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									                      Chapter 2
         Organization, Functions and Duties
                  [Section 4(1)(b)(i)]
 2.1 Particulars of the Organization, Functions and
Sl.   Name of the
                     Address          Functions                Duties
No.   Organization
                               1. Public Grievances
                                  2. Land Acquistion
                                 4. Water Tax              Conducting
                               Collection             5.   enquiry in the
                               RR Act Collections          Jurisdication
                               6. Assignment of Govt.      of the
1 TAHSIL, Office MADNOOR       Land and control            Mandals, Non
                                7. Law & Order             Judical cases,
                               8. Executive Magistracy     Welfare of the
                                         9. Certificates   Public in all
                                         10. Natural       aspects.
                               Calamities. 11. General
                               Elections     12. WUA
                                Chapter 3
                Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees
                            [Section 4(1)(b)(ii)]

Sl.   Name of the Officer/
                                Designation         Duties Allotted      Powers
No.       Employee
1 MD. Gulam Mahmood          Tahsildar
2 K. Srinivas Reddy          Dy. Tahsildar      Supervising
                                                Visiting the all
3 Govind Reddy               MRI                villages, Checking the
                                                FP Shops
                                                Land Acquisition –
                                                Land Revenue –
4 Pentaiah,                  ARI
                                                Jamabandi, Election
                                                FIR Miscellaneous
                                                Civil Supplies,
5 P.Anand Kumar              Senior Assistant   Apathbandhu, Fire
                                                Accident, NFBF.
6 K.Srinivas,                Junior Asst.
                                                Accounts Record Room
                                                Deputed to RDO
7 G. Nagesh                  Driver
                                                Office, Bodhan
                             Computer           All types of Computer
8 E. Jagan Goud
                             Operator           Work
                                                All types of
9 Rajesh,                    OS                 certificates, Inward &
10 Veresh                    OS
11 Ramulu                    OS
12 A. Vittal                 Chain Men
                   Chapter 4
 Procedure Followed in Decision-making process
               [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]
                                                       Designation of
      Activity         Description                     final decision
                                     making process
                                                      making authority
Goal Setting &
                       -             -                -
Budgeting                         Quarterly           Dist. Collector
Formulation of
Programmes,          -               -                -
Schemes & Projects
Recruitment hiring Village
                                     Notification     Tahsildar
of personnel         Servants
                     Natural         Immediate
Release of Funds                                      Tahsildar
                     Calamities      Action
delivery of Service        -                 -                    -
Utilization of funds
Monitoring education        -                -                    -
Gathering feed back
                            -                -                    -
from public
                            -                -                    -
                         Chapter 5
          Norms set for the Discharge of Functions
                    [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]
                                                                      Reference document
                                              Norms /
                                                                        prescribing the
Sl.                                         Standards of     Time
                 Function / Service                                    norms (Citizen's
No                                          performance      Frame
                                                                        Charter Service
                                                                          Charter etc)
                                                                    According to the
       Issue of Patta Pass Book and Title
1                                                           45 DAYS Citizencharter time
2     Assigned Aggriculture Govt. Land                     30 DAYS
3     Disposal of Land Dispute Cases                       30 DAYS
4     Land Demarcation & Survey                            30 DAYS
5     Intigrated Caste Certificaates                       20 DAYS
6     House Site Certificates                              15 DAYS
7     BPL Families Construction of                         15 DAYS
8     Apathbandhu Relief Proposals                         10 DAYS
9     Licenses                                             10 DAYS
10    Birth & Death Certificates                           7 DAYS
11    Certified Copies                                     7 DAYS
12    Renewal of Retail Kerosine Oil                       7 DAYS
13    Position Certificates                                5 DAYS
14    Caste, Income, & House site                          3 DAYS
15    Land Valuation Certificate                           3 DAYS
16    Natural Calamities                                   2 DAYS
17    Attrocities Cases                                    Same Day
                                     Chapter 6
      Rules, Regulations, Instructions, manual and Records, for Discharging
                             [Section 4(1)(b)(v) & (vi)]
Sl.                                                                        Price of the Publication
                 Description                     Gist of Contents
No                                                                                 if priced
                                      Rules & regulations
      The Essential Commodity Act          Commentaries on the Law of
1     1955 Central Control & AP              Essential Commodities                  165.00
      Control Orders                       Central & AP Control Orders

