; An Exquisite Collection Hand Painted Tiles
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An Exquisite Collection Hand Painted Tiles


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									An Exquisite Collection
  Hand Painted Tiles

  E J Tile Design
  01761 239394
                   Our Bespoke Service
                                Country House
 This design represents just one of the many options you have if you choose
our bespoke service, on this occasion the client decided to have their beautiful
                       country home painted on tiles.

       You really can have any image that you desire.

 Making the Right Choice…
 Sketches and sample tiles are
available prior to ordering free of
 charge. This helps to envisage
 your order before your tiles get

 Sketches and sample tiles are
Bespoke Orders…
            Below are a few special commissions, which will
            hopefully give you an idea of what is possible…

                  Fine Art
         Commissioned tiles inspired
     from Zutrauliche Freunde by Zabateri.

Traditional Floral Art
Bespoke Orders…
                             Comedy on tiles
       The Pheasantry panel has been inspired from Brin Pary sketches.
       The panel has been painted to accommodate a central flue pipe.

                                                      The Pheasantry

    Chicken & Daffodil Scene

These fun panels are painted on
handmade tiles to give a rustic
country finish.

Chicken & Poppy Scene
                                                        Flue pipes aren’t
                                                     necessarily a problem;
                                                       we can create your
                                                    design around where the
                                                   flue pipe would fall. The
                                                      Pheasantry panel is a
                                                   good example of this; we
                                                      worked this design to
                                                     accommodate a central
                                                            flue pipe.
          Set Designs
Made Personal by E J Tile Design...

                                Charles Yorke Kitchen

          The Blue Birds
             This design is our Blue Bird panel which
               has been adapted to the surrounding
              textiles and kitchen colours. The tiles
                    work beautifully with their
              surroundings, creating a tranquil finish
               to a beautiful kitchen. Any of our set
                  designs can be changed to suit
               decorative surroundings which makes
                   your tiles unique to your tastes.
Set Designs…
The Exotic Birds                         The Milk Jug
                                         This design enhances the country
                                         feel with the introduction of the
                                         milk jug. Painted on a two tone
                                         pale background, with intricate
                                         delicate flowers.

 The exotic bird panel and The Blue Bird
panel would make any bathroom or kitchen
              look beautiful.
  We can paint this panel to fit any space,
  as with any of our designs colours can
     be changed to match decorative               Green Corn Flower
               surroundings.                            Singles
Set Designs…
Leaf                                     Daisy
This universal design would look         This floral design is available with
very natural in any kitchen or           complementary singles. The Daisy
bathroom. It can be altered to           design will lighten the darkest corner
your specifications, whether             of your kitchen.
 that is the size or changing
the leaf to an autumn red.

       Abstract Leaf Singles
 A single tile design, but it can be
 altered to your specifications; these
 simple yet effective designs can be
used effectively around your kitchen.

                                                 Daisy Chain Singles
Set Designs…
Thistle                                        Border Tile Bind Weed
This intricate design can be made
 to your specifications and looks
appropriate in any kitchen or
bathroom. Its crisp lines and attention
 to detail, should make it a proud
addition to your home.
                                              Roses in Pot
                            Why not bring the outdoors in with this traditional
                            design, suitable for any kitchen capturing that
                            cottage feel. Painted on a pale blue and green
                            sponged background, the roses can be painted in
                                            different shades.

Tulips in Jug
This country design would suit any kitchen.
Why not add some colour with this cheerful

                                 These designs can be painted in any shade
                                 or size. A simple yet effective design.
Set Designs…
          Topiary Trees                        Oranges and Lemons
These lovely sculptured topiary trees      Give your kitchen a fresh vibrant
  would suit a kitchen alcove of any       feel with this clean crisp design.
 size. Using sponging techniques to
  add depth and texture these two
 trees are painted on a pale blue and
          green background.

