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									          NIKE NOTES
                               TEXAS BUSINESS WOMEN OF SAN ANTONIO
                                                 TBW MISSION
                    To be the leading resource to empower women to succeed through
                             leadership, training, networking and advocacy.

Nike Notes, Volume 351, No 7                       Published Monthly                                                          January 2011

                    President’s Message                                          February “Spotlight”

                         Christmas and New Year. I hope that           Come early to February‘s meeting to shop
                         everyone had a nice Christmas and             Nischala, Cynthia Poe‘s home based
                         will have a Prosperous and Happy              business for artisanal, one of a kind clothing.
                         New Year. I believe that everyone             Each piece is handmade, hand dyed and / or
                         enjoyed our White Elephant Gift               hand knit.
                         Exchange at our Christmas meeting.
                         I also wish to thank all of you who           In business since 1999, Cynthia‘s creations
                         brought food for the San Antonio              have been carried in galleries & boutiques
                         Food Bank.                                    nationally including Textures Gallery and
                                                                       Kathleen Sommers in San Antonio. Cynthia
                          Texas Woman Newsletter. By now,              also sells direct to customers through trunk
 all of you should have received the second issue of the Texas         and art shows.
 Woman newsletter. If you did not receive a copy in the mail
 (1) check the address TBW Texas has on file, or (2) check
 your membership status. It‘s easy to do, log into the TBW
 website using your email address—if you‘ve never logged into                        Inside This Issue
 to change your password, use your last name and first initial
 as the default. Once there, you can update your record as             President‘s Message ......................................... 1
 needed. (Information provided by Silvia Pendleton, President,
 TBW Texas)                                                            January Spotlight .............................................. 1
                                                                       Dinner Meeting Theme: Neurofeedback............ 2
 Constance Allen Heritage Guild (CAHG) Scholarship. CAHG
 offers scholarships for individuals that are in the workforce         Membership Corner........................................... 2
 and are attending college or training related to employment. I        January Word and History ................................. 2
 hope that several of you recommended deserving individuals
                                                                       Looking Ahead to 2011 from TBW .................... 3
 by contacting Doris Slay-Barber for applications for
 scholarships.                                                         Spring Leadership Conference .......................... 4
                                                Continued on Page 3    A La Nueva TBW Personal Development ........ 5
                                                                       Can We Talk Registration Form ........................ 7
                 Increase in Dinner Cost                               Transformation-Changing the Whole Person .... 8
                                                                       7 ‗Health‘ Foods That Really Aren‘t ................... 9

 Please note that the price of the dinner has increased to $15.00      8 Key Elements of a Business Plan................. 10
 beginning January 2011. Anyone walking in after all deadlines will    Events (January 2011 – March 2011) ............ 10
 be charged a $3.00 up-charge or $18.00. This is a hotel policy        Birthdays ......................................................... 10
 and not a TBWSA policy. Late cancellations and no-shows will
 be billed.

Dinner Meeting Theme: Neurofeedback                                          Membership Corner

