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					                                                   Tender VIII


          (Computers/Lab.equipments/other items)

                 PROJECT DIRECTOR
               Office Tel: +92-91-9216544
                      January 2011

                                  TERMS AND CONDITIONS

     i.        Any tender without 2% earnest money will be out-rightly rejected.

     ii.       Conditional / incomplete tenders will not be accepted.

     iii.      Any bidder interested in bidding for one or more items separately, is allowed to do so.
               However, preference will be given to bidder offering several items together.

     iv.       Quotations must be in Duplicate and prices must be valid for at least 120 days from
               the date of tender opening.

     v.        The bidders should be either established firm or sole distributor / authorized agent of
               the manufacturer having after sale service facilities.

     vi.       The payment of equipment is coupled with installation / commissioning of
               equipment; therefore, supplier should make sure that bid is complete in all respects
               including consumables etc.

     vii.      Telephonic / telexed / faxed / telegraphic quotation will not be entertained.

     viii.     The bidders must enclose original Proforma Invoice / Quotation from their Principals
               or authorization certification of the Principal, failing which their offers will be

     ix.       Bidders should have office and workshop facilities in Peshawar,
               Islamabad/Rawalpindi or Lahore, failing which their offer will not be considered.

     x.        Bidders must have trained engineers to provide after sales service. Copy of Training
               Certificate should be submitted along with their offer, failing which their offer will
               not be considered.

     xi.       The bidders must submit following documents along with their offer, failing which
               their offer will be rejected:

               o Manufacturer Authorization Certificate.
               o List of reference installation in Pakistan for similar equipment.
               o Non-Black List Certificate (confirming that bidder has never been blacklisted by
                 any Government / Semi Government organization.

     xii.      All the electric appliances supplied by firms should be run by 220 volts.

2.          SCOPE OF SUPPLY

            The bidder shall supply lab.equipments/computers/items, of the specifications given in
            the attached Annexure-II. The bidder shall also be responsible for their installation,
            calibration, free service and the supplier at least one year from the date the equipment
            makes warranty functional.

     The bidder shall indicate in his offer, list of lab.equipments/computers with
     specifications, standard accessories, make and country of origin, the unit price and total
     bid price of the goods. Price of optional accessories should be quoted separately. The
     price of the goods quoted shall be on F.O.R, Agricultural University, Peshawar basis.
     Taxes levied by the Government and freight charges , if any, shall be paid by the
     bidder and must be included in the quoted prices. Hence insurance charges are seller’s
     responsibility. The Agricultural University, Peshawar is exempted from whole of custom
     duties according to Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs, Statistic & Revenue SRO
     362(1)/2000 dated 17-6-2000.


     The prices shall be quoted in Pakistani rupees in case of FOR and foreign currency in
     case of C&F. LC will be opened by the University for the import of Machinery and
     Equipment in case of C&F only.


     The bid shall remain valid and open for acceptance of the purchaser for a period of 90
     days from the specified date of opening.


     The bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid, earnest money equal to 2% of quoted price
     with their offer in the form of demand draft/ pay order in favour of Director Finance,
     Agricultural University, Peshawar. The earnest money shall be denominated in Pak
     rupees and shall be in the form of Demand Draft, Pay Order or Call Deposit issued by a
     Pakistani scheduled Bank or branch of a Foreign Bank, acceptable in favour of the
     Agricultural University, Peshawar. In case of alternate prices, earnest money will be
     based on the maximum quoted price of the same item. The Demand Draft shall be
     returned to unsuccessful bidders. The Earnest Money will be forfeited if a bidder
     withdraws his bid during the period of his bid validity or fails to supply the machinery /
     equipment ordered by the university.


     The person signing the bid shall initial all the pages of the bid, where entries are made.


     All bids must reach and be received by the Purchaser in sealed envelope on or before the
     prescribed deadline i.e. 18/02/2011 up to 09:00 a.m. The tenders would be opened on the
     same day at 10:00 a.m. in Committee Room of Water Management Department,
     Agricultural University, Peshawar, in front of bidders or their nominees, who are present
     on the occasion.

