Case Study by hjkuiw354


									                                                                               Case Study

 ATB-300 - Snøvit (Norwegian for ‘Snow White’)

The Project                                               The Solution

Snøvit - Norwegian for Snow White -                       ATB-300 GL glass laminate lining system was
the world’s northernmost liquefied natural                used for all the walls in the underground
gas (LNG) facility.                                       waste water treatment area, installed at a
                                                          standard 3mm thickness. For the floor the
The Requirement                                           ATB-300 H-05 screed system was applied at
                                                          a thickness of 5mm. The ceiling of every tank
A product that could withstand                            has been covered with ATB-300 RC roller
temperature change as the temperature                     coat system installed at a thickness of 1mm.
inside the storage tanks has to be                        The unique curing system allows work to be
maintained at 11 degrees Celsius, the                     carried out at zero degrees Celsius and
outside temperature can go down to minus                  below.
10 degrees Celsius, with snow and wind.

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