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       A. Creation and Maintenance of the Custom Site

          Register.com shall host and maintain a domain name registration site
          comprised of templates that may be customized by Customer using the
          RCOM Express software (the "Licensed Software"; such site the "Custom
          Site"). The Custom Site will enable Register.com's domain registration
          and registrar services to be made available to Customer's end users (the
          "Customer End Users" who, once they avail themselves of Register.com's
          services on the Custom Site, shall be "Referred Users"). Customer hereby
          grants to Register.com and Register.com accepts a limited, non-exclusive,
          revocable, non-transferable right during the Term (as defined in the
          Master Services Agreement) to use, display, transmit, distribute and
          reproduce the Customer graphical logo and trademark(s) (collectively, the
          "Customer Marks") on the Custom Site for the purpose of promoting the
          Custom Site. Customer shall have the ability to place such Customer
          Marks on the Custom Site.

       B. Integration

          Customer shall supply a domain name (the "Domain Name") which will
          become the URL of the Custom Site. Customer shall link the Customer's
          Web Site to the Custom Site through text link(s), button(s) and banner(s)
          (collectively, the "Service Access Options"). The parties shall cooperate,
          each at its own expense, in selecting the appropriate Service Access
          Options for Customer's Web Site(s), and the placement thereof, to enable
          Customer to make the Custom Site and the Services (as hereinafter
          defined) available to the Customer End Users. Customer shall make the
          Service Access Options available and operative on Customer's Web Site(s)
          within ten (10) business days following notification from Register.com of
          the availability of the Custom Site.

       C. Services Provided by Register.com

          Register.com shall make domain name registration services, email
          services, URL forwarding services, hosted DNS services, digital
          certificate services, starter website services and other services, as further
          described below (collectively, the "Services"), available to Customer for
resale to Customer End Users through the Custom Site. Prior to receiving
any of the Services, Customer End Users must agree to be bound by the
terms and conditions of Register.com's standard End User Agreement, as
such End User Agreement may be updated and revised from time to time.
Customer acknowledges that the fulfillment by Register.com of certain
Services is subject to oversight by third parties, including, without
limitation, the rules, regulations and policies of the Internet Corporation of
Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN"), the U.S. Department of
Commerce, various registry administrators and certain contractual
agreements between Register.com and such registry administrators and
other technical service providers (collectively, as they may be amended
from time to time, the "Third Party Obligations"). Notwithstanding
anything to the contrary herein, Register.com reserves the right to modify
the Services provided hereunder in order to comply with any such Third
Party Obligations.

   1. URL Forwarding

       URL Forwarding provides Referred Users with the capability to
       forward visitors to a domain name residing on Register.com's DNS
       servers to a Web site designated by Referred Users (a "forward to
       address"). Customer may manage URL Forwarding using the
       Licensed Software, account management tool or Custom Site.

   2. Website Builder

       Website Builder provides Referred Users with the ability to create
       and post Web sites ("User Web Sites").

   3. Electronic Mail

       Register.com's electronic mail service provides Referred Users
       with the capability to send and receive electronic mail. Customer
       may manage the electronic mail services from the Licensed
       Software, account management tool or the Custom Site.

   4. Digital Certificates

       Registrar may offer certain digital security services, including,
       without limitation, QuickSSLTM, QuickSSL PremiumTM,
       TrueBusinessID®, and TrueBusinessID® Wildcard (collectively,
       "Certificate Services"). Customer agrees that if Customer chooses
       to resell Register.com's digital certificate services, Customer will
       bound by the terms and conditions of Register.com's Digital
       Certificates Reseller Agreement, located at
       http://www.rcomexpress.com/help/rx_certsagreement.asp, as
          modified by Register.com from time to time, and which is
          incorporated herein and made part of this Agreement by reference.

      5. RCOM Shield

          Registrar may offer a domain masking service, called RCOM
          Shield. RCOM Shield allows Referred Users to protect the
          confidentiality of their personal contact information by registering
          their domain names in the name of a third party company, Whois,
          Privacy Protection, Inc., whose contact information will be
          displayed in the public "Whois" record instead of theirs. Customer
          agrees that if Customer chooses to resell Register.com's domain
          masking service, Customer will be bound by the terms and
          conditions of the RCOM Shield Services Agreement, to be posted
          on the website located at www.rcomexpress.com, as modified by
          Register.com from time to time, and which is incorporated herein
          and made part of this Agreement by reference.