2     Pension Rules & AP Pension Gos              Pension Rules
      Preliminary penalties and
                                              The Administration of
      Procedure Administration of
                                            Evacuee property Act.1950
      Evacuee property rules The
3                                            (Act No.31, 1950) & The                10.00
      Evacuee Interest separation
                                           Evacuee Interest (Separation)
      Act.1951 Table of cases
                                           Act.1951 (Act. No 64, 1951)
      Abbreviation explained
      Central Acts & orders State Govt.     Civil Supplies Acts Rules
4                                                                                   10.50
      Orders Latest Amendment Orders          Orders & regulations
      The Indian Stamp Act & The
      Court Fees Act with the
5     Notification Issued they are under    The Madras Stamp Manual                  5.20
      the Borders Standing orders
      Connected their with
      AP (Telangana Area) Tenancy &
      Agril. Land Act.1950, Hyderabad
      prevention of fragmental &
                                              AP (Telangana Area)
      Consolidation of holding act
6                                            Tenancy & Agril. Lands                 14.00
      1956, Hyderabad Consolidation of
                                                Act.(xxi of 1950)
      Holding Rules 1957, contest of
      Rules under AP (Telangana Area)
      Tenancy Agril. Land Act.1964
      The General Provident Fund (AP) The General Provident Fund
7     Rules Contributory provident fund (AP) Rules & Contributory
      Rules (AP)                        provident fund Rules (AP)
      General permission for the
      Construction or Re-Construction         The AP Cinemas
8                                                                                    0.50
      of a building and installation of    (Regulations) Rules 1962
     General Principals and Methods
9                                        The AP Account Code Vol-1   2.50
     of Accounts
     Pension Spl. Provision applicable
                                          The AP Revised Pension
10   to Govt. Employees Retiring
                                                rules 1980
     Between 01.04.1978 & 28.10.1979

