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             USER OVERVIEW

                         November 2005

1-408 608 6900
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION

Thank you for your interest in FocalReview™, the latest addition to SpiraLinks’ suite of mid-
office applications.

The FocalReview application activated under www.focalreview.com/demo functions as an
extension to a corporate HR management system such as PeopleSoft, SAP or Oracle.
    This application is designed to:
    a) help Human Resource Compensation managers administer orderly, consistent
       and rapid Focal Review cycles in complex organizations, with the effort focused
       on the reviews, not the administration and data transfer;
    b) involve the Department Managers of the areas supported by each HR
       representative, and to consolidate results by organization;
    c) give all Managers ongoing “Manager Inquiry” insight to the employment
       history and ranking of their direct reports;
    d) enable Managers at all levels to review, budget, model and apply
       compensation adjustments to their employees and submit them for approval;
    e) provide Business Managers and Executives oversight of their compensation
       expenses and the ability to model them with what-if functionality.
    •   Salary changes can be for Performance, Adjustment or Promotional reasons.
        Stock grants and lump sum Bonuses can also be managed along with history.
    •   Total compensation can be compared between employees, departments and
        against industry benchmarks if available.
    •   Multi-currency conversion and display is available as needed.
    •   Individual employment and performance history can be reviewed online.
    •   A Forced Ranking function and Key Employee nomination are available within
        departments to support performance comparisons.
    •   Approval is enabled by freezing a department and submitting it for functional
        and HR management review, approval or return with comments for revision.
    •   The organizational structure is driven by the current HR management system,
        validated/updated against the LDAP or similar system directory.
    •   Matrix assignments and review are also supported.

This base application can be customized to local HR requirements at customer sites.
For a full demonstration, register at www.focalreview.com/demo using Internet Explorer
5.0 or above, or Netscape 7). We will email you a Login ID to use on the same page.

Andrew Southern                                                   1 408 608 6918
President, SpiraLinks Inc.                                        andrew.southern@spl.com
C AMPBELL, CA 95008                                               November 2005

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                                         FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION

                                      Table of Contents
1.        OVERVIEW_______________________________________________ 4

     1.1 Positioning-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
     1.2 Technical Background: Industry Standard ------------------------------------ 4
     1.3 Benefits: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Control and Ease of Use ---------------- 4
     1.4 Audience and Features------------------------------------------------------------ 4

2.     LOGIN SCREEN _____________________________________________ 5

3.     WORK SHEET ______________________________________________ 6

4.     DRILL DOWN ______________________________________________ 7

5.     INTERNATIONAL ___________________________________________ 8

6.     2ND LEVEL DEPARTMENTS_____________________________________ 9

7.     BONUS WORKSHEET________________________________________ 10

8.     STOCK WORKSHEET ________________________________________ 11

9.     EMPLOYEE FORCED RANKING ________________________________ 12

10. ORGANIZATION SUMMARY REPORT ___________________________ 13

11. EMPLOYEE DETAILS ________________________________________ 14

12. MANAGER COMMENT BOX ___________________________________ 15

13. HELP/INFORMATION SCREENS _______________________________ 16

14. FREEZE & SUBMIT _________________________________________ 17

15. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION __________________________________ 18

confidential and proprietary                                                                       3
                                    FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