9.       LATE BIDS

         Any bid received by the Purchaser after the prescribed deadline for submission of bids
         shall not be entertained.


         The Agricultural University, Peshawar (Purchase Committee) reserves the right to reduce
         or increase the quantity, accept or reject any bid and to stop the bidding process and
         reject all bids, at any time prior to award of supply order without incurring any liability to
         the affected bidder or bidders or any obligation to inform the affected bidders of the
         ground for such actions.

         Unsolicited advice/clarification and any personal approaches at any stage of
         evaluations/purchase process are strictly prohibited and may lead to disqualification.

         The bidders shall make delivery of the goods;

       i.   In Case of Ex-stock Delivery: Within Three Months from the date of issuance of
            Purchase Order by the Agricultural University, Peshawar, a penalty of 0.5% of the
            equipment price per day will be charged after expiry of delivery upto the maximum
            period of 30 days, failing which supply order will be treated as cancelled and 2%
            earnest money shall stand forfeited.
      ii.   In case of Import: Within Four Months from the date of issuance of Purchase Order
            by the Agricultural University, Peshawar, a penalty of 0.5% of the equipment price
            per day will be charged after expiry of delivery upto the maximum period of 60 days,
            failing which supply order will be treated as cancelled and 2% earnest money shall
            stand forfeited. The supply of equipment/ item, unless extended by the competent
            authority on valid reasons.
            The delivery of equipment shall be made at Agricultural University, Peshawar.

         Within two weeks of issuance of the purchase order for C&F equipment only, the
         successful bidders shall furnish to Agricultural University, Peshawar the performance
         security bond as per Annexure-I, equivalent to 10% of the bid price in the form of a bank
         guarantee, before opening of LC. The performance security shall be payable to the
         Agricultural University, Peshawar as compensation for any loss resulting from the
         supplier’s failure to complete its obligation. The performance security will be discharged
         by the Agricultural University, Peshawar and returned to the supplier after completion of
         the supplier’s performance obligations under the contract. The security will be retained
         for one year starting from the date of successful installation and operation of the
         machinery / equipment.

         Under FOR, payment shall be made in the form of cheques, which shall be issued, after
         receipt of equipment, inspection, installation and operation according to the following

       90% Payment at the time of successful installation and operation.
       10% after three months from the date of installation and successful operation and for
        payment of this amount, the supplier will provide 10% performance bond in form of bank
        guarantee which will be withheld for a period of one year.

         Note: All taxes, insurance etc will be deducted from bills as per government rules.
               The mode of payment may be changed and will be reflected in supply order.

15.      PRICES
         Prices charged by the supplier for goods delivered and services performed under the
         contract shall not exceed the prices quoted by the supplier in its bids.
16.      STANDARD
         The goods with standard accessories supplied under this contract shall conform to the
         standards mentioned in the technical specifications along with a set of operational and
         maintenance manuals. It will be the responsibility of supplier to quote equipment in
         complete package.

17.      TRAINING
         Supplier will arrange on the job training for the equipment / machinery supplied in case if
         required. Such training shall be considered as part of supply.

         It will be the responsibility of supplier to arrange standards/ consumables required for the
         calibration of the equipment.

         The supplier shall furnish one year after sales service guarantee/ warranty for successful
         operation of equipment / items from the date of installation. In case of Malfunctioning /
         defect in any equipment / item, the supplier shall replace them free of cost within 30
         days, otherwise the supplier will return the entire paid amount to Agricultural University,
         Peshawar immediately.

