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					FCSRMC Proposed Wellness
Incentive Program

    Introduction

    Incentive Program Design Principles

    Confidentiality Review

    Personal Health Assessment Overview

    Proposed Program Design – Activity Structure, Points Earned/Activity, Reward Structure

    User Experience

    Administrator Experience – Communications, Health Fair, Reporting, Program Support

    Proposed Program Timeline

    Incentive Program Results – example


   Why incentives?
       Provides additional motivation for employees to take
        more control over their health choices

       Drives participation and engagement in wellness
        activities through tangible, relevant rewards

       Encourages employee retention and promotes a
        positive work environment

       Makes staying healthy fun and rewarding
Incentive Program Principles

    The Incentive program design is based on three key

      Defined   health focus - General wellness or core health risks

      Recognition    of varying degrees of program engagement

      Inclusive   set of wellness incentive activities

Defined Health Focus

  Health Risk Assessment Sample Reporting

                                            Based on results from overall Group
                                            Health Risk Assessment, the Incentive
                                            program can be designed to focus on
                                            specific health concerns such as:

                                                     • Weight
                                                     • Nutrition

                                                     • Heart Disease
                                                     • Depression

                                            Otherwise, the Incentive program can
                                            focus on general wellness which will
                                            cover to various degrees, all areas of
                                            potential or existing health risks.

Recognition of all Engagement levels

    – Reward for simply
       Participating in wellness
       activities                             High

                                   Level of Engagement
   – Reward for Engaging in
     wellness activities

Behavior Change                                          Low   Quality of Health   High
   – Reward for achieving
     positive Behavior Changes

Proposed Wellness Activity Types

     Personal Health
      Assessment               Health Education       Health Tracking

 Personal Health          Lifestyle               Health Trackers

 Assessments (with        Improvement             can help chart health

 Biometric screening)     programs provide        measurements and

 should be the            practical information   progress over time –

 baseline activity with   and useful tips and     and can even be

 subsequent wellness      tools for improving     shared with providers!

 focus tailored to        your health and well-
 individual PHA           being.

Member/Employee Confidentiality

   Details on wellness activities completed as part of the Incentive program will not
    be shared at the employee/member level:
      – Under HIPAA-AS Privacy, employers (plan sponsors) are not permitted to receive
        personal health information (PHI) without the authorization of an individual.

   In order to reward for Group performance, aggregate level data only will be
    shared such as total percentage of Group participation and points earned.

   Aggregate level data at the Individual level will be shared if necessary in order to
    fulfill reward, i.e., Member A earned 300 points, Member B earned 250 points, etc.

   No member information at the activity level will be shared.

Importance of Personal Health Assessment

    Members can utilize results from the Personal Health Assessment to tailor their
 wellness program in order to optimize opportunity for improved or continued wellness.

                     PHA results provide a baseline measure and snapshot of the
                      member’s health status and risk values
                     Upon completion of the BYfB PHA, members will receive a detailed
                      personal wellness report which provides information about the
                      member’s health risks, healthy and unhealthy behaviors, and risk
                      reduction strategies
Personal Health
 Assessment          BYfB health coaches will be available to the member during and after
                      the Health Fair to answer questions and provide guidance on lifestyle
                      changes that could lead to improved health
                     Personal Health Assessments completed via WebMD will offer similar
                      results with guidance provided through an individualized online
                      experience throughout the WebMD site.

