Most Popular Methods to Treat Anxiety Attacks

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					Most Popular Methods to Treat Anxiety Attacks

Most of the times when people are suffering from panic attacks; they don’t know what is happening to
them. Panic attacks can grip any one and at any time of the life cycle. The intense fear that accompanies
the panic attacks is sometimes indescribable and the patients may get into a depression. In extreme
cases, the professional life goes for a toss and the patient cannot concentrate on daily activities. There is
total confusion and the patient does not know where to go and whom to meet for the panic attack

In such difficult times, the patients will crave for some support from their family and friends. Most
family members accompany the patients to the doctor and if they are not in a position to explain their
problems, the family members may do the needful. The support of the family members during the time
of need is very much necessary for the betterment of the patient’s condition. Though there are no know
cures for panic attacks, there are some websites that claim to have 100 percent panic attacks cures. You
may want to check their correctness or authenticity.

The right hand rule that you must always follow for any treatment of panic or anxiety attacks is that
never accept the treatment or medications blindly. You must add your logical reasoning to the
treatments and make a self assessment of your condition. Making a self assessment of your mental
condition before, during, and after the specific treatment will give you a brief idea of the efficacy of the
treatment. You will have to make notes for various purposes, so keep a notebook or logbook handy.

Before you go to treat anxiety attacks, make a note of all the minutest details of your current state. Also,
make a good observation of the frequency of the anxiety or panic attacks. You may want to show this
analysis report to the doctor who is treating you. The doctor will make a detailed study of this analysis
and will add the notes to his or her observations. During the treatments, either the doctors may take the
onus of making the observations or they may ask the patients to make the observation.

You may take the help of some close family member to help you make the observations. The
observations can either be logged on the logbook or in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The major
advantage of entering the observed data into the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is that you can view all
the data and search for some relevant information. The doctor will analyze the data during the
treatment and if he or she finds that the current treatment is not working, then other treatments are

Common alternative treatments that are often recommended during the anxiety attack medication
treatment are as follows:

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
-Exposure Therapy
-Meditation Therapy
-Yoga Therapy
-Specific exercise regime

For some patients, the above mentioned therapies may work and for some they may not work. For the
alternative therapies, you will have to give some extra time so make sure that the therapy centers are
not very far away from your office or residence. Never try the over-the-counter or OTC anxiety attack
medication. These medications are very easily available and you may even get good relief; however,
there are many hidden facts that you may not be aware of.

If you don’t take the right OTC anxiety attack medication, then there are chances that you may have
adverse effects on your body. Use OTC anxiety attack medication only when there is an emergency and
you have no other alternative ahead of you—something like a first aid. If there is any OTC anxiety attack
medication that needs to be taken for long periods of time, then you may want to know the side effects
of the medication in the long run.

Very often it is seen that the OTC anxiety attack medication doesn’t do any harm when you take the
medication for lesser times. However, as soon as you start taking them for longer durations, you may
feel the bad effects. When you find that the particular OTC anxiety attack medication is creating a lot of
harm to your body, then you may want to stop that medication immediately.