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					                                      Pay Rate Change Mass Change Template Instructions

Pay Rate Changes
* Mass Changes can be submitted for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 74 employee records

Instructions on how to populate the template:

1. Confirm you are using the most up-to-date template by visiting HRConnect and using the Search Feature to locate this document.
2. Populate the spreadsheet template ensuring that the data is in the correct format.
3. Each row should contain the Employee ID, Employee Name, Effective Date, Action Code, Reason Code, and only the data fields to
be changed.
4. Save the file using the following format: Template Name + Location Code + Effective Date of Change. Example: Pay
5. Submit the template to the HR Service Center before the effective and no later than 3 weeks prior to the pay date.

Field                                           Format              Notes                                           Other Notes
Employee ID                                     7-digit ID                                                          Required Field
Employee Name                                   Last,First Middle

                                                                     Valid Action Code (Not description)
Action                                          3-letter code        * * Valid Action Code is PAY for Pay Changes   Required Field
                                                                     Valid Action Reason Code (Not description)
                                                                     * Valid Action Reason Codes for PayChanges
                                                                       - MRT – Merit
Reason                                          3-letter code          - ADJ – Adjustment                           Required Field
                                                                     Based upon Employee's Pay Frequency
New Compensation Rate                                        999.999 (Hourly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly)           Required Field
Change %                                                     999.999                                                Required Field
Effective Date                                  MM/DD/YYYY                                                          Required Field
Next Review Date                                MM/DD/YYYY                                                          Required Field

                Required Fields for any Data Change: Employee ID, Effective Date, Action and Action Reason.

Note: This template is for Mass Changes only that are manually entered by the HR Service Center. This format should not be
                                                  used for a Mass Upload.

Revised: 02-24-09
                             Boston Scientific Mass Change Template - Pay Rate Change (Not for Mass Uploads)

           Submitted by:
                                                Action Rate (Match Pay Change               Effective Date     Next Review Date
             Employee ID   Employee Name Action Reason   Frequency)   Percentage           (DD-MON-YYYY)       (DD-MON-YYYY)

Revised: 02-24-09

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