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Employee Induction Program Citi Bank document sample

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									 HR Business Briefing July 2010

HR Business Briefing
Talent Mobility 2020

 HR Business Briefing July 2010

  Mark Carter
  PwC HR Services

                                  July 2010
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 HR Business Briefing July 2010

  Part 1
  Talent Profile & Strategy @ Citi Ireland
  Cecilia Ronan
  Citi Ireland

  Part 2
  Engaging & Developing Gen Y -
  Social Media, Social Recruiting & the New Economy
  Lucian Tarnowski
  Brave New Talent

HR Business Briefing July 2010

Background – “Managing Tomorrow’s People”

• Series explores how people & HR challenges for corporations might
  evolve up to 2020 and the implications for people management

• Latest (4th) report examines the impact of global mobility trends upon
  the composition of the workforce and the significance of international
  working in the cycle of the employee experience

• This new report looks at how changing demographics and technology
  advances may influence talent mobility policies and practices

HR Business Briefing July 2010

Talent Mobility 2020 – The next generation of international assignments
A mobile world where….?

• Most talented have agents
• Needs highly differentiated across different generations
• Global passports allow fluid travel
• Overseas assignments seen as a ‘rite of passage’ - a lynchpin of
  millennials career advancement
• Have greater influence on organisational philosophy
• More East-West-East movement
• Increased data privacy concerns due to positional monitoring etc

HR Business Briefing July 2010

Talent Mobility 2020 – The next generation of international assignments
A mobile world where….?

 • Greater talent mobilisation: 50% more assignments, average 33 host
 • Large drop in ‘executive’ assignments
 • Altered mobility policies
 • More “destination pay and local plus” remuneration methodologies
 • Simplified LTI & equity remuneration design
 • Comprehensive global management reporting capabilities, employee
   tracking and payroll reporting facilitated via technology (GPS tracking etc)
 • B2B collaboration removing some of the barriers to mobility

HR Business Briefing July 2010

Talent Mobility 2020 – The next generation of international assignments
A mobile world where….?

• Increased collaboration with business eg co-investment in sustainable
  initiatives for particular regions from which both assignees and local
  populations benefit
• Lessening of immigration barriers by some (eg with aging workforces) in bid
  to stimulate their economy
• Stricter control and enforcement of some regulations (eg taxes) but greater
  facilitation for compliant organisations to avoid them drowning in ‘red tape’

 HR Business Briefing July 2010

                                  Part 1
                                  Talent Profile & Strategy @ Citi Ireland

                                  Cecilia Ronan
                                  Citi Ireland

                                                                             July 2010
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Talent Profile & Strategy - Citi Ireland

Cecilia Ronan

July 2010
Citi Ireland’s Evolution 1965-2010
                                     700 Staff                                                   2,000 Staff
                                    Split across                                                Two Locations
    Operations Hub
    Operations Hub                Multiple High Cost
                                                         Business Management
                                                         Business Management                 Integrated Business
                                      Locations                 Centre
                                                                Centre                              Model

                            Regional Service Centre              1,200 Staff              European Bank HQ
                            Regional Service Centre             Single Location
                                                                                          European Bank HQ
                                                               Siloed Businesses

   1996                  1999           2001            2003             2005             2007            2009              2011

                                                                                                          Compelling Value
                                                                   Citibank Europe Plc.                     Proposition
                                                                   Bank Headquarters

                                    Citibank Ireland            Mid Cost Environment –
                                   Financial Services            Low Cost Extensions                               Talent

                                Mid Cost Environment –            Centre for Regional
                                                                                                     Tools &
                                 Low Cost Extensions              & Global Businesses

    Operations Hub                 Evolving Business            Research, Development
                                     Management                  Innovation & Learning                     Execution
                                                                                                           Excellence       Value
 Low Cost Environment
                                  Reengineering & €             Operations Management
   Multi Lingual Staff               conversion                         Centre

   Highly Educated                Diverse Workforce              Experienced Workforce

     Growing                     Transforming                         Innovating                         Performing
Citi Workspace Dynamics
 Total population – 2000 Employees
 2 locations, Dublin and Waterford
 Gender Ratio Female : Male – 48:52
 Average length of service – 5 years
 Average age – 32 years
 Education – 82% 3rd level

       Learning & Development
       Learning & Development                      Diversity & Social Engagement
                                                   Diversity & Social Engagement
                                                                  • Position of Citi as the
• Proprietary to Cit Ireland                    Citi Identity       Employer of Choice in
• Leveraging External education                 Citi Women          our industry
                                                Citi Parents      • To create an inclusive
• Partnership with Irish Institute of Banking                       and supportive work
• Externally Accredited                         Citi disAbility

   Corporate Social Responsibility
   Corporate Social Responsibility                    High Performance Culture
                                                      High Performance Culture
 The Community Affairs Group (CAG)
 is responsible for managing the                   Transparency           Performance
 company’s charitable contributions,
 employee volunteerism, fundraising,                 2nd Level
 community links and recommending                     Reward
                                                        9%               Behaviour / Skill
 projects for Citi Foundation funding.
The Inside – Out Culture

                     Attain Financial Success
                 Maintain a premium in the market

                       Attain Growth in Demand
                 Experience Financial Success

                    Inspire Customer Loyalty
                 Improve Customer Satisfaction

                   Fulfil the Employee Promise
2010 People Strategy – Citi Ireland

            Employer Brand
            Employer Brand                           Employee Experience
                                                     Employee Experience

    Internal Communication                              Rewards and Recognition

   Senior Leadership                                               People Support &




Change Management                       Points                    Measurement Systems

  External Marketing                                        Learning and Development

                  Working Environment            Performance Management

                   Recruitment and Induction        Team Management
Talent Development Pyramid
Addressing the needs of talent at all levels.

