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									                                   Research Project
                         On-Request Employee Payment (F12 B)
                                     Project Number:                  /        /         /        /
                 These guidelines to be strictly followed inorder to enable processing payement

      *    On-Request : Working as required, unspecified hrs/day, (Normally SQU Students or non-Academic staff).
      *   IG, CL & SR : R.O. 2/ hr for less than BSc, R.O. 3/ hr for BSc or above.
      *   CR : depends on agreement between both parties, and funds availablity.
      *    SQU- non Academic staff: Max involvement in 2 projects at the same period. otuside w/ hrs.
          Max. justifiable bouns R.O. 500/Project for IG &CL. For SR & CR max. R.O. 150 /month

                                   Bank Name & Qualificatio                                           Date
 ID              Name                                                     Job Description                          Hours   RO
                                     AC. No.        n                                             From     To

Principal Investigator                               Name:                          Signature:                     Date: / /06
Assist. Dean for PSR                                 Name:                          Signature:                     Date: / /06

Research Departement Approval:                       Name:                          Signature:                     Date: / /06
                Full-timer RA                        Part-timer RA                        On request RA
Working hours   >= 8 hrs/month                       < 8 hrs/month                        Not specified
Period          > 3 months                           > 3 months                           <= 3 months
Payment through Qarar                                Qarar                                Form
                       R.O. 380 (less than           < BSc holder: R.O. 2/hr,             < BSc holder: R.O. 2/hr,
                       BSc holder)                   maximum of R.O. 380                  maximum of R.O. 380
       Salary                                BSc holder & above: R.O.                     BSc holder & above: R.O.
                       R.O. 550(BSc holder)  3/hr, maximum of R.O. 550                    3/hr, maximum of R.O. 550
                                             BSc holder and R.O. 650                      BSc holder and R.O. 650
                       R.O. 650 (MSc holder) MSc holder                                   MSc holder

A pre-approval request should be obtained from PSR for appointment (F12)
SQU Non-Academic Staff:
                       Work should be related to duties carried out outside normal working hours
Internal Grants:       Justifiable bonus to maximum limit of R.O.500 per project
                       A person will not be paid from more than 2 projects
Strategic Projects:    For SQU staff should not exceed 150RO/month

                       A contract is required (F12A) for more than three months employment either for:
                       * A full-time RA
                       * Part-time RA who is working for fixed number of hours every month

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