Proposed Incentive Wellness Activities

         Personal Health                     Health Education                     Health Tracking

                                       Complete all phases of the
  PHA and Biometric Screening:         Lifestyle Improvement programs:   Utilize Health Trackers:

  Complete PHA and Biometric           Exercise                          Exercise
  BMI – Normal range (18.5 – 24.9)     Nutrition                         Weight

  Cholesterol – Healthy ratio (<4.0)   Weight Management                 Stress

  Blood Pressure – Ideal range         Stress Management                 Cholesterol

  Non-Tobacco User                     Smoking Cessation                 Blood Pressure

Proposed Points Earned by Activity

        Personal Health                   Health Education                  Health Tracking
                                   Complete all phases
                                   of the Lifestyle
PHA and Biometric        Points    Improvement           Points    Utilize Health     Points
Screening:               Earned:   programs:             Earned:   Trackers:          Earned:

Complete BYfB PHA           250    Exercise                  200   Exercise                50
Complete WebMD PHA           50
BMI – Normal range           50    Nutrition                 200   Weight                  50
(18.5 – 24.9)
Cholesterol – Healthy        50    Weight Management         200   Stress                  50
ratio (<4.0)
Blood Pressure – Ideal       50    Stress Management         200   Cholesterol             50
range (<120/80)
Non-Tobacco User             50    Smoking Cessation         200   Blood Pressure          50

Proposed Employee Rewards Structure

               Program Timing: 12 month period
                Earned Points Threshold:                      Reward:

                           1st time 250 points met                     $25 Reward Certificate

                       2nd time 250 points met                         $25 Reward Certificate

                           3rd time 250 points met                            Paid Day Off

               • Maximum of $50 in reward certificates awarded during program
               • Paid day off reported to Group for administration

  Example 1:                                            Example 2:                    Example 3:
  Minimal Participation level:                    Moderately Engaged:                 Actively Engaged and current
                                                                                      positive Biometrics:
  • WebMD PHA – 50 pts                            • BYfB PHA – 250 pts                • BYfB PHA – 250 pts
  • Weight LIP – 200 pts                         • Exercise LIP – 200 pts             • Normal BMI – 50 pts
                                                • Exercise Tracker – 50 pts           • Nutrition LIP – 200 pts
                                                                                      • Exercise LIP – 200 pts
                                                                                      • Exercise Tracker – 50 pts

   250 points earned                                 500 points earned                      750 points earned
  $25 Reward Certificate                      Two $25 Reward Certificates             Two $25 Reward Certificates
                                                                                            + Paid Day Off           12
Proposed College Rewards Structure

     Program Timing: 12 month period
            Activity             Participation Rate             Reward:

                                 50%        PHA only            $10,000

        Overall Group           level
                                                           Additional $5,000
                              2nd highest   Total Points
                                                           Additional $2,500
                                 level        Earned
                              3rd highest
                                                           Additional $1,000

     • BCBSF will provide College level reporting to FCSRMC
     • FCSRMC will administer rewards based on above criteria

User Experience

                       Member registers (if not                                                    Member clicks on the
                                                                 Member Logs
                       already registered) for                                                     “Earn BlueRewards”
                       MyBlueService (BCBSF                                                        link in MyBlueService
                          Member Portal)

                                                                                                     Member views the WebMD’s Rewards
                                                   Member completes the Activities -                 Program Summary Page –
  Member navigates to WebMD’s
                                                   “Exercise LIP” by navigating to                   Activities, Points associated with each
 Rewards Program Summary Page
                                                    WebMD’s Living Healthy  LIP                      activity,and completion status
     and views updated info:
                                                    Exercise  Enroll  complete all                  Rewards Description
 Activities completed
                                                    Phases)                                           Earned Points and Redemption History
 Points Earned
                                                   “BYfB PHA“ by attending a health                  FAQs
 Redemption Status
                                                    fair and completing PHA

                                                                                        e.g. To receive a reward, Member needs to complete 2 activities-
                                                                                                  - Complete Exercise Lifestyle Improvement Program (LIP)
                                                                                                  - Complete BYfB PHA

  Member clicks on the “Redeem now”
  button (or can automate the process             Member clicks on link, navigates
                                                                                                 Member receives the gift card to
 based on threshold), receives an email              to the Redemption Website
                                                                                                       the provided address
 with the Reward Certificate and link to          (Hallmark), chooses a gift card of
                                                                                                (via 1st class via US Postal Service
        the Redemption website                    his/her choice (for the certificate
                                                                                                   for delivery within 5-7 days)
(within 24 hours of redemption request)             amount) and submits request