An innovative, researched, computer-based technique           Our newest members of TBW of SA, Jennifer J. Martin
adopted by healthcare professionals around the world,         and Cynthia Poe, are introduced below:
neurofeedback has been found to be effective in helping
to remediate a number of conditions including problems        Jennifer J. Martin is a textile artist,
in attention (ADHD                anger, anxiety,             photographer and writer. Her
impulse control,                   insomnia, migraines,       textile work is carried exclusively
PTSD, head                        trauma, autistic            by 1550 Gallery in Kerrville,
spectrum                          disorders, Borderline       Texas,,
Personality                       Disorder and                and Courtyard Gallery, 210
affective disorders               Neurofeedback is            Esplanade, Cuero, Texas,
complementary to existing medical treatments and    
mental health practices.
                                                              In December 2006, Jennifer
Also known as EEG Biofeedback and neurotherapy,               published a book, Star Child,
neurofeedback encourages the brain to restore or              A Mother’s Journey Through Grief, through iUniverse, a
establish a more stable and holistic functioning thus
                                                              division of Barnes and Noble. The book received
improving mental, emotional and physical health.              two awarded designations from the publisher: Editor‘s
             Presented by Luke Casillas                       Choice, for outstanding editorial quality, and Publisher‘s
                                                              Choice. Jennifer‘s book and artwork are available for
                                                              purchase on her website
               Reasons to Join                                Jennifer is currently rewriting a novel. She is a member
              TBW of San Antonio                              of the Fiber Artists of San Antonio, San Antonio Art
                                                              League, Southwest School of Art & Craft and the
                                                              Writers‘ League of Texas. Jennifer lives in San Antonio
   Build a legacy for future generations                     with her husband, John.
   Join forces with women making a difference
   Discover your leadership potential
   Exercise non-partisan political clout                                               Cynthia Poe spent 20+ years in
   Develop your personal image                                                         the corporate world, leaving as a
   Network with movers and shakers                                                     director with a Fortune 100
   Strengthen your marketable skills                                                   company in the early '90's. After
   Enhance your career opportunities                                                   leaving a career for health /
   Promote workplace equity                                                            stress-related reasons, she
   Select a flexible involvement level                                                 became interested in ways to
    Receive member discounts at various local                                          manage stress & became a
    businesses                                                                          certified yoga instructor.
   Participate in Personal Development and Young
    Women Connections Program (Public Speaking,               Cynthia taught yoga as a stress management tool for
    Entrepreneurship, Non-Profit Organizations …)             institutions such as USAA, Sentara Health Systems,
   Educate and mentor young members                          Norfolk International Terminals, Christopher Newport
   Access to online education resources                      College, YMCAs in the region, and a local psychiatric
   Gain valuable volunteer experience to add to your         hospital in Hampton Roads, VA. She is also a certified
    resume                                                    BodyTalk Practitioner, a complementary health practice
   Promote your Business                                     for managing stress.

    Join today!                                               Cynthia began creating artisanal clothing in 1998 and
                                                              her work has been sold in galleries nationwide.

Don’t forget the 2010-2011 Year End Membership                Cynthia and her husband moved to San Antonio, TX in
Incentive! Members who bring in guests who become             2004 where her art-to-wear was carried by Textures
new members will have their names put in a pot for a          Gallery before it closed its doors and is still represented
year-end drawing. The winning member will have                by 1550 Gallery in Kerrville, TX.
his/her next year‘s state and local dues paid in full!
                    Mary Conway                                                     Mary Conway
                 2nd VP, Membership Chair                                  2nd VP, Membership Chair
           Texas Business Women of San Antonio
                                                                     Texas Business Women of San Antonio

              Looking Ahead to 2011                                 President’s Message continued

Happy New Year! This has been a week of rest for me. My          ―An Angel in our Midst.‖ I recently had an
employer‘s office is closed for the week and it has afforded     emergency and did not know if I was going to
me the opportunity to be home for more than just a short         survive! I was eating Yogurt with Granola, when all
weekend. Of course, the list of things to-do was long and few    of a sudden, I found something crack—Oops! I
of the tasks on the actual list received any attention at all,   broke one of the teeth in my temporary bridge.
instead, the time has been spent getting together with family,   You do not know how vain you are until you
visiting with friends and reacquainting myself with home! I      experience this—you are missing two of your front
don‘t regret one minute and I hope you‘ve had time for the       teeth at our age! I contacted my daughter in
things that nurture your soul too.                               Chesapeake VA and she told me to contact Cheryl
                                                                 Davis (one of our TBW members). Cheryl Davis
By now, you should have received the second issue of the         has been working with me and my daughter setting
Texas Woman newsletter. If you did not receive a copy in         up a permanent fix for my front teeth. Lo and
the mail 1) check the address we have on file, and 2) check      behold! I contacted her and she was able to
your membership status. It‘s easy to do: log in to the TBW       perform a miracle! She was able to repair my
website using your email address – if you‘ve never logged in     bridge and I can now continue with my social life
to change your password, use your last name and first initial    (eat and be merry). She is an Angel in Disguise!
as the default. Once there, you can update your record as        Please remember to visit her and recommend her
needed.                                                          to all your friends and neighbors.

