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									            Advantages of contemporary ventless fireplaces

Ventless fireplaces are the most selling heating devices among all other gas
fireplaces in recent times. They are cost effective, eco-friendly and energy
efficient. As these modern fireplaces replicate the elegance of a traditional
wood burning fireplace, the majority people in United States are purchasing
ventless fireplaces and installing them in their homes. Today, you can enjoy
the warmth and beauty of these devices without the hassle of collecting wood
and arranging fire.

Gas fireplaces are available in three models namely direct vent, Top vent and
ventless fireplaces. Among all these models, ventless fireplaces are the only
heating devices which do not require any exterior ducts or venting. Direct
vent are a type of gas fireplaces which can be installed against a wall.
Venting is done through a hole in the exterior wall. Top vent fireplaces are
installed with a chimney and the venting is taken care by the chimney.
Ventless fireplaces do not require a chimney or a duct as they do not emit
gases or smoke.

Advantages of ventless fireplaces:

The most important advantage of ventless fireplaces is the optimization of
room space as you can install these gas fireplaces anywhere in the room. You
are not bound to install them against a wall. Installation of these gas
fireplaces is easy and affordable to most people as there is no need of
additional constructions like a flue, chimney or duct. They can be used as the
main heating source in times of power outages. As these gas fireplaces do
not require electricity, they can be of a great advantage during power

Ventless fireplaces are available in various models and you can use them in
indoor or outdoor. They provide the realistic look of the traditional wood
burning furnace and heat your room with a greater efficiency. These modern
fireplaces are available in various sizes to suit the requirement of every
home. Smaller models of these gas fireplaces produce heat of 5,000 - 10,000
BTUs. If you have a larger room, you can install a higher capacity device
which can produce heat up to 25,000 BTUs. Before purchasing these modern
fireplaces, make sure to determine the heating requirements of the room and
match the size of the room with the heating capacity of these gas fireplaces.

An important thing to take care, while using ventless fireplaces, is the
formation of moisture in the room. As these gas fireplaces burn gases, they
produce water and create moisture. As there is no venting, you need to make
sure that moisture is not accumulated in the room. You can use humidifiers
to maintain the moisture levels in the room.

Ventless fireplaces are available in various designs and themes. They can be
used as multipurpose devices. They not only heat your room but also serve
as a decorative appliance. You can choose the color of your choice and install
different mantels to enhance the beauty of the fireplace. If installed correctly,
ventless fireplaces can heat your room with an increased efficiency while
reducing your heating bills to a greater extent.

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