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									                                                                        AGENDA ITEM 13


                                                                      Board Meeting

Title:                Employee Structure and Recruitment

Date:                 12 November 2003

Report of:            Dave O’Neill, Director of Finance and ICT

         Purpose of Report

1.       To inform the Board of the proposed employee structure of the company and
         the process to be adopted for recruiting to the structure.


2.       As part of the planning process for transferring the housing management
         function from the Council to an Arm’s Length Management Organisation an
         exercise was undertaken to identify those employees who totally or partially
         participated in housing management.

3.       Those employees wholly or mainly employed in housing management would
         transfer across while for other employees partially involved it was necessary
         to assess how many would be needed in the new company and develop a
         process of selection as who will transfer across from the Council.

4.       In order for the new company to operate effectively an overall management
         structure has been developed making better use of the employees who will
         transfer in terms of the company’s needs. Some additional posts are
         necessary because of setting up the company and its separation from the
         Council and some are considered necessary in order to achieve the required
         improvements in service.

         Key Issues

5.       The structure that has been developed is shown on the attached sheets. The
         colour coding is:-

         Green -   posts where employees have been identified who will transfer to the
         Grey -    posts where a process of selection is necessary to identify who will
                   transfer from the Council.
         Blue -    posts where employees will not transfer but where appointments to
                   the company will be necessary.

6.       There are a number of posts which need to be filled quickly and it is the
         intention, in consultation with the Council, to commence the recruitment
         process for those posts, in advance of finalising the structure.


7.   The structure is dependant upon the availability of sufficient resources to fund
     it. Negotiations are currently taking place with the Council to identify the level
     of resources that will be available but until those negotiations are complete it
     will not be possible to finalise the structure.


8.   It is recommended that the Board

        note and endorse the proposed structure and recruitment strategy
        receive a further report when the available resources are more certain.


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