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					                                                 COMPANY PROFILE
BIS General Information
BIS, the largest in the area of presentation, information and communication
rooms, advises, designs, realises and maintains rooms, in which audiovisual & ICT
total solutions are a central component. BIS specialises mainly in the realisation
of dynamic as well as complex AV & ICT solutions, conference systems and digital
signage solutions (narrowcasting), combined with a well thought-out programme
of technical services. Furthermore, BIS has a high reputation to maintain in the
area of Event Rental and Digital productions. BIS employs more than two hundred
people, spread over strategically situated business subsidiaries in the Benelux.
As market leader, BIS is focused on the commercial and institutional end user, for
whom we realise and maintain thousands of presentation, information and communication rooms each year.

BIS’ core competencies
BIS distinguishes itself as “total furnisher of presentation, information and com-
munication rooms; from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling”. In doing so, the
core competencies within our specialised divisions consist of the total value chain
of advice, design, realisation, maintenance and management of rooms and
AV & ICT infrastructures; from consultancy and interior architecture to project
management and installation, and from programming and engineering to preven-
tive and corrective maintenance. The combination of all the aforementioned
achievements, together with its scale size and market leadership in AV & ICT,
gives BIS a distinctive character and a powerful profile in the Benelux.
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Divisional structure
BIS has subdivided its knowledge, skills and activities into eight divisions. This approach results in positive synergy
effects, the realisation of the best solutions and the ability to provide all AV & ICT disciplines under one roof.

The BIS divisions are:
          1. BIS AV & ICT Solutions: Realisation of dynamic and complex AV & ICT solutions for every type of room
             and every organisation.

          2. BIS AV & ICT Services: Services related to the preparation, realisation and maintenance of dynamic and
             complex AV & ICT solutions.

          3. BIS Videoconference: Professional and versatile videoconference systems for
             time- and location-independent meeting, working and presenting.

          4. BIS Digital Signage: Well thought-out digital signage concepts enabling you to visualise your message and
             offer it to your audience in a targeted manner.

          5. BIS Event Rental: Specialised in organising and facilitating both small and large commercial events and

          6. BIS Digital Productions: Your audiovisual and digital productions and webcasts taken care of in a
             professional and creative manner.

          7. BIS Interior Projects: Total furnishing of your room, with attention for the furniture, interior design,
             lighting, floors, walls and ceiling.

          8. BIS Electrotechnics: Advice, design, realisation, maintenance and management of your electrotechnical
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Specialised market teams
BIS has around eight specialised market teams; team members have highly
specialised knowledge and experience within their relevant target market. The
dedication of our market teams means our clients can be assured they are being
advised the most optimal solution for their situation. Another advantage is that
the BIS market teams can pass on developments and needs observed in their mar-
ket to our manufacturers, which use this information in their R&D programmes.
In this manner, products and solutions are better tailored to requirements in the

Ready-to-use concepts
Taking the next step! This is the motto under which BIS provides its total
concepts for communication rooms, building infrastructure, events and content.
Within the concepts, the products are aligned with each other and the user
situation. In this manner, maximum quality and optimal ease-of-use is achieved.
In addition, the technique, interior, infrastructure and engineering of each con-
cept has been fully developed, aligned and tested. It is therefore clear from the
very start how the result will look, which possibilities have been integrated and
the investment involved. Furthermore, the chance of faults or issues is kept to a

Other Services
As described above, the BIS service comprises the entire process of room
furnishing and the realisation and integration of AV & ICT solutions, including
training, preventive and corrective maintenance. Additionally, BIS has its own
repair centre and a customer service & support department. In order to be as
helpful as possible to customers, BIS offers the possibility to have all questions
answered and for service to be provided remotely (at a distance) via an online
chat session on its website. BIS also delivers integral system management and
hosting ser-vices. Our complete service package guarantees the client can count
not only on expert advice, but also extra confidence and professional support.
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Certification and Industry Associations
                            BIS (the Netherlands) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation. BIS is also a member of
                            UNETO-VNI, the employers’ organisation for the installation sector and certified Microsoft
                            Partner. In addition, all our installers and project managers are VCA certified. Our clients
                            are therefore assured of high quality assurance, professional procedures and processes,
                            which are strictly checked by various standardising organisations.

BIS & the environment
Operating in a sustainable way is high on the BIS agenda. We strive to achieve a
responsible balance between the financial aspects of managing a business, and social
and ecological considerations. Three pillars remain central in all this: people, planet and
profit. Sustainability is increasingly becoming integrated within our business management
approach, our growth strategy and all day-to-day activities.

X-perience Centers
                             All BIS locations have a fully furnished show room at their disposal, in which visitors can
                             see and experience what we mean with room furnishing and complete AV & ICT solutions.
                             A visit provides a clear picture of the many-faceted possibilities that we have in house
                             for you: complete rooms and AV & ICT solutions where picture, light, sound and IT infra-
                             structure are completely aligned with each other and with your needs.

BIS Offices
BIS is strategically situated in the important economic areas of the Benelux. Go to our
website for the addresses of our branches in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Ridderkerk and
Mechelen. A BIS specialist is available by appointment at our branches to answer ques-
tions and personally discuss with you the possibilities to fulfil your requirements.

Call our head office: +32 (0)15/287.487

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