1.1     Positioning
      ♦ This application fits into the HR Performance Management space of ERP
        environments, and replaces any Focal Review process that currently relies on
        the distribution and completion of Excel spreadsheets or Lotus Notes.
1.2     Technical Background: Industry Standard
      ♦ The system functions well with any industry standard relational database e.g.
        Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, SQLserver, mySQL, PostgreSQL etc.
      ♦ Connectivity to the HRMS environment is needed only for initial data load,
        authentication and update during the Focal process, and upload for payroll
        update on completion.
      ♦ The application is J2EE and javascript based and runs with compliant
        application servers including WebLogic, WebSphere, iAS, Tomcat etc.
      ♦ All user activity is through a standard web browser with no code on your
1.3     Benefits: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Control and Ease of Use
      ♦ Cycle times are substantially shortened by consistent use and re-use of data
        through web browsers, and the integration of workflow to the system.
      ♦ Cost is reduced by eliminating non-value adding tasks like distribution and
        consolidation of disk-borne data, visibility and monitoring of results, and by
        more accurate calculation (see www.focalreview.com/focal/calculator.htm ).
      ♦ Process quality and contents are enormously improved by shorter process
        times, single sourcing of data, LDAP authentication and security of the entire
      ♦ Management Control is enhanced by the ability of HR and executives to
        monitor status and results, and to generate complete presentation materials.
      ♦ Ease of use comes from the seamless integration with existing systems and
        the familiarity of a carefully designed web User Interface.
1.4     Audience and Features
      ♦ The system is designed for companies needing multi-currency, merit,
        performance, bonus, stock and promotion based compensation changes.
            −   integrates to any paper driven or online performance review process;
            −   provides speedy, secure, accurate budgeting/analysis of future payroll;
            −   incorporates a forced ranking aid to evaluation and assessment;
            −   requires minimal training for the highly intuitive working interface.

confidential and proprietary                                                              4
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION

This application allows managers at all level of an organization to
•   participate simultaneously in an Employee Focal Performance Review process;

•   review the employment and review details of their employees;

•   model and budget their organization’s costs;

•   perform side-by-side evaluations of their personnel.

One of SpiraLinks’ suite of mid-office applications, the FocalReview application activated
under this URL has been built to function as an extension to a PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP or
similar ERP HR management system.

The version you can see here is operating on an Oracle database with a J2EE application
that can be deployed on any major application server such as Sun’s iAS, BEA’s WebLogic,
IBM’s WebSphere or Apache/Tomcat.

We recommend that you should first log in as a lower level manager and then move up the
chain in order to best appreciate the power of the tool in both first level input and higher
level control.

confidential and proprietary                                                         5
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION

This worksheet enables managers to see all their Direct Reports. They can:

   –   modify salary in % or amount, in dollars or lo cal currency terms;
   –   sort all non-payroll columns;
   –   review their Stock Grants and their retention value;
   –   drill through any managers reporting to them to see their departments;
   –   freeze data when they are ready to submit to their higher level managers or to HR;
   –   review the budget performance of the department against targets (top right box);
   –   key merit changes off performance ratings and use Alerts for “out-of-range” amounts
       or other rule-based conditions;
   –   use entries into the Promotion column to kick off and monitor other work flow and
       approval cycles;
   –   add comments to departments or to individual employees;
   –   view total Lump Sum Bonuses, or navigate to a dedicated Bonus Worksheet;
   –   analytical reporting requirements are accessed from the application through Excel
       and/or MS Access. Complete reporting and presentation material may require
       custom development for your corporate needs.

confidential and proprietary                                                        6
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


2 nd Level or higher managers can drill through to their lower level organizations:-

   –   use the Organization List Box top left which shows their whole organization, or
   –   click on the manager link in the cell of the person they wish to review, and change
       local currency to dollars as needed. When dollar amounts are shown, the “domestic”
       currency of each employee is shown by their name.

The Organization structure is built from the Report-To or SupervisorID data (or similar) in
your HR system. This can be updated at any time if necessary.

confidential and proprietary                                                           7
                                   FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


At any point in the use of this application, it is possible to display any currency in use in
the company:-

   –   individual employees can be shown in their ‘home’ currency;
   –   departments can be displayed in the manager’s budgeted currency;
   –   summaries can be maintained in dollars or the main company currency;
   –   conversion rates can be extracted form the corporate treasury or budget
       systems or input individually.

The language in the worksheets can be modified by inputting new headings through the
Administration panel and clicking on the box on the worksheet. Currently English, French
and Italian are supported.

confidential and proprietary                                                             8
                                 FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Lower level managers can review their employees in exactly the same manner.

They can save data at any time and continue working at a later time. When finished, they
can submit (freeze) their organization’s data for review by upper level managers in their

Until an upper level manager in their organization or in HR has opened the department,
the manager can still retrieve (unfreeze) their own data. After being opened by a higher
level, only a higher level still or an authorized HR person can unfreeze.

Unfreezing and revision of previously submitted data can be done for an entire department
or for one or more specified individuals. Email alerts are sent to all affected managers if
an unfreeze/revision is requested.

