Quality Policy Committed to customer needs and continual improvement through the allocation of resources and the quality management system

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					Quality Policy: Committed to customer needs and continual improvement through the allocation of resources and the quality management system.

                                                                                                                               this issue
                                                                                                           CKFM Wilmington Ahead of the Curve P.2
Upcoming ISO
External Audit                                                                                                           The New Knightfm.com P.3

It is that time of the year again;                                                                                           Employee Recognition
May is right around the corner.
                                                                                                            CaravanKnightFM Expands Globally P.4
Time for our Annual External
ISO 9001:2000 Audit. KFM &                                                                                                    Corporate Scorecards
CKFM         (U.S.)   sites   are
scheduled for May 4th and 5th.                                                                                                       New Brochure
Knight Industrial (Thailand) is
scheduled for May 15th. The           GM Willow Run Employees = TEAMWORK
biggest question on everyone’s
mind is what can I do to             From Hydra-Life, Willow Run’s site newsletter    came to the area within 5 minutes and were
prepare?                                                                              already in the process of getting the leak
                                     Anytime there’s a lead of any kind in our plant, cleaned up while the department personnel
First and foremost: Know Your        it’s not a good thing; especially if it’s on the stopped the problem.
Quality Policy! Don’t worry if       floor, resulting in a safety hazard.         On
you forgot what it was, it is        Thursday, March 5, Operations Manager – Corwin stated that she and the rest of her team
typed across the top of the top      Components, Connie Corwin, and her team, wanted to express their thanks and let the
of this news letter.                 were notified that there was a coolant leak Knight team know how much they appreciate
                                     coming from Department 353 running into the their fast response time. She also stated, “Your
Secondly, make sure you have         main aisle. By the time they arrived minutes efforts and the pride everyone in your group
reviewed the ISO/QMS Intro.          later, a pump out truck was already on the takes to help keep our facility safe and clean
Training and that your manager       scene! Knight Facilities Supervisor, LeBaron does not go unnoticed.”
has documented on your site’s        Leath and the scrubber truck, along with Knight
training matrix.                     workers Steve Clard, Norman Collins, Thanks to the entire Knight team who play a
                                     Cherylene Edwards, Shawn Franklin, Lola very significant roles in housekeeping and
Lastly, this pertains to all Site    Joiner, Christopher Nobles and Melissa Opel, safety. Great job everyone!
Managers, Supervisors, and
Leads, make sure that all your       Recycling Cost Savings: $6158.00
required              applicable
documentation is in order, i.e.                                                               achievement.
Job Assignments & Sign-offs,
                                                                                              Fae Clayton and her crew, who did a
Supplier Scope of Work
                                                                                              marvelous job with their recycling of the tri-
Documents,           Operations
                                                                                              walls, Dwayne Frye, Dave Hunke, Tom Wilson,
Reports, Quality Audits, Winter
                                                                                              Curtis Rowe, Kim Kosak and all the people on
Weather Audits,         Training
                                                                                              the floor who contributed to our recycling
Matrices, & Site Op. Plans or
your site specific contract
(scope of work).                                                                 All of the tri-walls that were recycled went to
                                                                                 Packaging. Because of this, Kim Kosak
If you have any questions feel                                                   ordered one less trailer full of Mopar pop-ups at
free to contact the Corporate                                                    a cost savings of $6,158.00. It not only saved
QMS        Department       at       From the Center Line Express                us money but all of the cardboard did not go
QMS@knightfm.com                                                                 into the landfill and probably saved us a
                                     Last week, with the effort of many people compactor pull full of cardboard.
Rob Alward – QMS Director            working together, we were able to have this
(989) 529-2489                       huge cost savings. I would like to give my Thanks again to everyone! Great Job!!!
                                     thanks to everyone who help in this
1                     2009 ● March Edition ● KnightFM, CaravanKnightFM, Knight Industrial Services Co. Ltd., ADT Facilities Management, TaegaKnight
Keeping Ahead of the Power Curve
CKFM Personnel at GM Wilmington Assembly Impress Auditors
Though the world is going through hard
economic times and uncertainty exists
beyond every corner, the hourly staff,
supervisors and paint manager for
CKFM’s GM Wilmington site have still
maintained their work ethic and on-the-job

By       establishing    daily     training,
organizational routine and communication
with      the    customer,     Wilmington’s
housekeeping and mod/booth cleaners
have once again impressed and excelled
in their jobs.

Safety first and foremost and getting the
job done efficiently and thoroughly has
enabled CKFM’s Wilmington staff to
continue to receive accolades for a job
well done.

