; Top 3 Ways to Increase Muscle Mass Quick and Fast
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Top 3 Ways to Increase Muscle Mass Quick and Fast


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									Top 3 Ways to Increase Muscle Mass Quick and Fast

If you are looking to build muscle fast then here are some powerful tips.
These tips helps you to build muscles more faster but also to mention that
building muscles is a natural process and you cannot become the next
Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler overnight.

1. Concentrate more on nutrition. Many trainers place more emphasis on
training reps, sets, frequency etc (which is also important) but neglect a
crucial and very significant factor - Nutrition.
Without the right nutrition its not possible to build muscles. So the next
time when you worry about reps and sets, also think about your nutrition.
2. The most discussed part in bodybuilding is the workout sets, reps and
frequency. Here I am not going to give a unique answer to these questions
and I know it will turn into another hot debate. The small tip I am giving
you here is to "experiment yourselves". Just find out what works the best
for you to build muscle size. You can experiment a workout for a smaller
time period say 6 to 12 weeks and record all the progress and take a full
week rest and try a different workout with the same nutrition, may be a
little increase in grams of proteins and carbs as your weight may have
increased, for the same time period as the first one and compare the
results. So you will get a much more clear picture on what worked the best
for you and stick with that routine as long as you see progress.
3. Do more compound lifts such as bench press, dead lifts, squats etc.
Compound lifts works more than one muscle groups, say when you are
bench pressing you are not only working chest but also triceps and
shoulders. Likewise dead lifts works on the back muscles and biceps.
Compound lifts helps you to add more muscle mass. So in a workout
include at least two compound lifts.

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