                                                                 Personal Development. A La Nueva Texas
This issue was mailed to every member in good standing as
                                                                 Business Women LO is presenting a Class in
of mid-December, as a thank you for your belief in TBW. Let
                                                                 Personal Development – Communicating with
us know if you want to continue to receive a hard copy and if
                                                                 Confidence, from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM, Saturday,
you find the information provided useful. A hard copy can be
                                                                 January 29, 2010 at Homewood Residence.
a handy tool for member recruitment, community events, etc.
                                                                 Registration for members is $40.00 and a late fee
but this is not a budgeted item, so we need to know if you
                                                                 of $10.00 will charged if registration form is
want to receive this as a member benefit or if an electronic
                                                                 postmarked after January 25). Continental
version is sufficient. Drop me an email with your thoughts on
                                                                 breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in the
                                                                 cost of the program. Please make plans to
                                                                 attend. For information, contact Dickie Day at 210-
Cheryl Harris deserves a huge thanks for her hard work           681-1205.
compiling the news and for her patience with yours truly.
Please share your LO newsletters and announcements with                          Carol Burger
your state officers and Texas Woman editor. We‘d like to visit                   President (2010/2011)
your LOs whenever possible as well as helping you publicize                      TBW of San Antonio
your special events. Another way to promote your LO
activities and events is to set up your LO webpage. It only
takes a few minutes to post your meeting location, dates and
time. We are in the process of setting up an individual page
                                                                       January Word and History
for each LO to help with membership recruitment - but we
need your LO information.                                        Partner (noun):
                                                                 One who is united or associated with another or
There is much to look forward to in 2011. On January 29, A       others in an activity or a sphere of common
La Nueva is hosting a Personal Development Program. If you       interest.
haven‘t had the opportunity to participate in the new program,
this is your chance. The Personal Development Program will       History Fact:
not be offered at the Spring Leadership Conference in March      America‘s military women are proud to stand
so take advantage of this one day program developed and          beside their fellow uniformed women in the US
facilitated by Deborah Arrington for TBW. The registration       Public Health Service and the National Oceanic
form will soon be posted on the website and you may contact      and Atmospheric Administration. Many other
Dickie Day (210) 861-1205 if you have any questions.             women serve as partners as well in the Civil Air
                                                                 Patrol, Merchant Marine, American Red Cross,
                                                                 Salvation Army, USO, Special Services and
                                                                 World War II‘s Cadet Nurse Corps.
                                    Continued on next page
                                                                 Contributor: Susan Youngblood, TBWSA Member

      Mark Your Calendars … Spring                                            Looking Ahead to 2011

                                                                    Nominations for the Texas Women to Watch
                                                                    awards are due by March 1 and will be awarded at
                                                                    the Spring Leadership Conference. You can find
                                                                    the criteria on the TBW website and TWW Chair
                                                                    Doris Slay-Barber has developed a form to help
                                                                    the nominees to submit their entries. Find it on
                                                                    the TBW website in the Members Only section
                                                                    under TBW Documents/Forms.

  ------ Spring Leadership Conference -----                         Don‘t forget Texas Business Women’s Week
                                                                    (March 20 – 26) observed during the third full week
                                                                    in March. Some LOs still observed National
                                                                    Business Women‘s Week in October and I‘m sure
                                                                    the transition to our own commemorative week and
                  Friday, March 25, 2011                            celebration hasn‘t been easy. But it was necessary
               EC Meeting & Board Meeting                           since BPW claimed NBWW as one of their
                                                                    trademarked signature events. If your LO has
                                                                    continued with NBWW, I hope that you will have
                Saturday, March 26, 2011                            enough time to shift your event calendars for the
Training Sessions Texas Women to Watch Awards Banquet               2011-2012 TBW year.

                 Sunday, March 27, 2011                             Our organization depends on its volunteers and
                                                                    President-elect Diane Sirois is looking for members
Tour of the Capitol or Tour LBJ Library Legislative Briefings       willing to share their time and talents next year. Let
                                                                    her know if you‘d like to serve on a committee next
                                                                    year. Send her an email now while you‘re thinking
                 Monday, March 28, 2011                             about it!
                     Legislative Visits
                                                                    The focus for January is Personal Development
                                                                    and February is Texas BPW Foundation month.
                                                                    Keep in mind that the Foundation helped us
                                                                    develop the Personal Development Program and
   ----- Annual Conference & Membership                             that your donations to the Texas BPW Foundation
                                                                    help us provide quality speakers and workshops at

                Meeting -----                                       our state conferences.

                                                                    Best wishes for a prosperous New Year
                                                                     and may you and your family have a
                  June 24 – 26, 2011                                           wonderful 2011.

           Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Austin
                                                                    Silvia Pendleton
             500 North IH 35 ▪ Austin, TX                           President 2010-2011
                      800.684.7250                                  817.875.3481
          $139 flat room rate includes parking            

                Sheraton Arlington Hotel
      1500 Convention Center Drive ▪ Arlington, TX
                 $122 flat room rate

 Transformation: Changing the Whole Person                              7 ‗Health‘ Foods That Really Aren‘t

                                                                        Granola. Fruit smoothies. Bran muffins. These are
                       Transformation is a process of changing the      just a few of the foods that sound healthy, low-cal
                       whole person to become healthier, happier,       and diet-friendly, but are often quite the opposite.
                           lighter, more energized and aware.”
                                       ~Bill Phillips                           Bran, corn and blueberry muffins

Around the New Year, many people have renewed faith in their
ability to transform their lives. Most will give up on their
resolutions when they don‘t begin to see immediate results.
So how can you overcome those first hurdles to create the lasting
change that you‘ve been craving?                                        Some muffins are just a giant cupcake without the
It‘s easy to see problems on the surface like an unhappy home           frosting.
life or extra weight that just doesn‘t seem to come off, but            They sound innocent enough, but coffee shop
underneath those challenges are usually much deeper issues.             muffins are usually made with junky refined white
For instance, many people use food as a crutch during emotional         flour (even bran muffins typically contain more
situations, so as problems arise, they gain weight. It‘s these          white flour than fiber-rich bran), lots of oil or butter
emotional issues that need to be addressed along with proper            and, of course, plenty of sugar. Plus, portion sizes
nutrition and exercise.                                                 are huge, which means one muffin can deliver
That is precisely the idea behind Bill Phillips‘ inspirational new      upward of 500 calories.
book aptly titled, ―Transformation.‖ and he has plenty of               Don‘t be tricked by the word ―muffin.‖ It‘s often a
experience to be dubbed an expert on the topic. In addition to          giant cupcake without the frosting. When you
making appearances on everything from The Today Show to                 really look at what you're eating, you see that your
CNN, he‘s spent the past 20 years working one-on-one to help            muffin breakfast isn't any better than a glazed
people all over the country achieve the level of fitness and health     doughnut (and sadly has more calories). Next time
they‘ve always wanted. It is his goal to see people tackling the        you‘re at the diner or coffee shop, do your body a
issues that hold them back from experiencing long-lasting               favor and order a toasted English muffin topped
success and happiness in everything from their career to their          with scrambled egg whites and sliced tomatoes.
relationships to their weight loss goals.
In ―Transformation,‖ Phillips explores all of these areas that may                  'Nutrient-enhanced' waters
be acting as obstacles when it comes to achieving true health
and happiness. He also gives both physical and mental exercises
to help reach those lofty fitness goals in a matter of only 18
Aside from delving into the benefits of exercise and good
nutrition, Phillips talks about key issues like positive thinking and
                                                                        The vitamins in 'nutrient-enhanced' beverages
forgiveness — two areas that are essential in overcoming a vast
                                                                        often don't negate the sugar.
majority of life‘s obstacles. Letting go of past resentments and
turning our thoughts to things that make us feel good can relieve       Most nutrient-enhanced waters are liquid candy,
a heavy burden that we may not have even realized we were               and no better than sodas, fruit drinks, sweet tea
carrying. This in turn can make weight loss goals easier to tackle.     and other sugary beverages. They‘re loaded with
                                                                        added sugar and empty calories, which can pack
One way to start transforming your life, as Phillips points out, is
                                                                        on the pounds over time.
turning towards gratitude instead of concentrating on the struggle
and strife you may currently be experiencing. Go to bed each day        The handful of B and C vitamins they provide
holding a thought of gratitude in your mind – whether it‘s for your     definitely doesn‘t negate the sugar. Besides, most
family, job, financial situation, etc. – and do the same upon           of us get plenty of these vitamins from our diet,
waking up in the morning. This will do wonders in terms of putting      which means the extra dose provided in
you in a place of accepting more good into your life.                   sweetened waters just goes toward making
                                                                        expensive urine. If you‘re concerned your diet is
Instead of shelling out money on solutions that are superficial and
                                                                        lacking, you‘re far better off taking a daily
only lead you to short term results, it‘s time to make a significant
                                                                        multivitamin and washing it down with plain old
change from the inside out. Only then can you stop making the
same New Year‘s resolution year after year. Let it be a lifestyle
instead of a goal that you can never seem to reach.                                                Continued on next page

7 ‗Health‘ Foods That Really Aren‘t cont.                     7 ‗Health‘ Foods That Really Aren‘t cont.