D. Referred User Support

   Customer shall be responsible for any actions it takes on behalf of users,
   including through its use of Domain Manager, any renewal or deletion of a
   Service (or a request to Register.com to renew or delete a Service), and for
   all initial customer support of Referred Users with respect to the Services.
   Customer must provide support to Referred Users through email and
   telephone on a 24x7 basis, 365 days per year. In addition, all support must
   be provided within twelve hours of a Referred User's request and an
   escalation path must be established for problems that cannot be solved
   through standard procedures and/or channels. Customer shall attempt to
   resolve all Referred User problems before contacting Register.com with
   requests for assistance and only Senior Managers of Customer may
   contact Register.com with requests for assistance. Register.com shall have
   the right to terminate this Agreement if Customer fails to provide adequate
   Referred User support, as determined by Register.com in its reasonable

E. Customer and Referred User Support

   Register.com shall provide reasonable support to Customer during the
   Term, from 8am to 5pm ET within the United States Monday through
   Friday, excluding holidays ("Normal Business Hours"), to handle inquiries
   from Customer regarding the Custom Site and the Services. In addition,
   Register.com will provide customer support via email to Referred Users
   during Normal Business Hours; however, Customer shall not make any
   representations regarding the support to be provided by Register.com to
   Referred Users without Register.com's prior written consent.
F. Customer Responsibilities.

      1. Services Agreement

          As part of the Service order process, Customer End User must
          execute Register.com's Services Agreement by checking the "I
          accept" box; Register.com shall not provide Services to any
          Customer End User who has not executed the Services Agreement.
          Customer agrees to enforce the applicable provisions of
          Register.com's Services Agreement, located at
          http://www.rcomexpress.com/help/rx_agreement.asp. In the event
          that Customer itself orders any Service on behalf of its Customer
          End Users, Customer agrees that it shall cause such Customer End
          Users to be bound by Register.com's Services Agreement or shall
          itself execute such Services Agreement as agent for its Customer
          End Users as disclosed principals. Customer shall be fully
          responsible and liable for any actions it takes on behalf of or as
          agent for Customer End Users, including without limitation
          through Customer's use of Domain Manager (as defined herein).

      2. Domain Manager

          Customer shall have access to the RCOM Express Domain
          Manager ("Domain Manager") via the Custom Site and shall
          provide access only to those employees of Customer that are
          authorized by Customer ("Authorized Users"). Only Authorized
          Users shall have access to Domain Manager. Without limiting the
          foregoing, Customer shall be responsible for all access to Domain
          Manager by Customer's employees, agents, representatives, or any
          other parties, other than Register.com, who are given access by
          Customer to Domain Manager and Customer shall be responsible
          for any actions taken by any of the foregoing. Through Domain
          Manager, Customer will have the ability to manage settings,
          including but not limited to renewal and email settings and shall
          have the ability to view domains under management and run
          reports. Customer shall be solely responsible for any actions it
          takes on behalf of Referred Users, including through its use of
          Domain Manager.

G. Registrations and Renewals

   As between Register.com and Customer, Customer shall be solely
   responsible for any registration, renewal or deletion of a Service for a
   Referred User. For the registration and renewal of domain name
   registrations, Customer may select only one of the following settings by
   selecting such setting in Domain Manager:
          1. Customer shall be responsible for any registration or renewal
             notices and processes, including collecting fees from the Referred
             User and making payments to Register.com (Register.com will not
             be performing the billing functions) ("Option 1"); or
          2. Customer shall be responsible for any registration notices and
             processes, but Register.com shall send Referred Users a renewal
             reminder at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the renewal date
             of the Service ("Renewal Notice") that would direct such users to
             Customer's billing interface or Customer's customer support for
             renewal in which case Customer will collect the fees and make
             payments to Register.com (Register.com will not be performing
             the billing functions) ("Option 2"); or
          3. Register.com will facilitate the registration and renewal processes,
             including billing the Referred User's credit card and emailing a
             Renewal Notice to the Referred Users, subject to payment of the
             fees set forth in Section 2.A of this Agreement (the "Commission

