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Panic Attack or Anxiety Disorder Throw Life out of Balance


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									Panic Attack or Anxiety Disorder Throw Life out of Balance
If the anxiety or panic attacks are not occurring frequently, there is not much cause to worry.
These become a problem when the frequency of their occurrence mounts. Unfortunately, the
anxiety or panic attacks usually set in without much of a warning. During the moments when the
patient is in the throes of the attack, he is incapable of any productive work. Hence, relaxation is
of the utmost import at such moments.

If the anxiety or panic attack is mild, the bouts last for a few minutes and do not leave any
indication of their presence behind when they subside. But if the attack is of a severe nature it
can even last up to half an hour. The most effective first aid for panic attacks is taking deep
breaths. Try to concentrate on the way you are inspiring and expiring air. Let the oxygen
rejuvenate your lungs and expel out the unwanted carbon dioxide.

Deep breathing at the time of attack must be supplemented with regular breathing exercises.
These are not really usable in place of anxiety medication, but they are the first aid accessories to
the therapeutic process. A deep breath means more oxygen into the body. This means more
oxygen-flushed body cells. Terror of his condition is the strongest emotion of a sufferer at the
time of attack.

It is necessary to divert one’s attention if fear strikes. Try thinking of anything else - some good
memory of the past, particularly childhood. Dwelling on good thoughts and moving away from
negative ones is a good way to treat panic disorder. All it requires is a little practice - probably
your panic attack shall go away thanks to it.

A panic attack at home may be treated by quickly lying on bed and closing one’s eyes. If
possible, there may be some musical accompaniment. Soothing music goes a long way towards
treating panic disorder. Also, some lifestyle changes can also be undertaken for reducing panic
attacks. For instance, a reduction in coffee intake is one such step.

Being vocal about oneself also helps - it is not healthy to bottle up your symptoms and problems
from your near and dear ones. Sharing the truth with them would help them help you. Alcohol
consumption needs to be controlled or stopped. This may sound difficult but must be achieved.
The intake of any other habit-forming drugs must be ceased at once, too. Coffee, alcohol and
drugs are no friends of your health.

There are many counseling centers that give you good information about the anxiety or panic
attacks. Counselors may even help you understand the good and bad effects of the anxiety
medication, which are generally prescribed by the doctors or bought directly from the pharmacy.
In addition to counseling centers, you may also join some support groups to share all your
experiences to the others who are also suffering from anxiety or panic attacks.

Anxiety medication helps treat the symptoms of anxiety attack - they are not capable of curing
the actual cause of the disease. Also, they create a dependency in the patient regarding
themselves. Hence, long term usage of such drugs is to be avoided. They drugs used against
anxiety are called anti-anxiety drugs. The term tranquilizer is synonymous. They are quick to act,
hence popular. Some are:


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