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Effective Implementation of HSBC’s HR Polices
                 in Georgia
•   The HSBC Group‟s Best Place to Work Strategy and challenges locally
•   Diversity
•   Recruitment
•   Pre-employment checks
•   Induction
•   Performance Management Policy
•   Disciplinary Policies and Grievance
•   Staff benefits: Health Insurance/ Loan Polices

Performance Through People                                                2
 The HSBC Group’s Best Place to Work
      Strategy and challenges locally

  •     “In our strategy, „Managing for Growth‟, we outline our vision – to be the world‟s
        leading financial services company. We want to be the first choice for our
        customers and for our employees. If HSBC can be the best place to bank, and
        the best place to work, we will have built a sustainable business that will deliver for
        the long term for our customers, colleagues, shareholders and society at large. To
        achieve this ambition, we have articulated seven „global pillars‟ – the actions we
        will take to build a financial services company based on the concept of
        recommendation, both as a place to work and a place to do business.” Michael
        Geoghegan, Group CEO

  •     Challenges: Reconcile the HSBC Brand and its values with local culture (national
        culture) and “transform” the Group‟s corporate culture locally

  •     The Bank‟s local polices are developed in accordance and within the Group‟s
        polices guidelines

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Recruitment Policy at HSBC Bank Georgia jsc


All employees and workers are responsible for treating colleagues with dignity and
respect and creating an environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment or
victimisation irrespective of their sex, gender reassignment, pregnancy, age, marital
status, disability, sexuality, race, colour, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin.

•Fair and transparent recruitment process

   –   Indentify vacancy requirement
   –   Job announcement (Internally and externally)
   –   Selection process applied consistently to all vacancies
   –   Outcomes (Job offer, Rejection, Stand-by- applicants on hold)

Performance Through People                                                                    4
Policy on pre-employment checks

There are 6 methods through which pre employment vetting is undertaken by     HSBC
Georgia jsc
   – Verification of identity
   – Confirmation of right to work in a country
   – Criminal record check
   – Credit check
   – Verification of employment (/assignment) history
   – Confirmation of education/ professional qualification

Benefits of pre-employment checks
 – Minimises risks of of unsuitable individuals gaining employment with the Company

Performance Through People                                                            5

• Best practice

   – Policy states that the induction session must be held within three months of new
     recruits commencing employment

•Purpose of Induction

   – It makes clear to new recruits what their responsibilities are and what expectations
     the management have

•Security and Fraud Awareness

Performance Through People                                                                  6
Performance management policy

•The global performance management framework
•Performance management is a continuous process, including specific activities
throughout the year.
•All employees should have objectives set for each performance year
•All employees should be assessed at Mid-Year and Year-End using the globally
consistent 5-point rating scale.
•All employees should have a minimum of two formal performance review discussions
per year, at Mid-Year and Year-End.

   – Fairness
   – Consistency
   – Transparency
   – Employees take ownership to manage their own performance
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Disciplinary Policy
Grievance procedures

Disciplinary Policy
•Documented standards of behaviour
•Offences (misconduct/ gross misconduct)
•Disciplinary actions (Fist warning/Oral or Written; Final Warning)

Grievance Procedures
•Encourage employees to resolve any grievance initially with their line manager
•Involve HR/CEO if deemed necessary

Performance Through People                                                        8
Staff benefits: Health Insurance/ Banking Benefits Policy

•Documented staff benefits policy, which can be reviewed/ updated if the new benefits
are introduced
   – Health Insurance

   – Banking benefits

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