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									                                                                            Form 7

                             Input Authorisation

                         Please Fax to 01253 777739
Month/ Tax Week Number                                        Final Data?

Company Name

Company Number

                          Enclosed with this advice are:

No of Sheets                       Description of Input

                  The above items are authorised for payment:

Please tick if there is no input for this particular period

Authorised Signatory                                             Date
Company Name                                                                                                                 Company Number
                                                                               New Starter/ Changes/ Leaver Form
             ** Please tick the relevant box below. In the case of a new starter, please complete as many details as possible. In the case of a change, complete employee number, name and the change to be made
New Employee**                                                                                                               Pension Details
Change to Details only**                                                                                                     Employee Contribution                          % or £
                                                                                                                             Employer Contribution                          % or £
Employee No.                                                                                                                 Employee AVC Contribution                      % or £
Forename                                                                                                                     Leaver Details
Title (Mr, Mrs, etc)                                                                                                         Leaving Date
                                                                                                                             Pay this time?                                 Yes/ No?
Date of Birth                                                                                                                Holiday Pay Due                                                    £
Start Date                                                                                                                   Loans to be recovered                                              £
Sex                                                                                                                          Advances to be recovered                                           £
Pay Method                                           T = Transfer, C = Cheque                                                Other Payments/ Deductions
                                                                                                                             1                                              Pay/ Deduct? £                         Insert Title
Department (optional)                                4 Digits                                                                2                                              Pay/ Deduct? £                         Insert Title
Group level 1 (optional)                             4 Digits                                                                3                                              Pay/ Deduct? £                         Insert Title

Address                                                                                                                      Director                         Yes/ No?
                                                                                                                             NI to be deducted a) Cumulativelyor b) Monthly
                                                                                                                             Date Directorship Commenced if a) above

                                                                                                                             Bank/Building Society Details
                                                                                                                             Sort Code                                                          6 digits
Postcode                                                                                                                     Account Number                                                     8 digits
                                                                                                                             Building Soc. Ref.

Tax Code                                                                                                                     P45 Details
Tax Basis                                            Week 1/ Month 1                                                         Earnings (P45)
NI Table Letter                                      NI table used                                                           Tax (P45)
NI Number                                                                                                                    Leaving Date (P45)
Pay Frequency                                                                                                                Previous Tax Office Ref (P45)                                      EDI Customers Only
Salary                                                     Every                   Month/ Week/ Fortnight/ 4 weeks           Previous Employers Ref (P45)                                       EDI Customers Only
Hourly Rate                                                                                                                  Student Loan (P45)
Weekly hours worked                                                                                                                                                        Y if Student Loan to be recovered

Normal working days                SUN               MON             TUE           WED             THURS          FRI        SAT

       Authorised Signatory                                                                                                  Date

                                                                                d17980e2-0fe8-4318-a33d-4a19b312a4d6.xls                                                                                                   Page 2
                         New Starter Year to Date Details Form
Company Name                                                                                         Co No

Employee No.

Totals to Date
Taxable gross pay to date                             Column 3 P11 (2002)

Tax to date                                           Column 6 P11 (2002)
Student Loans**                                       Column 1j P11 (2002)                                         Yes/No

National Insurance (NI) - please separate the NI figures for each different NI letter used in the current tax year
Employers Contribution                                Column 1d minus 1e P11 (2002)

Employee's Contribution                               Column 1e P11 (2002)

NI'able Gross Earnings
up to LEL                                             Column 1a P11 (2002)

LEL to Threshold                                      Column 1b P11 (2002)

Threshold to UEL                                      Column 1c P11 (2002)

SSP                                                   Column 1h P11 (2002)

SMP***                                                Column 1i P11 (2002)

Pension Details                         Tax Year                                                Pension Yr
Employee Contribution                                 Employee Contribution
Employer Contribution                                 Employer Contribution
Employee AVC Contribution                             Employee AVC Contribution
                                        (Complete Pension Year Figures if Pension year doesn't end at 5th April)

 ** Please indicate if the Student Loan is still being deducted
*** Please supply a copy of form MATB1 for any ongoing Maternity Pay

Authorised Signatory

                                     EMPLOYEE LEAVER FORM
                                              Company Name                      Company Number         Week / Month

Employee No                         Surname                          Forenames                   Initials       Title

LEAVING DETAILS                                                SICKNESS
Reason for Leaving. Please Indicate:
Resignation Redundancy         Dismissal                       Absent in Last 7 Days Prior to Date of Leaving

                                                                  If Yes, Please State the Period of Sickness
Other (Please Specify)              Leaving Date                          From                          To

                Holiday Pay (Value or Number of Days)                Payment in Lieu of Notice              Taxable?
£                                   DAYS                             £                                         No
     Other / Miscellaneous                                 Description

      Company Loans                Other / Miscellaneous                           Description
£                              £
Pension Deduction in Final Month

    Is the employee a Director?


AUTHORISED SIGNATURE                                                                       DATE
                                                 Allowance Changes

Company Name                                                                Week/ Month Ending

Company Number                                                                  Tax Period

                                            Permanent    Office
Employee No.     Surname         Initials   or One Off   Use       Amount            Details/ Description


          Authorised Signatory                                                        Date
                                                  Deduction Changes

Company Name                                                           Week/ Month Ending

Company Number                                                             Tax Period

                                          Permanent    Office
Employee No.      Surname      Initials   or One Off   Use    Amount            Details/ Description


        Authorised Signatory                                                 Date
                                          Hours & Overtime Notification

                                                                           Week/ Month Ending

Company Number                                                                         Tax Period

                                                            Number of Overtime Hours at
                                         Basic                                                                  Description    Cash
Employee No.     Surname        Initials Hours       O/T Flat   Time 1/3    Time 1/2     Double T   O/T Other    of Other     Amount


         Authorised Signatory                                                          Date
                                                           Sickness Notification

                                                                                               Week/ Month Ending
Company Name
                                                                                                          Tax Period
Company Number

                                                                 Last Date
                                                   First Date of of           Ongoing       Date of       No of Days       Action to be taken
Employee No.      Surname               Initials   Sickness      Sickness     Yes / No      Return        off Work         (See below)

                  SSP Action: 1=Reduce any SSP payable off Basic Pay, 2=Reduce Basic pay by number of days off work and pay SSP only.

        Authorised Signatory                                                                              Date
                      Notification of Maternity Pay

  Payment for Week/ Month

  Company Number

  Company Name

  Employee Number

  Employee Name

  Last Day Worked

  SMP Start Paying Date

  Date Baby due

  Occupational Maternity Pay due
   Please supply details of any additional payment you wish to make to this employee

Please attach a copy of MATB1 as supplied by your employee

  Authorised Signatory                                                            Date

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