Administrator Experience

      Communicates to the
      Group members about
      the Rewards Program
       throughout the year

             Coordinates Health Fairs
               for Group members
              working with BCBSF

                             Receives reports from BCBSF
                        Quarterly Participation & Redemption reports at
                         Program & Group level
                        Monthly Reward Fulfillment Invoices
                        List of Members qualified for “Paid Day off”
                         reward (at the end of program)

                                             Contacts BCBSF for on-going
                                                  Support Activities
                                               (e.g. - Technical issues, navigation
                                                         questions, etc.)

Communications Process

             BCBSF                                  FCSRMC                           COLLEGES

 DEVELOPMENT                            COORDINATION                       DISTRIBUTION
 Create communications                  Interface with BCBSF:              Share communications with
 designed to reinforce program          • Agreement on detailed            employees through appropriate
 engagement:                             communications plan               channel (based on preference and
 • Email templates                      • Guidelines for logo placement,   availability):
 • Banner Ads                            FCSRMC and individual
 • Voicemail scripts                     colleges                          Examples:
 • Weekly Health Tips                   • Special needs by colleges (as    • Program introduction
 • Flyers – print/electronic versions    appropriate)                      • Training presentation (navigating
 • Newsletter Articles                                                       through MyBlueService and
 • Training Presentations               Interface with Colleges:             WebMD, tracking points, etc.)
 • Posters                              • Global distribution of generic   • Health Tip of the Week
 • Blue Rewards Program                  Program communications            • Monthly wellness articles
  Introduction Brochure (for            • Specific communications          • Health Fair announcement
  Program Administrators)                requests by individual colleges   • Voicemail messages

Communications Calendar

             Month   1          2   3      4       5         6       7      8        9     10     11      12

 Personal                               Complete                                                Update
  Health                                  PHA                                                    PHA

                                                        Complete a                Complete a
                                                         Lifestyle                 Lifestyle
                                                       Improvement               Improvement
                                                         Program                   Program

  Health                                                                   Utilize
 Tracking                                                                  Health

Additional                                                         Program
                  Program                                                                            Thanks for
Messaging                                                         Reminder/
                Introduction                                                                        Participating

                Health Tip of
                 the Week
               Wellness Article
               (various topics)
       Member Health Statement
           (from BCBSF)
Communications Development

Each college will receive Marketing Kits including communications designed to
          effectively promote the Blue Rewards Incentive Program.

            Electronic Communications                                          Printed Communications

   Communication type                        Detail*                 Communication type              Detail*
Email templates                  HTML format; hyperlinks            Posters                 X per campus (TBD)
Banner ads for College           HTML format, hyperlinks            Banners                 One per campus
Intranet sites                   included
Voicemail message scripts        Customized for college to fit      Flyers (Program         One per employee
(Program Introduction)           audience                           Introduction)
Health Tip of the Week           To be used in existing             Blue Reward             Two per campus (for
                                 communications /channels           Introduction Brochure   Program Administrators)
Health Tip of the Week Icon      HTML format, non-
Flyers                           PDF format

Newsletter Articles              Six different articles in word
                                 format, non-customized
Employee Program                 PowerPoint
 * As appropriate, communications will be customized with college name, logo, and dates
Health Fair Coordination

        Health Fairs will be managed the same as in previous years
                     between BCBSF and the colleges:

    The individual colleges                     BCBSF will coordinate
    will contact BCBSF to                       timing for the Health Fair
    schedule their health fair                  and manage delivery of
    which will take place either                health fair tools including
    onsite or via conference                    communications.

                                As part of the
                          communications package,
                            BCBSF will ensure the
                           appropriate Incentives
                         collateral related to health
                              fairs is included.

Measuring Incentive Program

            Aggregated reporting on employee participation, earnings, and redemption
                   will be available at various stages throughout the program.

