may be carried over
                  into the following fiscal year. Such accrued vacation shall be limited
                  to three (3) days.

XI.   Paid and Unpaid Leaves

      A.    Sick Leave

            1.    Sick leave shall mean illness or injury to a confidential employee
                  which disables the confidential employee from being reasonably able
                  to work with proper health and/or safety consideration to
                  himself/herself or others. It may include, at the election of a female
                  confidential employee, absence from work due to disabling illness
                  from her pregnancy, normal or miscarried. It may also include, at the
                  election of the female confidential employee, absence from work for
                  recovery after termination of pregnancy for a period not to exceed
                  sixty (60) calendar days.

            2.    Sick leave is granted at the rate of one (1) day for each month
                  worked with unlimited accrual.

            3.    At the option of the District, sick leave in excess of five (5)
                  consecutive working days shall be allowed only upon certification by
                  the employee's attending physician that the illness or injury prevents
                  the employee from working.

XI.   Paid and Unpaid Leaves (Continued)

      A.    Sick Leave (Continued)

            4.    If a confidential employee dies while an employee of the District,
                  payment for accumulated unused sick leave will be made to the
                  designated beneficiary at the rate based upon a daily rate of earning
                  at the time of death. Each confidential employee must have the
                  name of a beneficiary on file with the District.

      B.    Personal Emergency Leave:

            1.    Confidential employees shall be allowed three (3) days of personal
                  emergency leave per year with pay. Personal emergency leave shall
                  not accumulate.

            2.    "Personal emergency" is a good-faith emergency situation of a
                  personal nature over which the confidential employee has no control.
                  It may include, but shall not be limited to illness or death of a
                  spouse, child, parent, parent-in-law, sibling, grandparent, or adopted
                  child or parent, or personal court case. It shall not include absence
                  for recreational or avocational purposes.

            3.    Requests for personal emergency leave must be made to the
                  immediate supervisor at least one (1) day in advance in writing, if
                  possible, or documented after the leave.

      C.    Bereavement Leave:

            1.    Three (3) days of non-cumulative paid bereavement leave per year
                  will be granted in the case of the death of a family member as noted
                  in subparagraph B.2. above.

      D.    Parental Leave:

            1.    Upon request, the District shall grant the confidential employee the
                  right to take unpaid parental leave under the Parental Leave Law,
                  ORS 659.360.

      E.    Family Medical Leave:

            1.    The District will comply with the provisions of the state and federal
                  laws regarding family medical leave. Sick leave will be able to be
                  used according to the provisions of the federal Family Medical Leave
                  Act of 1993.

XI.     Paid and Unpaid Leaves (Continued)

        F.    Required Court Appearance Leave:

              1.     A confidential employee required for jury duty or subpoenaed as a
                     witness (not as a party to the proceeding) shall be paid regular wages
                     as if he/she had worked when they serve on jury duty. Confidential
                     employees are expected to turn in jury duty pay to the District, minus
                     mileage fees.

              2.     If confidential employees are released within their normal workday,
                     they are to report to work . If sequestered, all confidential employees
                     will be paid at their regular rate of pay but must endorse jury duty
                     checks to the District, minus mileage.

XII.    Mileage and Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

        A.    The confidential employee, when instructed to conduct in-district business
              by the immediate supervisor, will be reimbursed at the IRS rate for the use
              of a personal vehicle.

        B.    The confidential employee, when instructed to conduct out-of-district
              business by the immediate supervisor, will be reimbursed actual expenses
              incurred for the approved travel.

        C.    The total reimbursement shall not exceed budgeted amounts.

XIII.   Problem Resolution:

        If a confidential employee feels that a problem exists within his/her work
        environment or performance of job responsibilities, the employee should schedule
        a meeting with his/her immediate supervisor to work toward resolution of the

XIV.    Biannual Meetings:

        The Director of Human Resources will schedule and facilitate meetings with the
        confidential employee group twice a year for the purpose of enhancing
        communication between the school district and its confidential employees.

XV.     Nondiscrimination:

        The confidential employees and the District agree that they shall not discriminate
        against any employee covered by these conditions of employment because of age,
        race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, or disability.


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