; Senior Seminar Powerpoint Presentation - Senior Seminar 2008-09
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Senior Seminar Powerpoint Presentation - Senior Seminar 2008-09

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									Senior Seminar
  Green High School
 Guidance Department
    (330) 896-7545
   Complete Credit Check
   Explain Guidance Resources and Procedures
   Identify Post-Graduation Plans
      Senior year goes fast
      Senior Seminar Process

   1. Parents will receive information on the Senior
    Seminar process through presentation and handout
   2. Students will see same presentation in a senior
    level class within the next week
   3. Students will be called into Guidance for small
    group conferences where they will be given folders
    with information, as well as an unofficial copy of their
    transcript and credit check to bring home.
   If you do not find the information in the folder your
    student brings home or on our website, feel free to
    call the Guidance office.
                  Credit Check
Review requirements and note any deficiencies

    4x4                        PLCC
       4 English                   4 English
       4 Social Studies            3 Social Studies
       4 Science                   3 Science
       4 Math                      3 Math
       Health/PE 9/PE 10           Health/PE 9/PE 10
       1 Business Elective or      1 Business Elective or
       Foreign Language or         Foreign Language or
       Fine Art                    Fine Art
       25 Total Credits            25 Total Credits
Check Total Credits
   Make sure all areas are satisfied
   Make sure all OGT tests are passed
   Ohio Honors Diploma
   Award of Merit
   Distinguished Scholar Award
      Access all award requirements in our Curriculum
      Guide or on guidance website
Ohio Core Curriculum for College
English- 4 credits
Mathematics- 3 Credits (a math course should
be taken senior year)
Science- 3 credits (at least one lab)
Social Studies- 3 credits
Foreign Language- 2 or 3 credits
Visual/Performing Arts- 1 credit
It is always good to check with each individual
college to see what their requirements are
         Web Resources

Please refer to website for more resources
Students should be taking these tests in the next
couple months, if not already
When registering, make sure the results are sent
to Green High School. Our school code is 365-
Some schools require the scores sent directly to
them from the testing agency. Make sure you
are aware that the schools you are applying to
require this (ex. Ohio State and Miami Univ.)
You can register for the tests at the
following websites:
SAT- www.collegeboard.com
ACT- www.actstudent.org
Expect to spend at least 45 minutes
You will need a credit card
Differences between ACT and SAT
 How questions appear: No order of
 Penalty for wrong answers: No
 Based on School Curriculum: More than
When it’s offered: 6 times per year (February,
April, June, September [in certain states],
October, December)
Scoring: 1 to 36 for each subject averaged
together for a composite score
When you should register: at least 6 weeks
Structure of test: 4 sections (English, Math,
Reading, Science Reasoning). Make sure to
sign up for the writing portion. Many schools are
requiring it.
Differences between ACT and SAT
 How questions appear: Order of Difficulty
 Penalty for wrong answers: Yes
 Based on School Curriculum: Less than
When it’s offered: 7 times per year (January,
March, May, June, October, November, and
Scoring: 200-800 for Math, Critical Reasoning,
and writing, added together for a composite
When you should register: At least 6 weeks
before the test date
Structure of test: Math, Critical Reasoning, and
Writing Sections
     Military Recruitment
Military representatives visit during lunch
periods in the cafeteria.
Access more information on their websites
Apprenticeship Opportunities
Many opportunities to learn a trade
Ohio Career Information System
 OCIS High School version (also known as High
 School/Middle School) targets grades 9-12. It
 provides comprehensive career information for
 students developing and updating educational
 plans. Using OCIS in high school supports
 lifelong career planning and promotes career
 self-reliance. OCIS includes tools that
 encourage self-assessment, exploration,
 research, goal setting, and decision-making.
 Username: GreenHS Pass: ohiocis03
              Prep HQ
Access college, career, scholarship, and
much more information
Also see statistics about our school- where
our students applied and were accepted
            College Fairs
Stark County College Fair
October 5, 2010
6:00 to 8:00 PM
Canton Memorial Civic Center Auditorium
           College Visits
You should be making college visits now.
Make sure you have paperwork taken
care, preferably 1 week in advance, of so
the absence is excused by the school
(Found in the main office)
Should have teachers sign the form
Allowed 1 excused visit
Talk to admissions representatives when
you visit
   Brochures Can’t Tell You
Make sure you visit the college campus
Reading about the college and visiting are
two different experiences
Brochures are meant to paint a great
picture of the school
Experiencing it firsthand paints the “real”
         Take The Tour
Make sure you take the tour of the campus
Tours offer you a guided view of the
school and show you parts of campus you
may not normally see
Remember to not only pay attention to the
tour but also to what is happening around
you while on the tour
Try to visit on a school day
Questions to Ask When On A
What is the average class size, and the student
to faculty ratio? Are most classes taught by
professors or by teaching assistants?
What is the campus meal plan like? How is the
What is the make-up of the current freshman
class? Is the campus fairly diverse?
What's the social scene like? What kinds of
activities are planned by the college's
Residential Affairs?
What To Pick Up While At The
Be sure to pick up whatever you see
Brochures, Financial Aid Forms, Business
Cards (gives you a personal contact at the
school), School Newspaper, Activity
Calendar, etc.
         Trust Your Gut
It is your decision, don’t pay attention to
what other peoples opinions are
Do you feel comfortable walking around
Do you click with the students and faculty?
Spending time on a campus allows you to
determine if a school is a good match
     Application Procedure
Refer to Guidance Procedures for College
and Scholarship Applications on website
Request letters of recc. early-tell Mrs.
Devitis if letters will be turned in
Do not forget money/check
Remember to sign release of transcript
If you apply online, transcripts still need to
be sent!! See Mrs. Devitis
Do not forget college prep forms!!
Official transcripts cannot be given to
students or parents
Bring completed application, not pieces of
        College Deadlines
Be aware of college deadlines
You should have your applications turned
in by Thanksgiving to be assured
consideration for scholarships
Every college is different- check with your
college for deadlines
Give at least a week to be processed
 Letters of Recommendation
Create a resume of all accomplishments
   Use Resume Builder from Prep HQ found on
    the Guidance website
Students fill out information sheet
Allow two weeks
Remind teachers
It is time to brag about your
accomplishments- do not be modest
           Financial Aid
College Goal Sunday is usually in
February at Akron University, Mount
Union, and Stark State
They will help you fill out the FAFSA
Green High School offers a financial aid
night in the January. This will be posted
on website when a date is confirmed
Access on the guidance website under
Most can be accessed with the link listed
If not, it will refer you to the vertical file in
the Guidance office where you can find the
paper application
Make sure you apply the summer before
your senior year
Apply after your senior year schedule is
Apply even if there is a remote possibility
you might want to play college athletics
You only need to apply if you are attending
a Division I or II school
Make sure to register at
ncaaclearinghouse.org if planning to
compete in Div. I or II athletics
More information at naia.org (ex. Malone
After you apply, make sure to bring Copy 1
and Copy 2 to Mrs. Devitis in guidance
Our website is continually being updated.
Check it out for news and notes, college
information, scholarship info, student
athlete info, PSEO, career info, where are
they now, testing information, etc.

If you have suggestions on additions that
can be made to the site, email me.
Students will be given a copy of their
senior credit check at the end of their
conference to bring home to parents.

If you want a copy of this PowerPoint, it
will be on our website under the “Latest
News” section

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