Worksheet contents can be downloaded to Excel at any time.
The Bonus and Stock worksheets can be accessed from any compensation worksheet by
authorized managers.

confidential and proprietary                                                        9
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Managers can work on allocating a Bonus pool to their employees using the dedicated
Bonus worksheet. In this Demo version, all managers are able to propose Bonus
allocations for their employees.
In this configuration, a quarterly Bonus Pool is allocated, with the last three quarters
displayed for memo purposes, and the current quarter active.

This can also be configured for multiple concurrent Bonus Pools (e.g. Functional and
Organization, Corporate and Divisional), or for a single pool managed by second or third
level management.
Bonuses can be calculated as percentages of base pay or as absolute amounts.

As needed, your business rules can be incorporated so that this page displays only eligible
employees (for example Key Employees or employees above a certain performance level).

confidential and proprietary                                                           10
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Managers can work on allocating Stock Grants to their employees using the dedicated
Stock worksheet. In this Demo version, all managers are able to propose Stock allocations
for their employees.

In this configuration, a quarterly Bonus Pool is allocated, with the last three quarters
displayed for memo purposes, and the current quarter active.

Employees can be included or excluded from the program by any required variable. In this
demo, any employee with a Red Arrow in Ranking is excluded.

This can also be configured for multiple concurrent Stock allocations (e.g. Performance and
Retention), or for a single pool managed for example by third level management.

confidential and proprietary                                                           11
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


By clicking on any employee’s ‘rank’ a manager opens the Ranking Table. This enables

   –   a forced ranking work sheet of each employee against every other employee;
   –   review of specific ranking instructions entered for your company.

An alert is given if the user manager tries to leave this page without completing the
ranking of all employees. This is to prevent the display of misleading information on the
main worksheet.

Independently, in the right hand column, this page can be used to indicated “Key
Employees” or “Performance Probation” employees.

If none of these functions is needed, the entire page will be removed during the initial
configuration process.

confidential and proprietary                                                          12
                                  FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Clicking on the Summary Report button opens a summary of all organizations reporting to
the manager whose organization is currently displayed.

This report shows

   –   a summary of the performance against budget targets;
   –   which lower organizations have already finished and “frozen” their data;
   –   graphical data is also available on relative performance between categories or

confidential and proprietary                                                            13
                                FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Clicking on an Employee Name brings up a table of personal details. This can be
complemented by Performance Review, current stock value, bonus or promotion history,
dependent only on security authorization and what is available in the data base.

The Stock Retention Value table at the bottom calculates the current (non-discounted)
potential capital gain on all unvested prior grants at a given stock value.

confidential and proprietary                                                      14
                                 FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


A manager can add a comment on an employee or an action taken with respect to an
employee by clicking on the comment icon by the Employee Name.

The same functionality is available at the Department level next to the
Manager/Department Name.

confidential and proprietary                                                  15
                                FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Customized Help and information screens can be inserted at any point in the application.

These are accessed through the “?” tags in the header bars.

confidential and proprietary                                                       16
                                FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


Freezing a department’s data turns the department inputs into unchangeable text.

Only a higher level of direct line management (or approved executives or HR) can unfreeze
a previously frozen department (or any one or more individuals).

Workflow management is supplemented by an email alert being sent to the directly
responsible manager and any intermediate manager(s) whose budgets may be affected.

confidential and proprietary                                                       17
                                   FOCAL REVIEW APPLICATION


The Systems Administration page enables the HR and/or IT specialists to set up the main
parameters that can be configured to the Users’ requirements. These include:

      ♦ Start/Stop Dates
      ♦ The budget percentage (which may vary by organization or job class)
      ♦ The use of Bonus, Stock and Promotion columns
      ♦ The Super and Hyper Users
      ♦ Alerts and text
      ♦ Titles (e.g. ‘Performance’ or ‘Merit’, ‘Freeze’ or ‘Submit’)
Elements such as the Applications Help and Instructions are inserted separately. All data
up and down loads are managed in a secure environment by the Client’s Network, Data
and Security personnel.

confidential and proprietary                                                       18

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