1                    -                                  -              -
2                    -                                  -              -
--                   -                                  -              -
     A compulsion of the Statutory
1    provision Governing Election to       Manual of Election Law     Nil
     Parliament and State Leg.,
     The AP Taluqa Accounts Manual
     The AP Village Accounts Manual,
     Extract of BSO, Village accounts  The AP Revenue Mandals
2                                                                    60.00
        enforce in Telangana Area,    and Village Accounts Manual
       Village accounts not force in
              Telangana Area
        Powers & Duties of Village        Village officers & Ryots
3                                                                    5.25
               officers Misc.                      Manual
     Spl. Pay & Allowances other then    The AP Manual of Spl. Pay
4                                                                    3.00
            Traveling allowances                Allowances
        Conblitution of India Part 3
5                                         AP Service Manual Vol-1
         Fundamental Ryot General
     Complied & Issued Under Orders      Revenue Department Dist.
6                                                                     6.5
                  of Govt.                    Office manual
        Annual Financial Statement
7    Structure of Accounts & Estimate      The AP Budget Manual      0.80
                 Di Finance
1                    -                                  -              -
2                    -                                  -              -
--                   -                                  -              -
1                    -                                  -              -
2                    -                                  -              -
--                   -                                  -              -
                        Chapter 7
Categories of Document held by the Public Authority under
                       its Control
                  [Section 4(1)(b) v (i)]
                                                 Designation and
                                                  address of the
     Category of document Title of the document custodian (held by
                                                under the control
                                                     of whom)
    1. Khasra Pahanies 2.
                                                  K. Srinivas Jr.
 1 Sesala Pahanies            Public Documents
                                                Asst. Tahsil Office,
    i.e.,1955 to 1958
 2 Phanies                  -
 3 Govt., Land Register     Public Documents
 4 Permanent Register       Public Documents
 5 Sethwar and Maps         Public Documents
 6 Vasool Baki              Public Documents
 7 Sources Register         Public Documents
 8 Birth and Death Register Public Documents
                                  Chapter 8
Arrangement for Consultation with, or Representation by the Members of
  the Public in relation to the Formulation of Policy or Implementation
                             [Section 4(1)(b) viii]
                                Arrangements for                   Arrangements for
                               Consultation with or              Consultation with or
        Function /Service   representation of public in       representation of public in
                               relations with policy             relations with policy
                                    formulation                     implementation
1                                                          Public representation are
      Assisgnment Review
                            Meeting are being conducting   keeping on the meeting and
                                                           finalising the issues.
2                                                          Public representation are
      Food Advisory
                            Meeting are being conducting   keeping on the meeting and
                                                           finalising the issues.
3                                                          Public representation are
      Piece Committee       Meeting are being conducting   keeping on the meeting and
                                                           finalising the issues.
4                                                          Public representation are
      Elections Review      Meeting are being conducting   keeping on the meeting and
                                                           finalising the issues.
                         Chapter 9
     Boards, Councils, Committees and other Bodies
         constituted as part of Public Authority
                   [Section 4(1)(b) v(iii)]
                                                Whether its
                                              Meetings open to
Name of Board
                                Powers &      public / Minutes
   Council       Composition
                                Functions      of its Meetings
Committee, etc..
                                               Accessible for
  Govt. Land                   Committee
  Assignment         -         Resouations          YES
  Committee                      Orders
Food Advisiory
                     -             do               YES
 Law & Order
                     -             do               YES
AP Walta
                     -             do               YES
                            Chapter 10
               Directory of Officers and Employees
                       [Section 4(1)(b) (ix)]
     Name of                                               Telephone & Fax
Sl.   Office/          Name Designation & Address of          Office Tel:
No. Administrati              Officer/ Employee             Residence Tel:
      ve Unit                                                    Fax:
 1                  MD. Gulam Mahamood Tahsildar             08464 225242
 2                 K.Srinivas Reddy          Dy.Tahsildar 08464 225242
 3                 G.Govind Reddy            MRI          08464 225242
 4                 Pentaiah                  ARI          08464 225242
 5                 K.Srinivas                J.A.         08464 225242
     TAHSIL                                                                  anand_chowan
 6                                                       08464 225242
      Office       P.Anand Kumar            Sr.Asst.                         @yahoo.co.in
 7   Madnoor       G.Nagseh                 Driver       08464 225242
 8                 E.Jagan Goud             Typist       08464 225242
 9                 Ch.Rajeshkhanna          Attendar     08464 225242
10                 Veeresh                  Attendar     08464 225242
11                 Ramulu                   Attendar     08464 225242
12                 A.Vittal                 Chainmen     08464 225242
13                 and Village Revenue
                            Chapter 11
Monthly Remuneration Received by Officers and Employees,
  Including the System of Compensation as provided in
                        [Section 4(1)(b) (x)]
                                                          System of
                                         Monthly       Compensation to
Sl.                                   Remuneration       determine
No.                                     Including      Remuneration as
                                       Composition         given in
 1                     Tahsildar
      MD. Gulam Mahamood                   22324.00   -
 2    K.Srinivas Reddy Dy.Tahsildar        21501.00   -
 3    G.Govind Reddy   MRI                 12804.00   -
 4    Pentaiah         ARI                 12172.00   -
 5    K.Srinivas       J.A.                 6994.00   -
 6    P.Anand Kumar    Sr.Asst.             7872.00   -
 7    G.Nagseh         Driver               9253.00   -
 8    E.Jagan Goud     Typist               4900.00   -
 9    Ch.Rajeshkhanna  Attendar             6826.00   -
10    Veeresh          Attendar             6826.00   -
11    Ramulu           Attendar             5581.00   -
12    A.Vittal         Chainmen             3131.00   -
                    Chapter 12
Budget Allocated to Each Agency including Plans etc.
                [Section 4(1)(b) xi]
                                                              Report on
             Plan /
                                                                made or
                                                              where such
       eme/Project/Acti    Proposed         Expected
Agency                                                        details are
       vity/Purpose for   Expenditure       Outcomes
                                                            available (web
       which budget is
                                                             site, reports,
                                                             notice board
  -            -               -                -                  -


