Calcium dishes by JuliaHealnews


									Calcium dishes.                                     Cottage cheese omelet.
Cottage cheese with rice and apples.                A white bread soft part wet in milk,knead,shake
Rice put in water ,like 1 to 2,add oil.             eggs.
Clean apples,cut a middle,cut a pieces,and put      Add cottage cheese,salt,mix.
in,add oil,combine with rice.                       Add mass on a hot pan,spreading oil,and bake.
Ready mass add on a plate,pour over honey.          3 egg,50 gr cottage cheese,3 tbl.sp.milk,and 1
                                                    tbl.sp.vegetable oil.
Salad from a green onion with a cottage cheese.
Select onion,wash,dry,and cut.                      Pumpkin with a cottage cheese.
Knead cottage cheese,add kefir or curdled milk.     Clean pumpkin,cook,knead.
In a sauce add onion.                               Add cottage cheese,honey,mix,rub,add cuting
Add in a salad dish and decorate a shredding        nuts.
garden radish.                                      Pumkin mass add,like a mountain on circle
150 gr onion,150 gr cottage cheese,1 glass          dish,from a top do hole and fill in a cold sour
kefir,4 garden radish.                              cream.
                                                    100 gr pumkin,30 gr cottage
Cold soup with vegetables and leafs black           cheese,honey,nuts,sour cream.
Fresh cucumbers shred,carrot shred.                 Cottage cheese baking pudding.
All combine,pour over curdled milk or kefir,salt.   In a rubbing cottage cheese add 2
Sprinkle a cuting leafs black currant and green     tbl.sp.vegetable oil,shaking with a sugar
onion.                                              egg,manna,1/2 tea sp.salt,vanilla.
6 fresh cucumbers,3 tbl.sp.cuting green onion,3     All mix,adding washing and cleaning raisins.
tbl.sp.rubing leafs,3 carrot,2 l.kefir,salt.        After cottage cheese mass add on spreading oil
                                                    and sprinkle rusks pan ,smooth a surface,spread
Chorba from a nettle with goats cheese.             sour cream,sprinkle oil,and bake 25 min.
Nettle select,wash,cut,pour over a salted hot       Serve,like hot with syrup or sour cream.
water,cook 15 min,mixing,add oil,dry flour,and      500 gr cottage cheese,1 egg,3 tbl.sp.sour
cook 5 min,after add cuting cheese.                 cream,sugar,2 tbl.sp.manna,100 gr raisins,1/4 tea
100 gr nettle,1 tbl.sp.vegetable oil,3 glass        sp.powder vanilla,1 glass berry or fruit syrup,3
water,1 tbl.sp.flour,100 gr cheese goats,salt.      tbl.sp.vegetable oil.

Fried eggs with sour cream and cheese.
Shake egg in a plate,shake,and mix with a sour
cream and cheese.
Add dill cuting.
Add mass on a warm pan,and bake in oil.
Sprinkle cheese.
3 egg,30 gr oil,1/3 glass sour cream,70 gr

Kefir soup with pumpkin,apples,and cottage
Pink pour over a hot water,infuse 20 min,filter.
Rubbing cottage cheese combine with a rubbing
pumkin,cuting apples.
Add honey,kefir,pink infusion,and shake 2 min.
3 glass sour milk or kefir,4 tbl.sp.rubing
pumkin,2 apple,200 gr cottage cheese,2
tbl.sp.honey,2 pink,1/2 glass water.

Macaronis with a cheese.
In a hot boiling macaronis add oil and 25 gr
shredding cheese,mix.
In a serving sprinkle cheese.
250 gr macaronis,50 gr cheese,2 tbl.sp.oil.

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