         PARTICIPATION                                       EARNINGS                                     REDEMPTION
                                                                                                 • Program, Group, &
  • Program & Group level                        • Program & Group level                           Individual level

  • Quarterly (or other                          • Quarterly (or other                           • Reported at End of
    agreed upon timing)                            agreed upon timing)                             Program

  • Total # participants in                      • Total # points/cash                           • Amount of Total Reward
    program                                        earned by all participants                      payout

  • Total # activities                           • Total # points/cash                           • Individual reward detail
    completed                                      earned per participant                          per qualified participant

  • Total # activities                           • Total # points/cash
                                                   earned per activity
  * ROI performance results to be defined utilizing participation rate, HRA, and medical expense data as key indicators of return

  Reports will be provided to FCSRMC and then forwarded to the individual colleges with their results.

Sample Reporting - Participation

               Incentive Program Participation Report as of 6/30/2010

  Program     Group     Participation Level   Activities completed        Points Earned
                                                            Per                      Per
                        Total          %      Total      Participant   Total      Participant
 FCSRMC     College 1     67          20%      187           2.8       28,333        425
 Wellness   College 2    117          35%      350           3.0       55,417        475
            College 3     57          17%      147           2.6       21,250        375
            College 4    133          40%      427           3.2       66,667        500

Sample Reporting - Redemption

             Incentive Program Redemption Report as of 6/30/2010

        Program      Group       Subscriber Name         Points Redeemed
       FCSRMC      College 1        Employee 1                 250
       Wellness                     Employee 2                 500
                                    Employee 3                 500
                                    Employee 4                 250
                                    Employee 5                 750
                                     Subtotal                 2,250
                   College 2        Employee 1                 250
                                    Employee 2                 250
                                    Employee 3                 500
                                     Subtotal                 1,000
                   College 3        Employee 1                 250
                                    Employee 2                 250
                                    Employee 3                 500
                                    Employee 4                 750
                                    Employee 5                 250
                                    Employee 6                 500
                                    Employee 7                 500
                                     Subtotal                 3,000
                                    Grand Total               6,250
Program Support

     Program Support will be provided by BCBSF to FCSRMC and the
            individual colleges throughout the program period.

     • Onsite Program Review

     • Live Demonstration                             Initial and Refresher
                                                      Training Seminars
     • Marketing Communications Review

     • Reporting Process Review

     • BCBSF contact for on-going support (technical, navigation, etc.)
     • Support for Group non-members available for Health Fair
       participation only including reporting of all qualified participants to
       Rewards fulfillment vendor as appropriate.

Program Timeline

               Activity                                     Audience                               Date
         Program Support will be provided by BCBSFL to FCSRMC and the
 Wellness Incentive Program Initial Presented by BCBSF:                 01/11/2010
 Discussion          individual colleges throughout the program period.
                                       • FCSRMC
                                       • Mercer

 Proposed Wellness Incentive Program   Presented by BCBSF:                                      02/24/2010
                                       • FCSRMC
                                       • Mercer

 Wellness Incentive Program Review     Presented by BCBSF during benefit plan workshop:         04/28/2010
                                       • FCSRMC
                                       • College Administrators
                                       • Mercer

 Wellness Incentive Program Training   Hosted by BCBSF:                                          July 2010
                                       • FCSRMC
                                       • College Administrators

 Wellness Incentive Program            Developed by BCBSF:                                    Sept – Nov 2010
                                       • Included as part of open enrollment communications

 Refresher Training Webinar            Hosted by BCBSF:                                       Nov – Dec 2010
                                       • FCSRMC
                                       • College Administrators

 Program Launch                        • Incentive Program communications as discussed in      January 2011
                                       previous pages

2009 BCBSF Employee Program Results

       2009 BCBSF Employee Wellness Program Success:

         Program Goals                    Target         Actual

         Reached maximum reward            70%            83%

         Completed BYfB PHA                75%           74.5%

         Overall Employee Participation

         50+ activities included


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