                                                  Sunflower Pot
                                            What better way to inject the
                                            summer into your kitchen all
                                               year round than with
        This design would suit                 ne
         any country kitchen.
                                         hbr yntcoa
                                          aew e lud
                                          tt o
                                         uet okhae
                                           moutel a
                                         smnyricny    r
                                          nh tSl e i
                                                 f sn
                                         al l p dcr d
                                           e n o
                                        hutldg unn
                                          sli s w hc
                                            t- i l
                                        timieenoeae d
                                          ute tai m
                                        yricnihbhueg ry
Set Designs…
          Love Orchid                         Little Flower
Add an air of the orient into your   A fresh design that would look good
bathroom with this Love Orchid          placed around any bathroom.

                                                      Delft Flower

                                            Wax Resist Tiles
                                       These two arrangements will
                                        bring a fresh feel to any
          Ink Flower
This contemporary design with its
clean lines is made for any modern
        kitchen or bathroom.
Set Designs…
The Seaside Collection…            Large Shell

These clean, contemporary
designs would look exquisite
in any bathroom.

Sailing Boat

 Used as satellites in amongst
 other plain tiles or mosaics,      Two Shells
creates a natural environment to
         feel relaxed in.

                                    As with all our designs, each tile is
                                   carefully hand painted. This gives you
         Light house                the option to add personal touches to
                                             any of the designs.
Set Designs…
Children’s Bath time…

     Chinese Water Scene
 Add a touch of the orient to your        Down on the Farm Selection
 bathroom; using a pale blue wash      These children orientated designs would
 with blue detailing, allowing for a    be a welcome addition to any child’s
         light airy design.             bedroom and could be used to grace a
                                                sink or shower room.

     The Knights Tapestry                        Little Blue Boat
Introduce a touch of history to bath     These two designs are ideal for a
  time; this traditional design is      child’s bedroom or bathroom, with
painted on an off white background,      complimentary single tiles, these
      with fine delft detailing.          designs can be made to your

                                                 Little Blue Fish
Intricate Labels…
A Crisp Clean Finish for any         Different shaped glasses painted on
sink...                              single tiles can be placed amongst
                                          plain tiles for a chic finish.

                                     Below: Wine Labels painted on
                                     handmade tiles in a café latte shade.
  Above: Champagne Labels
 painted on handmade tiles in a
       vibrant orange shade.

 Below: Wine Labels painted on
 brick shaped tiles in a dove grey

Capture the
perfect view
painted on tiles.

The Proud Peacock
 Painted on a pale blue and green
sponged background with textured
                                            The Old Farm
hedges and trees to add a fine finish.       Yard Scene

The next two images are taken
from a commissioned country
                                          The Country Church

                                         We are here to realise
                                             your visions.
                                           Tile Sizes…
Sample Tiles &                             Our tile sizes vary from our rustic
Sketches…                                  handmade 106 mm square tile to our
                                           machine made 150 mm square tile.
Here at E J Tile Design we understand      Handmade tile / 106 mm square
that choosing the right tiles for your     Four inch standard tile / 101 mm
kitchen or bathroom isn’t necessarily a    square
quick process. We understand that          Six inch standard tile / 150 mm
you need to be sure that your tiles will   square
look right in your space.                  Brick tiles 150 mm by 75 mm
                                           Pencil tiles 150 mm by 15 mm
                                                        101 mm by 15 mm
                                                        106 mm by 15 mm best

That’s why we offer a sample tile and
sketch service; you can therefore have
a clear idea of colours and sizes of
tiles. A scaled drawing of how your                     Plain tiles
tiles will work within your space          The base colour of our tiles is an off
helps you visualise your new tiled         white shade. We can however make
area.                                       our tiles white if necessary, the off
                                           white shade is more popular, maybe
                                              because it adds more warmth.

                                            We also have different paint effects
                                            on the tiles. The sponged effect and
                                             the brushed effect tiles are a good
Colour Glaze Tiles…                           way of breaking up block colour.
Our colour glaze tiles are made to
order. We don’t stock particular
shades; we make up colours which the
customer is looking for. Often we
mix a colour which compliments the
paint shade in their room.

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