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									                                                Cel t i c S an ct u ar y

                Monthly Newsletter
Issue 10                                                                                                   12 October 2010

           Please note…

Booking is essential for all events/
  workshops. Early booking is
    recommended to avoid
                                            What’s happening in October?

   Workshops - a non-refundable        Hi Everyone! It’s been a while but the newsletter is
    50% deposit is required upon
booking to secure your space, with
                                                back, just in time for our annual
the balance payable 3 weeks before
    the date. Please bring along a
                                              Pumpkin Carving Competition!
cushion, blanket and packed lunch         Take a look at the feature on page 2 for more
 if attending a workshop. You will
     also be required to remove                     details and how to enter :)
  outdoor footwear so feel free to
            bring slippers.
                                       This month we have Bill Grant coming along to run        Our logo - The Triquetra, trinity of
Chip & Pin - we now accept debit
 and credit cards and no longer
                                       his Spiritual Insights workshop on Sunday 24th,                  mind, body, spirit

        accept cheques.                10-5pm. Cost only £50.

       You can find us on:
                                       In this workshop you will be exploring the human psyche and working
                                       with your higher Self to invite growth & freedom from childhood
                                       constructs that once served. This will include reflective meditations on
                                       body, feelings & mind and will use artwork as a form of self-expression.
     (Celtic Sanctuary page)
                                       Booking is essential and we require a 50% deposit when you book with the
                                       balance payable 2 weeks before the workshop.

      Contact Details                  Also, why not take a look at our Facebook Page, to become a fan simply
                                       go to the Celtic Sanctuary website and click on the Facebook link on the
                                       homepage. You can view photos, join in on discussions etc...
      (01592) 268885

            E-Mail:                       A wee glance at November...
                                       November is jam packed with events!      Constellating Past Lives with Nikki
     Pop-in and see us:                                                         Mackay on the 21st and to finish the
                                         We have Fiona McLaren coming to
                                                                                   month off we have Christines
     443 Sailors Walk,                  run a 2hour sound relaxation session
                                                                                Mindfulness Meditation practice day
            High St
                                         on Weds 3rd, Karlyn Boyter is back
                                                                                             on 28th.
                                        with Breathwork Mastery on the 7th,
           Kirkcaldy                   Sekhem Level I Training with Christine   For more information on any of these
                                        Dewer on the weekend of 13th/14th,           events please contact us :)
           KY1 2SN
IS SU E 1 0                                    M O NT HLY NE W S LE T TE R                                                                        PAGE 2

                                 Pumpkin Carving Competition!
     Who’s fed up with the usual          We spend far too much time in our over                      Of course there are RULES:
 pumpkin faces? A few years ago I          -responsible adult heads so lets have                You must be in the picture to prove
started experimenting with some new       fun - you might be super pleased with                it’s your pumpkin, it’s too easy to get
designs, with surprisingly fab results!    your results! Here’s a couple of pics                       pics online these days!
                                              to get the brain cells going…                        All pictures are to be with us by 13th
                                                                                                      November, either by e-mail or
         Here’s the deal:                             Not too difficult, but needs a               dropping them in to us in the shop.
  You search for, or create, a                        steady hand or your cat will
                                                            be missing a tail!                      The winner will be announced in
    design (lets try and be a                                                                      Novembers newsletter, although we
little inventive here), carve it,                                                                        will notify you (the winner)
                                                        For all those Thomas                            before then to put you out of
photograph it and send your pic                       The Tank
                                                                                                                your misery :)
    to us at Celtic Sanctuary. The              Engine fans out there :)

    winner will receive a free                                                                                 Health & Safety Warning
                                                                                                              We do not accept responsibility for
 Reiki or Sekhem Session and                      Feeling adventurous? Give
                                                                                                    life-long scarring, loss of fingers or any other
                                                 this one a try it’s very effective and
 lots of praise from hopefully                        looks veeeeerrry spooky!!
                                                                                                   injuries you may incur. Proceed at your peril!
                                                                                                     We’re looking forward to seeing what being
   impressed family members!                                                                              insanely competitive can produce :)
                                                                                                                   Good Luck Team!

                                                                                          Workshop / Class Sign Up Form

          Special Offers                                           Sign up for:                                        Date / Time     Deposit*    Full

                                                                         Spiritual Insights                      Sun 24th Oct 10-5pm £25           £50

                                                                         Group Sound Relaxation Session          Wed 3rd Nov 7-9pm     £10         £20
                   6 for 5
                                                                         Breathwork Mastery Workshop             Sun 7th Nov 11-5pm
Pay for 5 treatments and get the 6th for free!                                                                                         £25         £50

                                                                         Sekhem Level I Training Weekend         13-14th Nov 10-5pm    £50         £200
                  Students                                               Past Life Constellations Workshop       Sun 21st Nov 10-5pm £25           £50
   We are offering students a 15% discount                               Meditation Practice Day                 Sun 28th Nov 10-4pm Price tbc
              on all treatments.
       Student card required as proof.                                                                       Name
                                                                   Method of Payment
     XMAS DISCOUNT SHOPPING DAY!                                         Debit Card (phone payment)

                Sat 4th Dec 10-5pm                                            Subtotal:
               15% discount in shoppe!                                           Total:                      Phone

          20% off everything in the shoppe                        Signature

            (except selected jewellery)!
                                                                    You can simply post this form out to us or pop in and see us to book your space/s, for
                                                                    more information on events above please contact us using the contact details below.
                                                                    Sorry, we no longer accept cheques, please do not post your card details for security
      Refreshements will be provided, all are                              * Deposits are non-refundable, unless the workshop does not go ahead
     welcome to come along for a browse, no
               obligation to buy :)                                                       CELTIC SANCTUARY
                                                                              443 Sailors Walk                            Phone: (01592) 268885
      Indian hand-made products, cushions,                                        High St
     wall-hangings, aromatherapy supplies ...                                    Kirkcaldy                                           Email:
                                                                                 KY1 2SN

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