Brooklyn Detention Center

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					       Brooklyn Detention Center
       1100: Architect


                                                                                                                                                               Water Closets

                                                                                                                LL86/LEED WEp1
                                                                                                               20% Water Savings

                                                                                                         WEc3 (25-40%) 2-4 points                              Bathroom
                                                                                                              IDc1 (45%) 1 points                              Faucets

                                                                                                                                    Basecase   Water Savings

                                                                                                   1                                                                     3

       Through Atelier Ten's guidance,                 This addition and renovation will upgrade         1 EXISTING BUILDING WITH ADDITION
                                                       the center's existing structure to form a           In alignment with PlaNYC's goals for a
       this renovation and expansion will
                                                       cohesive 21st century facility with unified         more sustainable New York City, this
       bring downtown Brooklyn a new                   operations. The project will incorporate            addition will reduce the center's carbon
       state-of-the art, environmentally               sustainability into every aspect of its design      emissions related to vehicle trips and
       friendly facility anticipated to                to ensure long-term environmental benefits          energy use.
                                                       that result in operational cost savings as
       reduce energy costs by 25%, and                                                                   2 WATER SAVINGS
                                                       well as enhancement to the wider local              The project expects to achieve 60% water
       water use by up to 60%. Designed                community. These savings are critical, given        savings through the use of an innovative
       to meet NYC EDC and Local Law                   the nature of the center's around the clock         vacuum flushing system that provides
       86 standards, it will be a symbol of            operations.                                         environmental benefits, cost-savings, and
       design excellence and a source of                                                                   operational/maintenance improvements.
                                                       Focusing on façade optimization, Atelier
       civic pride.                                    Ten is testing and recommending strategies
                                                                                                         3 OVERSHADOWING STUDY
                                                                                                           Atelier Ten examined shadow range of
                                                       to achieve a high level of environmental
                                                                                                           the existing building to inform external
       DETAILS                                         performance without compromising
                                                                                                           shading design decisions. The analysis
                                                       stringent security requirements. Upgrades
       AREA: 420,000 SQF                                                                                   focused on providing optimal daylight to
                                                       to the existing building will improve the
       COST: $420M                                                                                         interior spaces to improve the quality of
       EST COMPLETION DATE: 2015                       center's indoor environment to reflect its
                                                                                                           the interior environment in addition to
                                                       mission of being a safe, secure, humane,
                                                                                                           achieving electric lighting savings while
                                                       dignified and operationally efficient facility.
       SERVICES                                        Energy efficient lighting design, grey water
                                                                                                           still maintaining the necessary security
       ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN CONSULTING                                                                     and privacy requirements.
       ENERGY ANALYSIS                                 recycling, storm water management, a PV
       BENCHMARKING: LEED                              wall, green roof and other energy efficiency
                                                       measures are being pursued to minimize
       LEED GOLD TARGET                                the center’s environmental footprint.

                                     Environmental Design Consultants + Lighting Designers