Building quick _ dirty SEO Tools A Cheat Sheet _ Inspiration by hjkuiw354


									     Building quick & dirty SEO Tools
        A Cheat Sheet & Inspiration
  Sources                                                Magic                                        Horsepower

  APIs (more on programmable web)                        YQL – Yahoo! Query Language                  Crawlers / Scrapers
  AdWords – Keywords                                                                                  Mozenda
  Alchemy – Structured data & text                       select * from html where                     80legs
  Bing – Search, news, spelling                          url=“<url>" and                              Google App Engine
  Evri – Sentiment and popularity                        xpath=“<xpath>“                              Amazon Web Services – Face detection
  Facebook – Social graph                                select * from html where                     Human Touch
  Google Analytics – Visitor data                        url=“<url>"                                  Amazon Mechanical Turk
  Hostip – Geo data                                                                                   Smartsheet (interface to Mechanical
  LinkedIn – Professional data                           select * from feed where                     Turk)
  Pingdom – Website uptime                               url=“<url>”                                  oDesk
  Postrank (1, 2, 3) – real-time & influence
  Rapleaf – Social media profiles                        select * from search.web where               Python
  Twitter – Real time and social                         query = “<query>"                            Since Python is the language of Google
  ... And of course:                                                                                  App Engine, here is how you can use
  Linkscape – Links                                                                                   YQL easily within Python:
                                                         xpath (more examples)
                                                         /foo – the element ‘foo’                     Download source – extract to yql folder
  Data (more on infochimps)                              //bar – all elements ‘bar’                   within your application – US government data                          foo/bar – all bar elements children of foo
                                                         foo//bar – bar arbitrary levels below foo    import yql – UK government data
                                                         foo/*/bar – bar grandchildren of foo         y = yql.Public()
  Delicious list – from Peter Skomoroch
                                                         foo/* - all children elements of foo         result = y.execute(“<yql
  Google Public Data - Directory
                                                         foo/@bar – bar attribute on foo              query>”)
  Guardian – content and data
  World Bank – finance, health, etc.                     foo/[@bar] – foo with bar attributes
  80legs – prepackaged crawl data                        foo/[@bar=baz] – where attribute=baz

By Will Critchlow, First published:

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