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					                                Winant Clayton Volunteers
                                St Margaret’s House Tel: 020 8983 3834                            New York Office:
                                21 Old Ford Road St Bartholomew’s Church
                                                                  East 50th Street
Registered Charity No. 296101   London E2 9PL

       Dear Volunteer,

       Thank you for your interest in our volunteer exchange programme for summer
       2010. Please read through these guidelines and be sure you’ve completed
       everything on the checklist before you submit your application. As you will see, we
       have highlighted a number of things to think about before you apply, so that you
       can be sure the programme is right for you.

       The included person specification tells you what we are looking for in our
       volunteers and will help you in filling out the application form. If you do get an
       interview, the questions we ask are geared towards ensuring that you meet the
       person specification. It is worth remembering that we are not necessarily looking
       for people with loads of experience with voluntary/community work. Rather we
       want people from all walks of life to have this unique experience. What really
       matters is the type of person you are, your willingness to do community work, and
       your enthusiasm for the programme.

       The closing date for applications is 28th February 2010 but avoid the rush by
       completing yours as soon as possible! You’ll be notified by email if you’ve been
       selected for an interview, which will take place in London and probably in March.

       The application form can be filled in online and submitted via email. Handwritten
       applications will also be accepted, but we prefer them typed if possible! They can
       be posted to our London office at the address above. To help with our admin costs
       there is a £20 application fee for all applications, details of payment can be found
       in the guidelines.

       Good luck with the application!

       With best wishes

       Gemma Carpenter

       UK Co-ordinator


   You must have a valid BRITISH or IRISH passport. It must be valid for at least 6
    months from your time of departure. Check or apply for your passport now.

   You need to be fit and mobile for all our current placements. If this is an issue
    for you, please contact the office.

   American summers can be very hot and humid. We cannot guarantee that your
    living and working conditions will be air conditioned so if you have a health
    condition, such as certain types of allergies or asthma or high blood pressure,
    make sure that the adverse weather conditions won’t be a problem for you.

   We require successful candidates to undergo a Criminal Records check as our
    placements are with vulnerable groups. Previous convictions will not necessarily
    disqualify you from the programme but must be declared.

   Accommodation while you are working is included in the programme fee. This
    could be with a family or in student/independent accommodation. You won’t
    have a choice about where you live so be flexible and open. Most volunteers live
    independently. However you may be placed with a family (depending on
    placement), who may have pets or children or both. If you suffer from pet
    allergies, please tell us.

   We offer a range of placements working with different client groups. You won’t
    have a choice about where you work or live, so you must be open and flexible to
    most areas of work. You can state if there is a particular client group you would
    feel really uncomfortable with.

   We are actively seeking more applications from men and from minority ethnic
    groups as they are currently under-represented in our organisation.

   We particularly want to receive applications from those from disadvantaged
    backgrounds and we have limited financial aid available. Priority for this
    assistance is given to applicants from Tower Hamlets, Southwark and those of
    Irish heritage.

   Please be sure there are no events in the UK you need to be at during the
    summer before you apply – e.g. graduation, family events, and interviews.

                             PROGRAMME COSTS 2010

If accepted, the cost of the summer programme will be £1,500.

Included in this programme cost are the following:

Return flight from London to New York
Housing in New York
Stipend to help cover food costs
Transport for two months
Orientation, supervision, and a Criminal Record (CRB) Check

Please understand that this fee doesn’t cover the full expense of each volunteer –
Winant Clayton pays for the difference.

Volunteers need to budget for their own socialising costs whilst in New York.

In addition, volunteers have 2 weeks travel time following their 8 week placement.
They are provided with a hospitality list of former volunteers with whom they can
stay across the US. Aside from this the volunteer must fund the costs of travel. We
recommend that volunteers have at least £800 for this purpose, although the exact
amount needed will vary from person to person.

We will provide you with advice on fundraising to help you raise the money to
participate. In addition, limited bursaries may be available. Contact us by email
or telephone for more information.


These are the skills and qualities that we are looking for. In your application you
should demonstrate as clearly as you can how you meet the criteria.

1. Understands what voluntary work is and preferably has experience.
2. Can demonstrate clear reasons for applying.
3. Understands what it is to be part of a team.
4. Understands and is committed to equal opportunities.
5. Has initiative, problem-solving skills, and an awareness of boundaries.
6. Is self-sufficient and resourceful.
7. Is able to accept and give support.
8. Is prepared to carry out menial tasks.
9. Can demonstrate what s/he stands to gain from the experience.
10. Can demonstrate what s/he can bring to the programme.
11. Has enough physical stamina to work in the New York summer heat.

To support your application to become a volunteer, each applicant must supply 2
references. Referees must have known the applicant for at least a year and at
least one should be a recent employer/teacher. Applicants should download the
reference form from the website and send to their chosen referees. Referees
should fill the form in ASAP and send to Winant Clayton Volunteers.

To help with the charity admin costs there is a £20 non refundable application fee
that can be paid by cheque (made payable to WCVA) and posted to:

UK Coordinator
Winant Clayton Volunteers
St Margaret’s House
E2 9PL

Alternatively you can pay by BACS transfer, if so please contact us by phone or
email to arrange a payment.

Have you completed the following?
o The application form
o The equal opportunities monitoring form
o Sent a non-refundable application fee of £20
o Ensure we receive your 2 references by 28th February 2010

Please note that if the items listed above are not received by the closing date of
28th February 2010 it is highly unlikely that your application will be considered.