                                             Executive Development
                              •   Leadership Development
                              •   Executive Coaching. Mentor Program.

                                    High Potential Development
                  •    Top Gun Programme consisting of a management development. Programme        Leading
                       over 6 months. Assignments, coaching and assessment elements included.
                  •    VP Development Program. MBA Sponsorship. Chartered Banker Program.

                      Fundamental Management Development
             •   Citi Cert in People Management – variety of individual modules that cover
                 the essential aspects of People & Performance management. Incorporating
                 a skills workshop.
             •   Master Class Series. New Manager Networking Forum.

                        Employee Development                                                    Contributing

        •   Career Paths, Citi Certificate in Applied Financial Services,
            1600+ E-Learning Courses on GLMS, Mentoring, Instructor Led
            Personal Development Core Curriculum of 31 programs.

                      New Hire Induction                                                          Joining
•   Induction Training, Tested Technical Training, On boarding, and
    Career Development Portal.
     Talent/Mobility – Changing Landscape
       What has changed?
Recession/Turbulence – have we
disengaged with talent
• Talent gaps – blind to shortfall?
• Hoarding of talent?
• Networks – more important
• Mobility/Fluidity/Adaptability/diversity –
• Outsourced employee relationships                       Citi countries
                                                          Other countries
• X, Y & T – different motivation styles
• Performance V Potential
• Ability + Engagement + Aspiration

  What will the future look like?
                                               “The key to greatness is to look for
 • Talent development – more strategic
                                                people’s potential and spend time
 • Globalisation of talent
                                                  developing it”. Peter Drucker
 • Tear down old walls – integrated
 • Talent returning home
 • Use talent for innovation
 • Changing landscape of skills & behaviours
 • Hi-potential/Learning exchange
 • Reach out to alumni – contingencies
 • Take a risk on some talent
How do we get there – Organisational Considerations
 Create an integrated architecture & vision for talent
1) Link business strategy to talent needs
2) Attract, recruit, onboard & retain the right people
3) Manage performance
4) Develop people and grow leaders
5) Create ownership

 Optimal talent allocation
 Improve Talent Management Outcomes
 Acknowledge diversity & build a value proposition
 Believe in development and act on those beliefs
 Support from government policies – permits & tax opportunities
 Use technology in optimal way
 Communicate 
In conclusion – Citi Ireland - Building Momentum
     An Execution Framework &         We Have

A Supporting and Complimentary
               Operating Model                        Tra ovatio
   Access to the right Skills and                            orm n &
                                                         Pip     a
                    Proficiency.                            elin tion
         Business Engagement

                                                                                      We are focussing on…

                                                           Continuing to display execution credibility and
                                                                          strategic focus.

                      Information       Research,           …Continuing to evolve current roles to higher
                      Services &       Development,                    value impact roles.
                     Highly skilled    Innovation &
                         talent          Learning           …Continuing to make Ireland the location of
                                                            choice for businesses & people seeking to
                                                                    optimise their value to Citi.

                       Regional         Business
 Operations &
                      Leadership        Alignment
 HR Business Briefing July 2010

 HR Business Briefing
 Talent Mobility 2020

                                  July 2010
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HR Business Briefing July 2010

Employers see talent as critical to business success….

• 97% of global business leaders believe that having the right
  talent in place is important to future business success

• 7 out of 10 rate key talent as critical but believe that there is a
  limited supply of candidates with the right skills

• Almost 80% of global CEOs want to change their talent
  management strategy, and 55% their mobility strategy
                  (13th Annual PwC Global CEO Survey - 2010)

 • 80% of employers say recruitment of key staff is a top issue
                                              (CIPD June 2010)

HR Business Briefing July 2010

….but will employees deliver?

• 33% of UK employees feel unvalued by employers during the
  recession, would leave for another job        (PwC UK 2010)

• 59% of US employees seriously considering leaving their
  present employer or actively looking for new jobs.
                                            (Hay report - quoted in The Economist, May 2010)

• Employee discretionary effort levels dropped by 53% since
  2005 peak; 25% of ‘HiPots’ intend to leave in 2010
   (Corporate Leadership Council – quoted in PwC Saratoga Key Trends in Human Capital 2010)

• More than one in five Irish employees aspiring to work for
  themselves in the longer term
                                                  (“Where Will You Be In 2020”, PwC Survey)
 HR Business Briefing July 2010

 WEF recognises the critical requirement to redeploy
 talent to where it is most needed….
“Human capital will soon rival –
 and may even surpass –
 financial capital as the critical
 economic engine of the future”

“There are no simple answers to
 the complex workforce
 challenges of the 21st century.
 However, increased talent
 mobility will certainly be part of
 the solution”
                         World Economic Forum

                                                   July 2010
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