                                               PERFORMANCE BOND
              The Director Finance
              Agricultural University, Peshawar
Dear Sir,
M/S_______________________________ No.___________________ In consideration of your having
concluded a CONTRACT evidenced by purchase order No.________ dated _______ with
Messrs.______________________________________                   (SUPPLIER)                 for
________________________________ and in consideration of value received from the SUPPLIER, we
agree and undertake as follows:-
1. To make unconditional payment of ___________________________________ or unconditional payments
   from time to time as called upon totaling the said sum of _____________________ being 10% (Ten Percent)
   of the CONTRACT price mentioned in the said Purchase Order/ Agreement upon your written demand(s)
   without further recourse, question or reference to SUPPLIER the event of Supplier’s default in compliance
   with its obligatory liabilities and responsibilities arising under and in pursuance of the warrantees and
   guarantees committed by it in the said Purchase Order / Agreement.
2. To accept written intimation(s) from you as sufficient evidence of the existence of a default or non-
   compliance as aforesaid in the part of SUPPLIER and to make payment accordingly within fifteen (15) days
   of receipt of the written intimations.
3. To keep this guarantee in full force from the date of this guarantee up to two years after the date of installation
   and successful operation of equipment.
4. No grant of time or other indulgence to or composition or arrangement with SUPPLIER in respect of the
   performance of its obligations under and in pursuance of the said Agreement / Purchase Order of any Clause
   thereof, with or without notice to us shall in any manner discharge or otherwise, howsoever, affect this
   guarantee and out liabilities and commitments hereunder:-
5. This guarantee shall also cover obligations of the SUPPLIER so far as liquidated damages is concerned, as
   provided in Agreement / Purchase Order any recovery on account of liquidated damages shall not reduce the
   value of 10% (Ten Percent) provided herein.
6. This guarantee shall be binding on us and our successors-in-interest and shall be irrevocable.

                                                                    Yours faithfully,

        Bank Seal
               The manufacturer / supplier should consult Agricultural University, Peshawar for any further
        information and clarification on the following address.

             Project Director, Strengthening of the Department of Water Resource Management, Agricultural
                                                   University Peshawar
                                                    Phone: (091)9216544

                                                                                    Planning & Development
                                                                                    AU, Peshawar
        Signature & Seal of Firm


S. N.        Equipment                      Specification                 Qty
S-1     Demonstration        The kit should consist of permeamerter,       1
        Infiltration         field tripod, well augur, well preparation
        Apparatus            and cleanup tools. complete kit along
        (permeameter for     with all accessories
S-4     Water level          Visual, Marked at meter interval 100,         1
        Indicator Set        120 and 150 meter, self contained power
                             supply, Audio Alert Beeper and LED
                             indicate contact with the water along         3
                             with carrying case.
S-6     Tensiometer          Option 1:Water filled Tensiometer for         5
                             12”, 24”, 36” and 48” set depths with
                             Hand Held meter set
                             Option 2: Ceramic Porous Block 12”,          100
                             24”, 36” and 48”
S-7     Double Ring          Two stainless steel rings measure 12 and      1
        Infiltrometer for    24 dia x 20"H (304.8 and 609.6 dia x
        soil field testing   508mm). Rings have double thick
                             welded top edge for increased stability
                             when driving into the soil with mariotte
                             tube. Graduations on the side of the tube
                             used to determine flow rate. Sealed
                             adjusting tube raises or lowers the head
                             inside the infiltrometer ring. Main flow
                             valve in base platform, bleed valve next
                             to adjusting tube seal. Includes: 1/2"
                             thick (12.7mm) aluminum driving cap
                             with centering pins; two 6" square
                             (152.4mm) neoprene splash guards; and
                             two mariotte tubes with 3,000 ml and
                             10,000 ml capacities. Meets ASTM
                             D3385. Shipping wt. 160 lbs. (72.5kg)
S-9     Engineer’s Chain     Option 1: 50, 100 and 200 meters set          6
                                        (Engineer’s Chain)
                             Option 2: 50, 100 and 200 meters set
                                        (Metallic tapes)
                             Option 3:50, 100 and 200 meters set
                                        (Fiber glass)
S-10    Soil Hydrometer      Graduated 0 to 60g/ml per ltr, T-68          12
                             degree F, N2, ASTM, 152H.
S-11 Rain gauges             Standard set complete                         2
 G-1 Computers               OPTION 1:                                    10
                             HP PRO 2000 DESKTOP PC; Intel
                             Pentium Dual Core E5400 Processor;
                             (2.7GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache);
                             Intel G41 Express Chipset; 2GB PC3-
                             10600 DDR3-13333 RAM; 250GB SATA
                             7200RPM Hard Disk; 16x SuperMulti
                             DVD-RW with Light-Scribe; Integrated
                              Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500;
                              Integrated   Realtek  ALC662      High
                              Definition Audio; Integrated Realtek
                              8111DL Gigabit Ethernet Controller; HP
                              USB Standard Keyboard; HP USB
                              Optical Scroll Mouse; DOS Operating
                              System; 3 Year Warranty Display HP
                              S1932 18.5” LCD wide screen monitor