             Plan /
       Programme/Sch                                                           Budget
                          Amount                               Budget
       eme/Project/Acti                 Amount spent last                     released
Agency                  Released Last                         Allocated
       vity/Purpose for                      year                             current
                             year                            current year
       which budget is                                                          year

  -            -               -                -                  -          -
                     Chapter 13
      Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
                 [Section 4(1)(b) xii]

 Name of                       Eligibility      Designation of
             Nature /Scale
Programme                  criteria for grant   officer to grant
              of Subsidy
 / Activity                    of subsidy            subsidy
     -             -                 -                  -

 Name of
             Application       Sanction         Disbursement
              Procedure        Procedure          Procedure
 / Activity
     -            -                 -                  -
                            Chapter 14
            Manner of Execution of Subsidy Programmes
                       [Section 4(1)(b) xii]
                    Institutional Beneficiaries
                                                                           Name &
                                         Nature /
 Sl.        Name & address of                                             Designation
                                       quantum of         Date of Grant
 No.        recipient institutions                                        of granting
                                      benefit granted
           Smt. Shakuntala,                              29.10.2007
  1        W/o.Yerrapa, Somur            Rs.9000/-                        Dist. Collr
           Village, Madnoor Mandal
           Smt. Laxmi Bai
  2        W/o,Lallu, Menoor,           Rs.20000/-      7.02.2007         Dist. Collr
                                                                           Name &
                                         Nature /
 Sl.        Name & address of                                             Designation
                                       quantum of         Date of Grant
 No.        recipient institutions                                        of granting
                                      benefit granted
         Smt. Manorama, W/o.
       1                             Rs.5000/-          12.01.2006        Tahsildar
       2                             Rs.5000/-          12.01.2006        Tahsildar

         Kalvathibai. W/o.
       3                             Rs.5000/-          21.11.2007        Tahsildar
         Kheema, R/o.Geojegaon,
         Durpathibai W/o.
       4 Peerajee R/o.Sonala         Rs.5000/-          21.11.2007        Tahsildar
       5 Laxmibai W/o. Bhujang       Rs.5000/-          21.11.2007        Tahsildar
       6 Jamunabai W/o. Shanker      Rs.5000/-          21.11.2007        Tahsildar
                        Individual Beneficiaries
                                                                           Name &
                                         Nature /
 Sl.        Name & address of                                             Designation
                                       quantum of         Date of Grant
 No.        recipient institutions                                        of granting
                                      benefit granted
       1 W/o.Veeraiah,               50000/-            8.10.2007         Dist. Collr
         Madhanhipperga (V)
                         Chapter 15
     Information Available in Electronic Form
                [Section 4(1)(b) x(iv)]

              (site                        Designation and
            address /                       address of the
Electronic                 Contents or
            location                         custodian of
  format                      Title
             Where                        information (held
            available                         by whom?)
                                         Chapter 16
           Particulars of Facilities available to Citizens for obtaining Information

                                    [Section 4(1)(b) xv]

                         Description (Location of       Details of Information Made
                         facility/Name etc..)           available
Notice board             Tahsil Office, Madnoor         As per citizen cherter
News Paper Reports       Public Relation Officer,       Pubblished in the Dist. Edition
Public                   In this Jurisdication of the
                                                        Through VSS X VRO's
Announcements            Mandal
Information Counter      Inward Asst.,                  Inward and Out Ward
                         Under Land Acquistion
Publication s            cases in concenred Tahsil      Record
                         Office, Madnoor
Office Library                                          Record
Websites                                                Record
Other Facilities
                   Chapter 17
Names, Designations and other Particulars of Public
              Information Officers
               [Section 4(1)(b) xvi]

      Public Information Officer (s)
        Name of
                                             Office Tel:
Sl.      Office       Name & Designation
                                           Residence Tel &         Email
No. Administrative            of PIO
      Tahsil Office, K.Srinivas Reddy,
    1                                                225242
        Madnoor      Dy. Tahsildar
                     P.Anand Kumar,                           anand_chowan@yah
    2                                                225242
                     Sr.Asst.,                                     oo.co.in

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