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									                                                                  For Trainees’ Reference
                                                                 Revised Date: 05-11-2010
                                                                 Effective Date: 05-11-2010

                          髮 型 助 理 證 書 (英 語 授 課 )
Certificate in Hair Stylist Assistant Training (English Medium)

Target Trainees:   Unemployed or non-engaged non-Chinese eligible speaking employees
                   in Hong Kong who wish to work as a hair stylist assistant or get a job in
                   related industry.

Course             To equip trainees with basic knowledge and required skills of Hair
Objective:         Stylist Assistant, and help them secure employment as a Hair Stylist
                   Assistant, Junior/Assistant Hair Stylist; and

                   To equip trainees to understand the hairdressing industry’s culture in
                   Hong Kong, and master the customer service knowledge and skills.

Entry                  Form 3 or above; or Primary 6 with 2 years work experience; and
                       Possess basic English literacy skills; and

                       Interest in hairdressing or related work; and

                       Demonstrate inclination for employment at the admission

QF Level:          1

Course Duration: 160 hours

Teaching and       Classroom teaching, demonstration and practice
Graduation         Trainees will be awarded the certificate if they have fulfilled the
Criteria:          following course requirements:
                   (i)    Attain an attendance of 80% or above;and
                   (ii)   Pass the overall assessment (50% or above);and
                   (iii) Pass both the written and practical parts of the final examination.

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Course Outline:

       Module                                   Content
1. Introduction to     1.   Industry overview and trends                      4
   Course / Industry   2.   Scope of duties of hair stylist assistant

                       3.   The entry requirements, mode of employment
                            and career path
                       4.   Industry culture
2. Hair and Scalp      1.   Basic understanding of scalp                     10
   Treatment           2.   Hair structure and types
                       3.   Treatment to hair and scalp
                       4.   pH value
3. Hair Styling and    1.  Hair washing and head massage techniques          84
   Techniques          2.  Scalp and hair treatment techniques
                       3.  Haircut techniques
                       4.  Blow dry
                       5.  Hair waving
                       6.  Principles and process of hair perming, and
                           knowledge of hair perming syrup
                       7. Hair perming techniques
                       8. Principles and process of hair dyeing,
                           knowledge of hair colorants and hydrogen
                       9. Hair Colouring techniques
                       10. Care after hair colouring
4. Hairdressing        1. Hairdressing appliances                             8
   Appliances and      2. Hairdressing tools
   Tools               3. Basic understanding of wigs and hair extension
5. Sales Techniques    1.   Sales and closing skills                          4
                       2.   Knowing the interests and behavior of
6. Vocational          1.   Workplace Cantonese training                      8
7. Personal Attributes 1.   Self-understanding and management                20

                       2.   Mindset and emotion management
                       3.   Understanding working culture and skills
                       4.   Communication skills and social skills
                       5.   Team spirit

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        Module                                      Content
8. Job Search Skills      1.   Job seeking and interviewing skills                    20

                          2.   Basic labour ordinances
                          3.   Basic occupational safety and health
                          4.   Personal hygiene
                          5.   Salon sanitation and disinfection
                          6.   Environmental safety tips in salon
10. Assessment and    1.       Written test                                            2
    Course Evaluation 2.       Course Evaluation

                                                                         Total:      160

 Assessment:              (A) Continuous Assessment (40%) : Test, class
                              performance/participation, and assessment on Personal
                              Attribute and Job Search Skills
                          (B) Final Exam (60%) : Written test and practical exam

Remarks: The training bodies will provide a 6-month placement follow-up service for trainees
with 80% or above attendance in this course.

Exact course schedule and address of training centre, please contact the following training

Training Bodies(Telephone Number)                                           Course Code
 The Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (2332 9368 /                   CU106DS
 3758 5454)
 Farida Hair & Beauty Education Centre (2311 1862)                          FH007DS

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