                              OPTION 2:
                              UNBRANDED DESKTOP COMPUTER
                              Processor: Core i3- 530 2.93 GHz;
                              Mother board: DH55 Express Chipset;
                              Hard disk: 250 GB sata; Ram: 1GB
                              DDR3; Optical drive: DVD Writer sata;
                              Casing: ATX; Keyboard: PS/2; Mouse:
                              optical PS/2; Display: HP S1932 18.5’’
                              LCD Monitor
G-3    Laptop Computer        HP Pavilion dm4-1210tx                          1
                              Entertainment Notebook PC; 2.66
                              GHz Intel Core i5-480M Processor;
                              4GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Memory; ATI
                              Mobility Radeon HD 6370 Graphics
                              1GB; 15.6" High-Definition LED HP
                              Brightview Display; 640 GB SATA
                              Hard Disk Drive 5400 rpm;
                              SuperMulti DVD±R/RW with Double
                              Layer Support; Intel WiFi Link 1000
                              and Bluetooth wireless networking;
                              HP Clickpad with On/Off button; HP
                              TrueVision Webcam with Integrated
                              Digital Microphone; 5-in-1 integrated
                              Digital Media Card Reader; 6-cell
                              Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery; Genuine
                              Windows 7 Home Premium
                              Operating System; 1 Year Warranty
T3     Laptop Computers       HP Pavilion dv6-3201TU                          2
                              Entertainment Notebook PC; 2.4
                              GHz Intel Core i3-370M Processor;
                              2GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory; Intel
                              HM 55 Express Chipset; 15.6" High-
                              Definition LED HP Brightview
                              Display; 500 GB SATA Hard Disk
                              Drive 5400 rpm; SuperMulti
                              DVD±R/RW with Double Layer
                              Support; Integrated High Definition
                              Audio; Integrated 10/100/1000
                              Gigabit Ethernet LAN; Wi-Fi
                              802.11b/g and Bluetooth wireless
                              networking; Integrated Webcam with
                              Microphone; 6-cell Lithium-Ion (Li-
                              Ion) battery; Genuine Windows 7
                              Home Basic Operating System; 1
                              Year Warranty
G-10   Air conditioners for   1.5 ton split units (3 No.), 2 ton split unit   5
       lab and offices       (2 Nos.)
G-13   Laser Printer for     Print speed 30-35 ppm, Print quality          2
       Lab and Offices       1200 x 1200, Duty Cycle up to 50000
                             pages, Standard memory 64 MB

G-16   Photostat Machine     Resolution: 1200x1200 dpi, Maximum            1
                             Document Size: A3, Speed: 35 – 40 cpm,
                             Duplex: built-in, Sorter: built-in, Bypass:
                             50-100 sheets, Scanner and Printer:
                             Built-in, complete with all required
                             accessories and software.
G-17   Data Storage                                                        10
                             Portable Hard Disk 500 GB
                             Portable Hard Disk: 1 TB
                             DVD Writer External (Best brand)
                             Kingston Flash Drives (2 GB, 4 GB, 8
                             GB, 16 GB and greater)
G-19   Colour Scanners       Option 1: Scanner type: flatbed with          10
       for Lab and Offices   ADF, Max Scan Size: A-4, Resolution:
                             1200 x 1200, Bit Depth: 48-bit,
                             Connectivity: USB
                             Option 2: Same specification as above
                             but without ADF.
                             Option 3: Scanner type: flatbed, Max
                             Scan Size: Legal page (8 ½ x 14 inch),
                             Resolution: 1200 x 1200, Bit Depth: 48-
                             bit, Connectivity: USB
G-21   Mirror                                                              2
                             For analyzing and viewing aerial
       Stereoscopes for
                             photographs, 3x binocular eyepiece, 1.2x
       viewing aerial
                             magnification, parallax wedge, 2x pocket
                             stereoscope, 4x pocket stereoscope,
                             tough, durable, with carrying case

Q-1    Portable Water        Digital with multi-parameter sensors:         1
       Quality Monitoring    temp, conductivity, TDS, dissolved
       System                oxygen, pH, redox, ammonia, nitrate,
                             chloride, ammonium, sodium, calcium,
                             fluoride, potassium, turbidity, complete
                             set with all standard accessories. Price of
                             each sensor should be quoted separately.