For 3 days on 17 – 19 March 2009, GM
Health and Safety Auditors inspected the
Wilmington facility with expectations of       and help desk calls almost at zero for the        how he runs his department. “It’s based
finding plenty of discrepancies.      The      month and an even greater surprise, a             off of knowing our job and getting it done
reason why?         Wilmington had just        nearly immaculate paint department. This          in a timely fashion and not waiting to be
returned from over 60 days of downtime         fact in particular impressed the lead             told what to do.       All of the CKFM
and it was almost a given that something       auditor as he is a GM paint veteran.              personnel here know their jobs and do
would be found to be out of order,             From the Mods to Primary Paint the                them well and I’m proud of them and to be
especially with the 3rd party housekeeping     auditors found a clean and safe                   a part of this team.”
and paint personnel who have lost almost       environment.
60% of their overall manpower.                                                                   Comments such as “Top of all GM
                                          “I credit my guys and my fellow                        facilities” and “One of the cleanest
Much to the auditor’s surprise they found management staff, both GM and CKFM                     assembly plants” could be heard during
an organized and clean facility. They for our accomplishments,” replies Charles                  the final conference held on 19 March
found preventive maintenance, maximo Clark, CKFM Paint Manager when asked                        2009. CKFM personnel have impressed
                                                                                                 everyone from the plant manager, UAW
                                                                                                 chairman, skilled trade coordinators and
                                                                                                 WFG managers with their continuous
                                                                                                 improvement in their daily operations.

                                                                                                 “We definitely have set a bar that will be
                                                                                                 hard for any other company to surpass.”
                                                                                                 States Dianne Bengeyfield, CKFM Lead
                                                                                                 Supervisor “We have some very good and
                                                                                                 dedicated personnel. They do their jobs
                                                                                                 very well and it shows. It’s good with the
                                                                                                 reductions and all for all of us to get some
                                                                                                 recognition at the customer level that can’t
                                                                                                 really be denied.”

                                                                                                 Caravan Knight’s staff at GM Wilmington
                                                                                                 Assembly have embodied the meaning of
                                                                                                 the acronym T.E.A.M. = Together
                                                                                                 Everyone Achieves More.

2                   2009 ● March Edition ● KnightFM, CaravanKnightFM, Knight Industrial Services Co. Ltd., ADT Facilities Management, TaegaKnight
Wilmington received an Outstanding rating from the                                                            Recognition
GM Health and Safety Audit on March 17-19, 2009.                                                              T. Quest, Chrysler Warren
Also received “Cleanest Paintshop in GM” Compliment.                                                          Truck

                                                                                                              I wanted to express my
                                                                                                              gratitude for the job that
                                                                                                              you have been doing at
                                                                                                              WTAP. The number of
                                                                                                              labor      related     issues
                                                                                                              brought to my attention via.
                                                                                                              our local Union including
                                                                                                              grievances               have
                                                                                                              significantly reduced since
                                                                                                              our transition to Caravan
                                                                                                              Knight. There is little doubt
                                                                                                              that a correlation exists
                                                                                                              between the number of
                                                                                                              complaints       and      the
                                                                                                              cleanliness of our facility.
                                                                                                              Your willingness to take on
                                                                                                              both large and small tasks
                                                                                                              with little or no notice has
                                                                                                              been extremely beneficial.

                                                                                                              Although a certain level of
                                                                                                              scrutiny will always exist it
                                                                                                              is important to know that
                                                                                                              your contribution has not
                                                                                                              gone unnoticed.

                                                                                                              Thanks again        for   your

The New KnightFM.com
Continuous improvement is the
new trend all over the Knight                                                                                 Site Pictures
Companies. What better place to
showcase the improvements than                                                                                General Motors
the company website. The new                                                                                  St. Catharines, Ontario
and improved website offers our
customers a clearer view to see all
we       do    as     a    company.
Functionality has improved, along
with the ability to navigate the
updated information, and you can’t
help but notice the much needed
facelift the website received.