                   Nutrition bars                                           Commercial smoothies
                                                                                 Many commercial smoothies contain
                                                                                 high-calorie ingredients like whole
                                                                                 milk yogurt or ice cream.
                                                                                 Smoothies are another edible with a
                                                                                 healthy image, but their stats often
                                                                                 say otherwise. The calorie and sugar
                                                                                 counts for some store-bought blends
If you want a 'smart' nutrition bar, keep calories                               are disturbingly high.
under 200 and saturated fat at 2 grams max.               That‘s because many incorporate junky, fattening
They‘re certainly convenient, but some popular            ingredients like fruit drinks and syrups, ice cream or
brands are high in saturated fat and added sugar,         sherbet, whole-milk yogurt and even chocolate syrup. Some
and some contain partially hydrogenated oils and          large smoothies have close to 1,000 calories — that's more
loads of artificial ingredients and preservatives.        than an entire fast-food meal.
Plus, they often contain the calorie equivalent of a      To make matters worse, commercial smoothies can flood
candy bar. If you‘re not active enough to burn off        your insides with more than 25 teaspoons of sugar! After
their heavy calorie load, energy bars can actually        that mammoth sugar rush subsides, you can bet you‘ll be
sabotage your weight loss.                                left feeling cranky, irritable and lethargic.
You can get the same mix of carbs and protein by          On the other hand, if you make smoothies at home, you can
snacking on an apple with peanut butter or a cup          keep the calories and sugar in check by using skim milk,
of grapes with a low-fat string cheese. If you do         fresh or frozen fruit and nonfat yogurt. (My standard,
want a ―smart‖ nutrition bar, keep calories under         universal recipe is ½ cup skim milk, 1/2 to 3/4 cup fresh or
200 and saturated fat at 2 grams max (2 or more           frozen fruit, and ½ cup nonfat yogurt with 3 to 5 cubes of ice
grams of fiber is a bonus).                               tossed in. Change up the fruit combination and yogurt flavor
                                                          to make your own custom blend.)
                                                                                 Energy drinks
                                                          Some energy drinks like Red Bull actually
                                                          have less caffeine than a standard cup of
                                                          Energy drinks are propped up by all sorts of
                                                          sexy marketing, but they‘re not as magical
                                                          as the ads would have you think. The ―lift‖
                                                          they give you comes from caffeine (nothing
                                                          fancy there).
This popular snack is pretty much devoid of
nutrition.                                                Some actually have less caffeine than a standard cup of
                                                          coffee — a can of Red Bull provides 80 mg caffeine, while a
Nearly every brand of pretzels is made from the           cup of coffee typically delivers 100 to 150 mg. The added B
same basic ingredients: white flour (wheat flour          vitamins and amino acids are purely for glitz and glam —
that‘s been stripped of its nutrients and fiber),         they don‘t actually help you instantly perk up. And some
yeast, salt, and maybe some vegetable oil or corn         varieties are high in sugar, which rushes into your
syrup. It‘s obvious from the subpar ingredient list       bloodstream and can, ironically, lead to an energy crash in
that this popular snack is pretty much devoid of          the long run. Not to mention they‘re an expensive habit to
nutrition.                                                keep up.
Pretzels are baked, not fried like potato chips,          Bottom line: You‘re better off drinking a cup of coffee or tea
which saves you a few calories, but the white,            to get your caffeine fix, and if you need a little sweetness,
refined carbs do a number on your blood sugar             use 1 to 2 packets of sugar or sweetener.
and do little to satisfy your appetite. If you can find
a brand that‘s whole wheat (not easy), buy them!          For tips on losing weight and healthy living, visit Joy
Or, swap your pretzels for a handful of whole-            Bauer’s website at www and follow her on
grain crackers, soy crisps or some light popcorn.         Facebook and Twitter.

