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					 C e lebrit Y Choi C e s
  P romotion a l s U P Pl e m e n t
Carried in oK magazine on WednesdaY 12th november 2008
The Celebrity Choices Promotional Supplement is               CirCUl ation                                              at a g l a nC e
an opportunity for companies and organisations to             The pages of OK magazine provides a unique,
promote themselves to 2.2 million OK readers with             empathetic insight into the exciting lives of 21st          CiRCULATiOn 625,000 COPieS
a full colour portrait page in the A5 promotional             century icons. OK takes you on a journey across the
supplement called Celebrity Choices inserted with OK          world's finest catwalks, through the beauty salon, and      WeDneSDAy 12TH nOVeMBeR 2008
magazine. The 625,000 supplements will be inserted            away on dream are left engaged, inspired
with all copies of OK magazine on Wednesday 12th              and with a desire to realise your own ambitions. OK         ADULT ReADeRSHiP 2.2M
november 2008.                                                has glamour and style not yet seen in any weekly title.
   each page will offer a wide variety of promotions,                                                                     FULL A5 COLOUR PAge
savings, added value, ideas and information in response       readershiP
to consumer interest and is an ideal platform to target       OK magazine reaches 2.2 million adults in the UK every      MALe RATiO 14%
this discerning audience.                                     week. Read predominantly by women (93%) average
   Offers in the supplement will include savings on           age (33 years) employed (69%) homeowners (64%)              FeMALe RATiO 86%
confectionary, drinks, food, hi-tech, interiors, jewellery,   married (49%) single (31%).
travel and financial services.                                *Source: OK Magazine Reader Survey, 2005                    COST £7,950

                                                              w This colour promoTional
   sizes and rate C ard                                       a5 supplemenT provides

   1 Full colour page                          £7,950         promoTions, savings, added
   For premium positions please call media sales
                                                              value, ideas and informaTion
   sizes A5 size w148mm x h210mm
   (Please add 5mm bleed)
                                                                s o C ial demo gra P hiC
   (Type area w128mm x h190mm)
                                                               age                                       soCial grade
   naming Files: Artwork should be supllied with
                                                                  Age 15 - 24            34%             A    4%
   a colour proof and be clearly labelled using the
   correct naming convention. Publication name,                   Age 25 - 34            24%             B    19%
   month of insertion, year and name of
   advertiser. oK08_YoUrClientname
                                                                  Age 35 - 44            19%             C1   35%

                                                                  Age 45 - 54            11%             C2   20%
   dtP specifications: Please supply Adobe Acrobat
   PDF’s set up to PPA Standard file formats                      Age 55 - 64            7%              D    15%
   [ see pass4press section ].
   Online Specifications: To ensure url links within              Age 65+                5%              e    7%
   artwork function in the ezine format, please
   follow guidlines. Failure to observe the guidelines                                The Celebrity Choices Promotional Supplement is published
   will result in url links not working.                                              by Absolute Publishing Ltd
     Any URL links on the page must be embedded                                       197-199 City Road, London EC1V 1JN
   into the PDF with the click zone already defined                                   t: +44 (0) 20 7253 9909 f: +44 (0) 20 7253 9907
   for each URL link.                                                                 e:
     The click area must also be defined in the PDF
   in a rectangular shape (i.e. not circular/ spherical).
   Files under 15MB can be sent via email to
                                                                 C o n ta C t m e d i a s a l e s                             tel : +44 (0) 20 7253 9909
                                                                 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7253 9907
   Please contact us for further information on file
   transfer if files exceed 15MB.
                                                              www. a b s o l u t e p u b l i s h i n g . c o m
C e lebrit Y Choi C e s
 P romotion a l s U P Pl e m e n t
advert sPeCiFiC ation
A5 Trim size w148mm x h210mm Type area w128mm x h190mm Bleed size w 158mm x h220mm

     Trim                                            Bleed Area

            Bleed Area

                         Type Area


                                                                           Bleed h148mm
                                                             Type h190mm

                                                                           Trim h210mm

                                     Type w128mm

                                     Trim w148mm
                                     Bleed w148mm