The website gives updated
information    and     a      great
opportunity for us as workers to
lean on a great reference that will
enable us to give our customers        The website is now able to be updated in real-time, as
more bang for their buck, including    Justin Foco and Steve Ashe have taken over editorial
exposure to our vast array of          capabilities of it. If there is any feature you think would
services.                              be valuable, please let either know.
3                 2009 ● March Edition ● KnightFM, CaravanKnightFM, Knight Industrial Services Co. Ltd., ADT Facilities Management, TaegaKnight
    Scorecards                             CaravanKnightFM Expands Globally
    S. Ashe, QMS Coordinator
                                           New Business Awarded in South America for CaravanKnightFM
    The Knight Companies have
    added another tool to help its goal
                                           In March, CaravanKnightFM            Latin American Operations            3,271,812 up 481,540 units
    of     continuous      improvement;    was awarded business in GM           (LAO) subdivisions in South          from 2005.       GM’s south
    "Corporate Scorecards". During         LAAM      plants    in  South        America, its Africa (AO) and         American operations achieved
    the first quarter of 2008,             America, specifically Ecuador,       Middle East Operations (MO)          total  sales     of  730,897
    Executive Leadership met to
    decide which areas of the
                                           Venezuela, and Colombia, and         subdivision.      GM LAAM            representing an increase of
    business were the most critical in     are in the bidding process for       employs approximately 33,000         14.6% from 2005 and a
    order for us to provide a quality      Brazil.                              people in its core automotive        market share of 22.3%.
    product. The meeting was a direct                                           business and majority owned
    result of our companies’ efforts to
    gain      its    ISO     9001:2000
                                           Brandon Bordeaux and Corey           joint ventures.      In South        In South America, GM markets
    Certification. During the meeting      Fila headed the sales efforts        America,     GM     enjoys    a      cars and trucks primarily under
    much       was     discussed,   but    for this set of projects, and        longstanding         leadership      the Chevrolet brand. GM’s
    everyone agreed we should put          leadership members Doug              position in the key automotive       strength comes from the
    an emphasis on our Companies
    Quality Objectives. Thus our first
                                           Borruso, Dave Wahl, David            markets of GM LAAM vehicle           heritage and brand equity the
    six categories came to life;           Bernard, and Dick Weishuhn           sales     in    2006    totaled      Chevrolet brand has earned
    Customer Satisfaction Survey,          will be leading the transition.      1,035,277 units, representing        over    more     than     seven
    Employee Evaluations, Training,                                             an increase of 17.4% from the        decades. A unique exception
    Operating Plan Status, Supplier
    Evaluations and Safety Incidents.
                                           Excerpt from gm.com                  previous year and an overall         is in Argentina where GM
    Towards the end of 2008, The           General Motors Latin America,        market share of 17.7%. The           markets vehicles under the
    Knight Companies added two             Africa & Middle East region is       total vehicle market in South        Suzuki and Isuzu brands as
    more       categories;    Employee     one of GM’s four regional            America strengthened in 2006,        well.
    Turnover and Housekeeping Audit
                                           business units, made up of           with total industry sales at

    The         TQMS        Department
    immediately began working with
                                           New Company Brochure
    Operations, Financial, Sales and
    HR to develop a seamless               Our company’s focus on
    process to gather the necessary        continual improvement has
    information      to    build    our    touched our brochure. The
    scorecards. Once the process
    was      in   place   the    TQMS
                                           new brochure is an eye
    Department started to collect          catching snapshot of who we
    data. Shortly thereafter our first     are and what we provide.
    scorecards came to life. This
    process has been in place since
    May of 2008. Today we have
                                           Our increased sales efforts
    Scorecards available on Owl for        make this a wonderful tool for
    all of our General Motors,             ice breakers and conversation
    Stadiums        and     Municipality   starters with potential clients.
    facilities,  and    the    Chrysler
                                           With the current economic
    On February 5th, 2009, TQMS            status of the world, the cost
    held its first Corporate Scorecard     savings       the        Knight
    review meeting with President &
    CEO Tom Trezek and key
                                           Companies             provides
    members        representing   each     customers is more valuable
    department.       Doug     Landon's    and welcome than ever. Take
    (Operations Director) facilities       an opportunity to look around
    were the first facilities up for
    review      and    all   the   Site
                                           you, on the drive to work,
    Directors/Managers were able to        around your home, anywhere
    join via Webinar and Conference        you go, and seek out potential
    Call.    TQMS        provided   an     customers. Opportunity is
    Executive Summary of all the
    categories with charts and graphs
                                           everywhere,     and     as   a
    and individual scorecards for          company,     we     are    well
    Doug's facilities. Overall the         positioned to increase our
    meeting was a success and              business portfolio.
    served its purpose.

    TQMS looks forward to the next         If you have any questions
    Corporate Scorecard Meeting and        about the brochure or sales
    to working with the rest of the        opportunities, please contact
    company to push forward with
    continuous improvement.
                                           the sales department.

4                          2009 ● March Edition ● KnightFM, CaravanKnightFM, Knight Industrial Services Co. Ltd., ADT Facilities Management, TaegaKnight

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