       If Customer selects Option 2 or the Commission Option above, Customer
       acknowledges and agrees that Register.com has no responsibility if the
       email address provided by the Referred User is inaccurate, or if the
       Referred User fails to receive a renewal notice. If Customer selects Option
       1 or 2 above, Customer acknowledges that Customer is responsible for all
       billing functions associated with renewals and payments to Register.com
       in accordance with Section 2.D below. Customer further agrees that if
       Customer (i) fails to replenish its Deposit Amount (as defined herein) so
       that the balance is zero for a period of seventy-two (72) hours, (ii)
       becomes insolvent, or (iii) fails to provide adequate End User Support so
       that the End User relies on Register.com for support, Register.com shall
       have the option either to change Customer's setting to the Commission
       Option, or to terminate this Agreement, and shall not have the obligation
       to pay any Commissions to Customer (as defined in Section 2.A of this
       Agreement) for doing so.

    H. Promotion

       Customer agrees to include above the fold on such pages of Customer's
       Web Site, as mutually agreed by the parties, a link or direct link to the
       Custom Site. In addition, if the parties mutually agree, they shall
       undertake a joint marketing campaign to promote the Services.


    A. Commissions and Handling/Processing Fees
   If Customer elects to have Register.com process referred User payments
   under the Commission Option, Register.com will pay Customer a
   commission for the registration and/or renewal of each Service for the
   amount collected by Register.com, less the service fee, as set forth on
   Customer's Fee Schedule, and the Handling/Processing Fee (defined
   below) (the "Commission"). Customer may determine the retail price to
   charge on for the Services at its sole discretion, but in no event shall such
   retail price be less than the rates set forth in Exhibit A and the
   Handling/Processing Fees. Customer may collect the Commission
   payments via Domain Manager; provided that, such Commissions payable
   are at least $25.00 and are for transactions aged ninety (90) days or more.
   The fee for handling and processing transactions services is 95 cents
   ($0.95) plus 3% of the total charge for Services ordered by a Referred
   User during a single purchase session (the "Transaction"; such fee, the
   "Handling/Processing Fee"). Register.com may change its
   Handling/Processing Fees and/or credit policies at any time in its sole
   discretion. Customer is responsible for paying all Handling/Processing
   Fees, applicable taxes and all amounts and costs related to charge-backs,
   including the amount of the charge-back itself. Customer's responsibility
   for all charge-back-related fees and amounts will continue even in
   instances where the charge-back has been initiated after Customer has
   received the Commission for Transactions related to the chargeback. In
   such case the amounts owed by Customer in relation to such chargebacks
   shall be deducted from any future Commissions.

B. User Billing and Collection

   Except as set forth in Section 2.A, Customer shall be solely responsible for
   processing all billing for Referred Users and for all collection relating
   thereto. Customer shall accept sole liability for any fraud, chargebacks or
   nonpayment by Referred Users.

C. Annual Fee

   The annual subscription fee for RCOM Express is one hundred and
   twenty-five dollars ($125.00) (the "Annual Fee") and shall include the fee
   for the Domain Name. Customer shall pay the Annual Fee by wire, check,
   or credit card. The Annual Fee is non-refundable. The Annual Fee will be
   charged on or about the Effective Date and annually on the anniversary
   thereof throughout the Term.

D. Payments to Register.com

   If Customer selects Option 1 or 2, Customer shall pre-pay for all renewal
   Services by depositing no less than $250.00 US with Register.com (the
   "Deposit Amount"). Customer acknowledges and agrees that the fees for
   the renewal Services, as set forth on Customer's Fee Schedule, will be
       debited from the Deposit Amount on a regular basis. Customer may
       provide the Deposit Amount by credit card using Domain Manager or by
       sending a check or wire payment to Register.com. Check payments should
       be mailed to: Register.com, Inc.; General Post Office; P.O. Box 27335;
       New York, NY 10087-7335. Customer acknowledges any check or wire
       payment will require a manual processing period of up to ten (10) days
       before such funds will be available in the Deposit Amount. Customer
       acknowledges that orders for Services will not be processed if the fees for
       the Services exceed the amount of the Deposit Amount. Customer
       acknowledges it is Customer's obligation to monitor the Deposit Amount
       and replenish the Deposit Amount accordingly. Within ninety (90) days
       from the termination of this Agreement, any funds in the Deposit Amount
       in excess of the amounts owed will be returned to Customer.