Q-11   Fume Hood for         Size: 6ft, constant volume bypass             1
       Laboratory            airflow, standard vertical rising front
                             sash, explosion proof lighting, base
                             storage cabinet with standard fittings,
                             exhaust system and drainage duct,
                             complete unit with all standard
                             accessories and fixtures, rust proof

Q-13   Water quality         Sampling bottles size: 100 ml, 250 ml,        10
       Sample Collection     500 ml, 1000 ml (250 each) Type:

      and Carrying Boxes Plastic/Glass
                          Thermo controlled sample carrying
                          boxes: 10 Nos. Carrying capacity: 25-
                          100 samples

                          Option 1: 12-14 mega pixel with 5-6x    3
                          optical zoom, Li-ion battery, USB
T-4   Digital Camera
                          connectivity, view finder, with 8 GB
                          memory card along with standard
                          Option 2: 8-10 mega pixel with 3x
                          optical zoom, Li-ion battery, USB
                          connectivity, view finder, with 4 GB
                          memory card along with standard


        S. No.    Name of Chemical           Qty
           1      Cesium Chloride            1 kg
           2      Lanthum Oxide              1kg
           3      Titron Washing Solution    2.5 litre
           4      Stock Solution for Ca      500 mL
           5      Stock Solution for Mg      500 mL
           6      Stock Solution for Fe      500 mL
           7      Stock Solution for Zn      500 mL
           8      Stock Solution for Cu      500 mL
            9     Stock Solution for Mn      500 mL

    S.No.   Name                             Qty.
    1       Volumetric flasks 25 and 50-mL    24
    2       Volumetric flasks 100-mL          50
    3       Volumetric flasks 250-mL          50
    4       Volumetric flasks 500-mL          24
    5       Volumetric flasks 1000-mL         12
    6       Volumetric flasks 2000-mL          6
    7       Volumetric flasks 2500-mL          6
    8       Volumetric flasks 5000-mL          6
    9       Graduated Cylinder 25-mL          24
    10      Graduated Cylinder 50-mL          24
    11      Graduated Cylinder 100-mL         24
    12      Graduated Cylinder 250-mL         12
    13      Graduated Cylinder 500-mL         12
    14      Graduated Cylinder 1000-mL        12
    15      Conical flasks 50-mL              24
    16      Conical flasks 100-mL             24
    17      Conical flasks 250-mL             24
    18      Conical flasks 500-mL             24
    19      Conical flasks 1000-mL             6
    20      Conical flasks 2000-mL             6
    21      Conical flasks 5000-mL             6
    22      Pipettes volumetric 1-mL          12
    23      Pipettes volumetric 2-mL          12
    24      Pipettes volumetric 5-mL          12
    25      Pipettes volumetric 10-mL         12
    26      Pipettes volumetric 25-mL         12
    27      Pipettes volumetric 50-mL         12
    28      Pipettes graduated 1-mL           12
    29      Pipettes graduated 5-mL           12
    30      Pipettes graduated 10-mL          12
    31      Beakers 10-mL                     50
    32      Beakers 20-mL                     50
    33      Beakers 50-mL                     50
    34      Beakers 100-mL                    50
S.No.   Name                                Qty.
35      Beakers 150-mL                       50
36      Beakers 250-mL                       50
37      Beakers 500-mL                       12
38      Beakers 1000-mL                      12
39      Beakers 2000-mL                       6
40      Beakers 5000-mL                       6
41      Burettes macro 50-mL                 12
42      Burettes micro 10-mL                 12
43      Petri dishes                        100
44      Wash bottles                         12
45      Microscope slides and cover slips   500
46      Gloves disposable                   1000