                                 Continued on right              By Joy Bauer, TODAY contributor

                 January 2011                    ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                   TBW of San Antonio
 S       M        Tu W Th        F       S        4 January    Board Mtng, La Madeleine              Monthly Dinner Meeting
                                                 17 January    Martin Luther King Jr Day             Date: January 18, 2011
                                          1*                                                      Location: DoubleTree Hotel
                                                 18 January    Dinner Mtng, Double Tree        McCullough Avenue and Loop 410 NE
     2       3     4    5   6        7       8
                                                 29 January    A La Nueva Personal Dev.                  Room: El Vitral
     9   10       11   12   13   14      15                                                        Program: Neurofeedback
                                                 BIRTHDAYS                                            Networking: 6:00pm
  16 17*          18   19   20   21      22       6 January    Graciela Carrillo                         Dinner: 6:30pm
                                                                                                        Program: 7:00pm
  23     24       25   26   27   28      29      14 January    Caroline Howitt
  30     31                                      14 January    Maria Holmes Garcia                             Menu:
                                                                                                      Chicken and Rice Soup
 * Holiday |             19 January    Dalia Aponte
                                                                                                       Chicken Fried Steak
                                                 21 January    Barbara S. Niemann              Mashed Potatoes with Country Gravy
                                                                                                    Seasonal Fresh Vegetables
                                                                                               Fresh Bread with Sweet Cream Butter
                                                                                                       Deep Dish Apple Pie
           February 2011                                                                               Coffee and Iced Tea
 S       M Tu W Th               F       S
                                                  1 February   Board Mtng, La Madeleine                  Reservations:
                                                                                               A-F & New, Standing Reservations:
                                                 14 February   Valentine’s Day
                   1    2   3        4       5                                                      Rosie Casillas, 381-0406
                                                 15 February   Dinner Mtng, Double Tree      G-O: Marguerite Dannemiller, 494-5434
     6       7     8    9   10   11      12      21 February   President’s Day                 P-Z: Melinda McNamara, 310-0342

  13     14       15   16   17   18      19                                                           Cost for dinner: $15.00
  20     21       22   23   24   25      26      BIRTHDAYS
                                                                                               RESERVATION POLICY REMINDER
  27     28                                      No Birthdays this month                      Melinda McNamara, Reservations Chair

 * Holiday |                                                        Dinner reservations and cancellations may be
                                                                                           confirmed up until NOON the Friday before the
                                                                                           monthly dinner meeting. Add-ons may be taken
                                                                                           up to NOON the day of the dinner meeting (3rd
                 March 2011                      ACTIVITIES                                 Tuesday of each month). Anyone walking in
 S       M       Tu W Th         F       S        1 March      Board Mtng, La Madeleine     after all deadlines will be charged a $3.00 up-
                                                 15 March      Dinner Mtng, Double Tree    charge, making your cost $18.00; this is a hotel
                                                                                                       policy, not a TBWSA policy.
                                                 22 March      Can We Talk
                   1    2   3        4       5
                                                                                                Late cancellations and “no shows”
     6       7     8    9   10   11      12                                                               will be billed.
                                                 04 March      Dolly Hudson
  13     14       15   16   17   18      19      07 March      Teresa Kilburn                        Editor: Sandra L. Stahl
                                                 08 March      Amanda Robinson                           2612 Tree Crown
  20     21       22   23   24   25      26
                                                 09 March      Melinda McNamara                         Schertz, TX 78154
  27     28       29   30   31                   16 March      Cheryl Davis                                210.454.8343
 * Holiday |             19 March      Janet Littlejohn
                                                 31 March      Carolyn Dalmolin

                                             8 Key Elements of a Business Plan
1) Executive Summary: The summary should tell the reader what you want. Clearly state what you‘re asking for.
2) Market Analysis: This section should illustrate your knowledge about the particular industry your business is in.
3) Company Description: This section should include a high level look at how all of the different elements of your business
fit together.
4) Organization and Management: This section includes your company‘s organizational structure, details about the
ownership, descriptions of your management team and qualifications of your panel of experts or board of directors.
5) Marketing and Sales Strategies: This is the lifeblood of your business. Marketing creates customers and customers
generate sales. Start with strategies, tactics and channels that you have used to create your greatest successes.
6) Service and/or Product Line: In this section describe your service and product. What is it that you are actually selling?
7) Funding Requirements: In this section state the amount of funding you will need to start or expand your business.
   Financials: Develop the financials AFTER you have analyzed the market and set clear objectives. You should include
three to five years of historical data.

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