    E. Audit Rights

       Customer agrees to make and to maintain until the expiration of three (3)
       years after the year to which such records pertain, sufficient books,
       records and accounts relating to all payments to be made pursuant to this
       Agreement. Register.com will have the right, exercisable not more than
       twice every twelve (12) months, to appoint an independent certified public
       accountant, at its own expense, to inspect upon reasonable notice and
       during normal business hours, Customer's relevant records to verify the
       accuracy of payments made under the terms of this Agreement. If any
       such examination discloses a shortfall of more than five percent (5%) in
       the payments due hereunder, Customer shall reimburse Register.com for
       the full amount of such shortfall and shall pay the reasonable costs of such


    A. Status

       Beginning on the date the Custom Site is made available to the public (the
       "Launch Date") and for the remainder of the Term, Customer shall not
       advertise or promote any other domain name registration service more
       prominently than Register.com's Services on Customer's web site. In
       addition, Customer agrees to notify Register.com within seven (7) days of
       applying to become an ICANN-accredited registrar and Register.com
       reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time following the
       receipt of such notification.

    B. Transfer

       Customer shall use reasonable commercial efforts to recommend to the
         Customer End Users to transfer any domain names not registered with
         Register.com to Register.com as the registrar, with Customer as the
         primary domain name services provider. Transfer of domain name
         procedures shall be available from the Custom Site. Each domain name
         transferred to Register.com shall be subject to the same Commission
         payment to Customer as names originally registered by Register.com on
         the Custom Site.

     C. User Information

         Register.com and Customer shall each have all rights in the Referred User
         information needed to provide the Services (collectively, the "Referred
         User Information") collected by Register.com and Customer during and
         after the Term (as defined in the Reseller Agreement), subject to WHOIS
         disclosure and any other obligations or restrictions imposed by ICANN or
         other Third Party Obligations, including the obligation to license WHOIS
         information to third parties pursuant to ICANN requirements.


  By signing this Agreement, Customer acknowledges it has read, understood, and
  agrees to be bound by all of the terms of Register.com's Master Services
  Agreement ("Master Agreement") accessible at http://www.register.com/service-
  agreement-masterreseller.cgi?, as it may be amended from time to time by
  Register.com. The Master Agreement is hereby incorporated and made a part of
  this Agreement by reference for all purposes.


  Customer may, at any time, elect to offer the Services using the Third Party
  Protocol ("TPP") or TPP Direct Reseller Solutions. In the event that Customer
  elects to offer the Services using either such platform, Customer agrees to be
  bound by the applicable Reseller Services Agreement: in the case of TPP, the
  agreement located at http://www.rcomexpress.com/TPPAPIAgreement.asp; and in
  the case of TPP Direct, the agreement located at
  http://www.rcomexpress.com/TPPDirectAgreement.asp, as such agreements may
  be amended from time to time.


                              Fee Schedule for gTLDs
  Registrations, Renewals, Transfers of Registrar to          Fee/year
  gTLDs (.com, .net., org, .biz, .info)                       $15
  .name w/email forwarding                                    $20
     .name w/o email forwarding                                 $15


                                Fee Schedule for ccTLDs
     Registrations, Renewals, Transfers         Fee/Year                    Term
     of Registrar to Register.com
     .tv                                        $45                         1 yr
     .be                                        $16                         1 yr
     .tc                                        $75                         1 yr
     .vg                                        $75                         1 yr
     .ms                                        $75                         1 yr
     .gs                                        $75                         1 yr
     .de                                        $35                         1 yr
     .jp                                        $95                         1 yr
     .co.nz, .net.nz, .org.nz                   $75                         1 yr
     .cn                                        $55                         1 yr
     .co.uk, .org.uk                            $25                         2 yrs
     .ca                                        $25                         1 yr
     .ws                                        $65                         2 yrs
     .us                                        $18                         1 yr
     .cc                                        $95                         2 yrs


                                  Additional Services
     Hosted DNS: DNS services for domains not             $5/name/year
     registered through Register.com
     Email: POP and web-based email: pack of 10 email     $45/ten mailbox
     POP boxes. 20 megabytes space per box                pack/year
     URL Forwarding                                       $1/url/year
     Email Forwarding                                     $1/up to 100 email
     Additional Storage Per Email Box (10MB)   $7.95/email box/year


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